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Axie Infinity Maintenance {July} Authentic Information!

Axie Infinity Maintenance {July} Authentic Information! >> Are you facing some issues while playing the axie infinity game? Read this to have some information.

Currently, the axie infinity game is observed as the fastest growing game, mostly played by the Philippines and other countries people.

The game was observed as a boom because of the general growth of the NFTs sector and increasing interest in the crypto-currency collectibles. Is Axie Infinity Maintenance  going on? 

Have a detailed analysis of this concerning question and see whether there are updates of axie infinity Server Maintenance!

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity game is about raising and accumulating fantasy creatures which is known as Axie. This game got introduced on the platform of Ethereum. Besides raising and collecting, one can make an Axie team to take part in battle Arena. 

One can also purchase and sell along with the opportunity to trade the Axie with another user on the marketplace.

What Is the News Regarding Axie Infinity Maintenance?

The news went around stating that the game will get banned when users use it while game portal Maintenance is going on. But this statement going viral is considered as rumor by a few of them.

Well, we aren’t sure of it yet as there is no clear updates regarding the same.

More Information About Axie Infinity:

As this game is blockchain-based, it has NFTs that is non-fungible tokens. In addition, this game universe carries two protocol native tokens 1) AXS: axie infinity shards 2) SLP: Small love potions. 

The AXS are a governance Coin that helps its users to ensure how to utilize community treasures fund. 

While SLP is the core member of gameplay.

Besides reading Axie Infinity Maintenance news, let’s see how can one get Axie token!

How To Purchase This Game Token?

One of the first reasons for getting popularity of this game is it is a blockchain based game, and the number of Cryptocurrency users are growing every day. Well, let’s see how can we buy its Coin

SLP tokens can be earned exploring the exchange platform like Uniswap as a Small love potion is an ERC-20 Coin.

Because the game is very popular, players can play the game on the blockchain platform and acquire tokens by playing. Collection of SLP Token can be bought and sold on Uniswap 

Learn about the Axie Infinity Maintenance Server Below!

What’s The Tweet Made by Axie Infinity Page?

We explored the Axie Infinity Twitter page and saw that management had tweeted ongoing issues by the portal and the game server. The issuer of the tweet ensures readers that they are working hard to get things to work smoothly as it was before. Read here about some good news on Axie Infinity Twitter page:  


So, Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game and has its own NFT tokens that can be traded on exchange platforms such as Uniswap.

We have shared the short news that we came across about Axie Infinity Maintenance in the past few hours.

Do you have any idea about the server Maintenance of this game? Then, do let us know below in the comment section.

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