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Read this article about Avory Definition, a word searched on the internet to name baby girls and know about famous musician Mick Avory.

Did you know that the definition of Avory is currently  searched on the internet for two reasons? Would you like to learn more about the search trends and their duo-factors? The Avory term is searched majorly from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia

We bring you the meaning of Avory in English, Old French, Old German, its meaning in modern names and the success story of Mike Avory. Therefore, read this article to know about Avory Definition.

About the word Avory:

  1. The dictionary definition of Avory is ‘Ruler of the Elves’ in English. 
  2. The word Avory originated from French and German. 
  3. Avory is a variable of Avory. 
  4. Avory in the old french means ‘old peace’ (or) ‘inspired advice’.
  5. In old English, Avory means elf.
  6. The Avory word does not hold any reference or meaning in modern names.

There are two reasons behind the popular search for the word Avory:

  • A Famous musician Mick Avory turned 78 years old on 15th February 2022 and 
  • Many people searched the definition to name their babies.

Avory Definition for naming Baby Girls:

Though the popularity of Avory word was high between 2014 and 2018, it was still not a famous name suggested for baby girls. As a result, the Avory name is not listed among baby girls’ top 1K names.

In 2021, Avory was ranked 10,017 in the baby girl’s name suggestions on the internet. However, there was a significant drop in the rank from 2020 as Avory name ranked 704 in 2020.

The Astrological assumptions:

The Astrological aspect of the word Avory holds significance as it has ‘A’ and ‘Y’ in the Avory Definition. Therefore, the Avory name is suggested for babies born with Aries’s zodiac sign and Krittika’s star sign. 

Avory named person could achieve success with persons having name numbers like 17,13,8,4. In success as teacher in profession. The people with Avory names are creative.

The success story of Mick Avory:

As Mick Avory birthday was on 15th February, many people searched the internet to know more about him by using his last name.

Mick Avory was a Drummer and Percussionist in the Kinks’ English rock band that became very popular. Know more about Avory Definition in the below section.

Mick Avory joined the band in 1964 and served for more than 20 years. Mick Avory was brought in as a replacement for Micky Willet, who had left the Kinks band in 1964. 

Mick Avory was not featured on the drums, and seasoned drummers performed for the Kinks. From 1966, Mick Avory served as a full-time drummer till his departure from Kinks in 1984.


If Avory name is analyzed in the US since 1994, there were 2 baby girls names as Avory per million population after checking Avory Definition. However, the Avory names per million grew upto 11 per million between 2002 till 2010 and reached their peak in 2014 with 14 baby girls named Avory.

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