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Babymika Reviews [June] Is This a Worthy Site?

Babymika Reviews 2020

Babymika Reviews [June] Is This a Worthy Site? -> In this article, get to know about various baby products which are of high quality and best price.

Want to give your babies all the comfort of this world? Have you just been a mother and wish to buy all the baby care items at reasonable prices? Well, is the best online site for you.

Babymika Reviews also depicts that this online store is very much demandable regarding baby products.

Babies are incredibly delicate, and it is essential to select items for them with high care and safety. Every aspect has to be taken under consideration as it is the babies’ health which matters first. No compromise can be made when it comes to buying the baby’s items. Thus this online store has baby products which guarantee the quality of each item.

From foldable bedside crib, anti-rollover pillow to the backpack bag, this online has it all for the babies and that too in the most in-budget prices. A cute diaper baby bag is also an attraction of this website. It is the one-stop place to get all those baby stuff which are rarely found online.

It has also received a lot of attention among the audiences in a short time.

It is all praises among the buyers in Canada. The positive feedback of the customers as per baby mika reviews has helped grab a lot of attention from the customers.

For all the new mothers, who wish to buy the items for the baby’s comfort can find numerous products here? The quality of the product is guaranteed here.

You might be in a hurry to click on the shop button and order the items from here soon! But before you do so, we would like to present its properties, details and specifications, so that you can be well convinced that this online store is a genuine one.

What is

It is the online store meant for all the baby items at the best prices. It has many products like Foldable Bedside crib, rollover baby pillows, inflatable Baby Mat etc. All these baby products are of high quality and are available at the best reasonable prices.

Why is unique?

The online store has a lot of benefits apart from other online stores. It offers free shipping and also a money-back guarantee. Also, it has all the fully trained staff which provides professional customer service. It also has an exclusive offer of 30 days return of the product along with an easy refund. 

All these mentioned properties make this online store extraordinarily unique and beneficial as compared to the other online stores.

Therefore for all those buyers who wish to buy baby products but of the best quality, this is the most appropriate shopping store for them.

We would now understand its specifications, advantages and drawbacks so that you can make a better decision.


  • Product: Baby products
  • Shipping/Processing Time:8-20 Days
  • Delivery Time:1-2 business days
  • Shipping Fee: No charges
  • Payment Method: Credit Card payments

Advantages of shopping from

  • They offer free worldwide shipping.
  • The delivery time is very fast as they make sure to dispatch the product in 1-2 business days.
  • Refunds and the returns are free.

Disadvantages of shopping from

  • They only accept credit card payments for now.
  • It has baby items like bags, carriers, pillows etc. but lack baby clothes.
  • The online site is a bit recent.

Feedback of the Buyers: has various positive feedback from the buyers. One of the reviews of a women says that she bought an inflatable water mat for her baby and she does not have to be worried about her baby’s whereabouts as he is busy playing on this mat only. 

Also, there is another customer who feels that this site is the best shopping place. She had to return a product due to colour, and she immediately got it replaced. “Things are very transparent here,” she says.

Thus this online store is gaining a lot of praise from its customers and proving to be a useful shopping store.

Final Verdict

Babies are very delicate, and their care in initial days is critical. However, it becomes challenging to find an online store which is safe and secure. But this online store is the best place for buying things for babies’ at most cost-effective rates.

Thus we hope you are well convinced with its specifications and features. Thereby you can go ahead with this online store and make your babies happy and comfortable.

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  1. I ordered mine on the 22nd of April and haven’t receive it yet how long do it take to get to you

    1. I bought mine on May 10, 2020 and the tracking information does not work. How long does this company usually take to ship and has anyone actually received product from this company?

      1. No i havent recieved my stuff either and i ordered on May 13th, nor can i track it. And i havent gotten a response from them either. And theres no phone number u can call. I believe its a scam. Im gonna despute the charge with my bank and you should do the same

      2. I ordered a bed crib on 30 abril and until now I haven’t received yet and I send 2 mail to contact suport but no answer yet. I am waiting more 1 week for che6 if I will have answer before and if not I will go to the police.

      3. This review looks like it was written by the company. Purchased the bassinet 6 weeks ago, no reply to email. Had cancel credit card around that time due to suspicious purchase so I think I’ve lost my money.

      4. I ordered mine in April I haven’t recieved the company never gets back with a answer and can’t get my money back off them

    2. Have you received your products yet? Please let me know as im still awaiting mine? If so how long did you have to wait please?

  2. I ordered mine on the 1st of May and received a notification that it has been shipped on the 4th of May and said it should arrive by the 22nd Of May. I then emailed them saying it hasn’t arrived and no reply but when checking the tracking it says sorry for the delay and that it should arrive by the 29th of May but I still haven’t received it. Has anyone actually received any product from this website? If so how long did it take please?

  3. Same I ordered from Baby Moka on 14 April and have not received anything. I understand the delay is due to Covid – 19 on international shipping. I emailed the customer service team and they responded to say they checked my order and they “guaranteed” I would receive next week…. that was over two weeks ago. I have sent a follow email over a week ago and not received an update. The parcel tracking still states I should receive between 2 – 9 May…
    The website suggests that customer service will come back to you within 1-2 business days. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened and I’m still left wondering if I will ever receive my parcel. I have requested a number and escalation point as the only way to contact them is via email, I’m still left without either. An acknowledgement to my email or update is all I’m after but I’m still completely in the dark. Very disappointing.

  4. It’s a scam site.
    I’ve ordered on April and they vanished.
    They give wrong tracking number and disappear.
    They also closed their Facebook page recently, after deleting all bad reviews from ppl that list their money
    They are constantly opening new websites with different names and give allegedly big discounts and never provide products.
    Be aware

  5. I am having the exact same problem and no response from support email.
    Starting to think this is a scam!

  6. This has been proven to be a scam site my money got refunded from my bank thankfully. But I never received my order and have since learnt of others that have also been done by these scammers

  7. SCAM!!! I bought items, they “ship” with fake Chinese shipping. Asked for refund- got an email saying I’ll get a refund in 3-7 days. 30 days later- reported to bank to investigate. THEY ARE A SCAM! Reddit sure has a forum and FB Babymika is a Scam page!

  8. Completely fraudulent website they don’t deliver anything just steal peoples money – BabyMika is a scam website
    Facebook took down their advertising

  9. I also ordered in May and tracking doesn’t work and customer support is nonexistent. Wasn’t received when it was estimated and now I’m 2 weeks past that.
    I think this site is a scam.

    1. I’ve ordered a bed crib on June 11. Haven’t received it yet. No answer website is not working. Can’t track it down. Customer service support is pretty appalling.

  10. I ordered mine on 4/30/2020 and have not received it yet. Tracking says will be delivered between 5/21/2020 – 5/28/2020 and it is clearly past that time. I have also sent an email on 6/1/2020 and have not heard back from them yet.

  11. Hi i ordered mine on May 07, 2020 also and have received nothing, they wont even answer emails, they keep changing he delivery date by saying the following Friday, unfortunately I think a scam and quite possible no refund, they give you a tracking number but that is a waste you cannot track your order, these people should be stopped from advertising, the restrictions are not strong enough to prevent them.

  12. Im extremely disappointed with this company. I ordered the bedside crib on 4.28.20 and as of 6.17.20 I still have not received my order😡 The tracking information is not update and still indicates I should have received my order by 5.25-28.20. I understand shipping may be slower due to pandemic but over a month is just ridiculous!!! The worst online shopping experience ever!! DON’T waste your time or money!!!

  13. Hi I also ordered a cot from these people has not arrived and no response to emails ,tracking no does not work we have been scammed they are fake.

  14. This site is a scam, they don’t ship items they just steal your money. Contact your bank to try and recieved a refund

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