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Awkor Reviews [April 2020] Should You Use It?

Awkor Reviews [April 2020] Should You Use It

Awkor Reviews [April 2020] Should You Use It? -> The post will help you learn the pros and cons of purchasing from a new online retailer that claims to offer sustainable products.

Online retailers off late have seen a rise in sales. Easy access and fast delivery without the need for you to step out of your house is two very enticing points to have made it famous. Apart from these, the websites ensure an adequate description of the product, unlike a local retailer! And you can always return it without starting a fight.

If you are reading this post, then you too are looking for Awkor Reviews. It is a website seeing some success amongst the people of the United States

Read the full review for an analysis of this online retailer. The post shall also answer your question of “Should I buy from this site?” apart from the products available on it. 

What is Awkor com? 

It is a fresh new retailer that sells products that come in handy in our day to day lives. The About us section talks about the site being all about “Healthy, style and sustainability.”

Awkor com‘s products are Bisphenol-A free that are reusable. A lot of the products are also perfect for keeping your hot lunches hot or the fresh fruits cold for long hours. Even though the website is relatively new, its reviews and the product detials will help you make a solid purchase. 

What kind of products does Awkor com sell?

The site majorly sells drinkware and food storage products. The products, along with the description, are mentioned below.

  • The Glass water bottles that priced at $21- $26, made up of a BPA free borosilicate glass body and the cap is stainless steel. You can store both hot and cold liquids in these containers. They can withstand temperatures between 20-150 degree centigrade. 
  • The carafes and Pictures section offer 2 jars that too made up of BPA free borosilicate glass. These perfected by artisans could be the great options for artisans or to hold fresh summery lemonade in.
  • Awkor com‘s milk cups are available on two variants. One with a lid and the other without but with measurements marked. Both made up of heatproof glass. 
  • Sports water bottles are made up of insulated stainless steel and will keep your water cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. 
  • The teapots are available with infusers! Wow. They are cute and perfect additions for a Sunday high tea. They also offer travel safe teapot infuser sets. 
  • The food jar section offers you stainless steel Japanese style food jars that ensure your food remain warm for 24 hours.
  • the accessories section contains products that are perfect kitchen/bathroom/other space companions. The $ 19 stainless steel cutting board is sure to catch your eye from this section. 

Is Awkor com legit? Pros and cons of purchasing from this website. 

You may be wondering “is Awkor com legit.” The points mentioned below may clear your doubts!  

  • The customer care section provides a phone number along with email id as well as a return address. 
  • It’s a new website and hence the external links generated from it reasonably low. And such a website usually sounds like a scam! 
  • However, the website is SSL protected. It means none of your personal information shall be protected and away from the reach of any middle man that may misuse it. 
  • Awkor com provides a limited range to choose from.
  • The shipping details are clear and concise, providing ample information regarding how long it would take for the product to reach you. 
  • Every product is topped with a very informative section to help the customer make a thorough analysis before making a purchase. 

 Reviews of Awkor com by custom

The website provides reviews of each product right under the product details. Most talk about receiving what they had purchased. 

Bill Rolfson comments that his stainless-steel chopping board looked just like the picture and the description. Ends the comment with “reliable seller’ and that he recommends it. 

A Norbert Hills commented that the kettle he purchased is beautiful and that he recommends the site. 

Final Verdict- 

You must keep in mind the positives and negatives of Awkor com and that every person will face a different experience. It is essential and best to make a personal analysis by making a purchase. Moreover, the website is detailed enough to give you clarity regarding every individual product.  

If you have purchased from the site before then, do share your experience in the comments section below! 


  1. Please contact me regarding my order number 3058 was the place Sunday 29 March. I would like to know when I will receive it. Phone number 734-552-4478. The phone number you list is a bank it is not your company

  2. If you are a legitimate company, why will you not give me a shipping date for order number 3058.

  3. if I keep asking the same question it’s only because you will not answer me. A legitimate company gives a phone number that is legitimate that can be contacted

    1. Because Brenda, this site you are responding with your info on is a Review site. And Awkor does not see this. And the person running this site you are posting on is not affiliated with that company either.
      so in short you are wasting time here. And it looks like you lost your money. Also I did some research i did some research and they are lots of negatives.
      I wont Respond back to this as I was also looking on info of Company. And your posts convinced me not buy. Sorry for your los

  4. I ordered some toilet paper 2 weeks ago and have not gotten any response from them. I would like a number to reach them. I believe it is a scam. Do not order from this website.

  5. This site is scam. I ordered “Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper, 40count Family Mege Rolls = 205 Regular Rolls – 10count
    Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper, 40count Family Mege Rolls = 205 Regular Rolls – 10count” But what I received was cheap & tiny unknown Chiniese brand 10 counts of tissue.
    They are FRAUD!

    1. You’re lucky you got 10 rolls, I only got 2 and in a black plastic bag. Little cheap no name toilet paper! Anyone who says the site is a total scam is absolutely right. If you have been cheated by this site and they sent it USPS, file a claim with the fraud department at the United States Post Office they will respond and are very concerned about this site!

  6. DO NOT ORDER FROM. I ordered charmin toilet paper-a very large pack . What I received today was 2 rolls of some kind of toilet paper. Not even full rolls. Not even in wrappers! The email is now not receiving mail and basically no way to contact them. Of course I don’t expect them to respond. They are fraudulent. I have filed with PayPal. We’ll see if I get my $33 back.

    1. I ordered the same thing… Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper, 40count Family Mege Rolls = 205 Regular Rolls × 1. I received 2 rolls about 1/4 full. No label, unknown brand. Horrible. I know what you mean about no refund. I put in for one, but you know where that is going. I too have filed with Paypal. Out $33 as well.

  7. Total scam. I ordered 40 rolls of toilet paper from them. I received TWO TINY (like 1/3 size) rolls. For $33. DON’T RISK IT. Not worth it. Complete scam artists.

    1. Have you received a response from PayPal? I also ordered the Charmin toilet paper with PayPal. Thank you for your review. I wish that I would have researched them more before I ordered.

  8. I can ditto what everyone else has already said. It is a total scam. I ordered the 40 rolls of Charmin and received 10 skimpy rolls of nondescript TP

  9. This is a scam. I placed order for 2 Charmin Ultra Soft 40count family mega rolls = 205 regular rolls.
    I received order today with two very small rolls.

  10. Me too! I paid through PayPal though so I’m going to report it through there. Guess we were all the same excited when we saw the TP for sale with huge errors riddled throughout the description.

    1. A good luck trying to get anything out of and/or ahold of pay pal they are closed due to COVID-19! They keep taking your money, and never give it back!

  11. TP is a complete scam. I received two tiny unwrapped rolls. can’t find any way to return or contact them.

  12. ******* site is a scam. They use bait and switch methods to sell their products. They show you one product and send you something else. I learned the hard way:-(

  13. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I ordered 40 rolls of Charmin in March. Today, I received two unwrapped, half rolls of toilet paper, all the way from China.

    I am going to report them to the FTC. They are just scamming.

  14. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS OUTFIT. SCAM!!!! I ordered Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper, 40count Family Mege Rolls = 205 Regular. Today I received 2 partial rolls about 1/4 full of unbranded, uncovered, unlabeled paper. $33.90 for nothing. I have filed through PayPal, but don’t have much faith in getting my money back.

    1. This is a fraud!! I order 40 rolls mega rolls of charmin in March. Received 2 tiny rolls of generic toilet paper yesterday. Costly mistake. Paid 33.90 or nothing.

  15. Complete scam. AVOID!! There is no recourse if you order and don’t receive your product or receive something you don’t want. Don’t fall for it–these guys are slimeballs.

  16. I also only received two small rolls of toilet paper instead of the 40 count Family Mega Rolls that I paid for. I have emailed them about the problem but they have not responded. This seems to be a SCAM.

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