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Balik Pinas ph {Oct} Read More To Know

Balik Pinas ph {Oct} Read More To Know -> Learn about a livelihood assistance program offered by the regional government to overseas Filipino workers returning to the country.

Did you recently hear about a livelihood assistance program? If yes, then continue reading. 

A lot of people are posting queries online regarding Balik Pinas Ph. In today’s post, we’re sharing vital info about the program. 

A livelihood assistance/support program to help the citizens of the Philippines working abroad is helping people during the challenging times of COVID-19. 

What is it all about?

Balik Pinas Ph is a livelihood assistance program. It was launched by the regional government to help working professionals who return to the country due to a job loss or other such circumstances. 

This year, a lot of people are relying on this program. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many working professionals abroad have lost their job or suffered losses in their business. As a result, there are many overseas workers who’re returning to the Philippines to start a life. 

The program was earlier referred to as OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) Reintegration Program. This program aims to provide assistance to the OFWs to start their own business in the country. 

Even companies like Coca Cola are expanding the program and helping out the employees returning back to the country

Things to know about it:

  • People can get up to Php 20,000.00 under the Balik Pinas Ph program. 
  • The program’s full name is Balik Pinas! Balik Hanapbuhay! Program. 
  • People need to fill up application forms with the correct documents like proof of repatriation for availing of benefits.
  • An applicant needs to share a business proposal. 
  • The program is launched by the regional government.
  • Returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs) need to register on the official website or mobile app at least 10 days before the flight date. 

Who should know about it?

Filipinos living abroad who’s planning to return to the country for work need to be aware of the Balik Pinas Ph program. Many individuals living all over the world who’ve lost their job this year are benefiting from this program. 

How does it work?

OFWs who wish to take advantage of this excellent program can register on the official website. Alternatively, they can download the app and fill the application form. 

They need to upload a host of documents such as proof of repatriation, business proposal, etc. Once done, the department will go through the documents and contact the applicant. 

What are people saying about the program?

Many individuals are sharing their stories online, thanking the regional government for providing livelihood assistance. People who’ve suffered losses in their businesses and individuals who were fired from their jobs due to the pandemic are returning to the country and availing the benefits of this program. 


The Balik Pinas Ph has helped out many working professionals who’ve returned to the country. The program’s goal is to help these professionals get back on their feet financially. The program provides monetary support to individuals. 

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