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Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday {Nov} Read, And Then Buy

Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday Online Product Reviews

Read this detailed article on Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday offer if you plan to give it as a gift to your kids.

The sale of Barbie Dream House on Cyber Monday made it to the news! Cyber Monday was observed on 29th November 2021. Did you know that retailers introduced the concept of Cyber Monday to encourage consumers to buy products after ThanksGiving? To avoid a sudden fall in sales, products are sold at high discounts on Cyber Monday in the United States

Let us review Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday sales below.


Amazon offered Barbie Dream House at a whopping 42% discount. The Barbie Dream House set is three feet tall and four feet wide. It has three floors, eight rooms, more than seventy accessories, and allows 360° angle view and play. Barbie Dream House is a role-playing game where more than two kids can put their imagination to work and have fun. The Barbie Dream House is NOT discontinued.

How to play with Barbie Dream House?

  • In the elevator, four dolls can fit. The kids need to move the elevator manually.
  • Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday sale features a swimming pool, and kids can place dolls to slide down the dolls into the water pool.
  • At night, the kids can switch on the lights.
  • Kids can place the cooking pan on the stove, and it will produce a crackling sound.
  • Place the tea kettle on the stove, and it will make a whistling sound.
  • Kids can expand the couch into a bed and make Barbie and her friends chat.
  • The fireplace can be converted into a guest room (or) an office to allow guests to rest and let Barbie work from home.
  • Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday sale also includes a section to place the cooked food on the food stand behind the refrigerator.
  • Use the barbecue and an oven in the kitchen for cooking meat and cakes.


  • Price – $179.00 to $244.64
  • Item Weight – 4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 40X15.51X45.98 inc
  • Recommended age – 3 to 7 years
  • Item model number – FHY73
  • Release on – May 22, 2018
  • Batteries – 3 AAA batteries
  • Brand – Barbie
  • Manufacturer – Mattel
  • Language – English


  • The sale is beneficial as the product comes at a 42% discount
  • Barbie Dream House keeps your child engaged for a long time
  • Kids love spending time assembling various accessories.

Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday Disadvantages:

  • Even at a discount of 42%, the item is costly.
  • Several accessories need to be purchased separately
  • Due to small parts, there are choking hazards
  • Due to the same reason, it is not suitable for kids below 3 years.

Effectiveness and Value:

We have extensively reviewed the Barbie Dream House and its brand to check its authenticity.

About the brand:

  • Barbie is the brand of Barbie Dream House. Mattel is the manufacturer of Barbie branded toys. It was established 76 years ago
  • Mattel is the second-largest toy manufacturer in the world
  • Mattel’s Barbie branded toys are listed on hundreds of shopping sites.
  • Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday manufacturer Mattel’s sells its toys in more than 150 countries
  • @Mattel’s Barbie is present on social media sites like FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

About the Barbie Dream House:

  • Barbie Dream house was released on 20th January 2012
  • It is sold across the globe in toy outlets and over the internet
  • There are millions of kids who have benefited, and their parents have posted thousands of positive reviews about the product

Customer Review about Barbie Dream House:

Over social media, there are more than 1,575,104 followers of Mattel’s Barbie brand. Millions of reviews about the Barbie Dream House are available on online shopping sites, YouTube, FB, Instagram, and Twitter. Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday product was rated more than 4.5/5 stars. Most of the negative reviews were related to broken accessories, nonfunctional electrical items, and dead batteries. Hence, before making a purchase, read about Product Legitimacy. Mattel’s Barbie branded toys are rated 4/5 stars on the internet. Most of the negative rating about the brand pertains to issues related to internal management.

Conclusion about Barbie Dream House:

Barbie Dream House IS A LEGITIMATE product manufactured by a LEGITIMATE brand Barbie and Mattel Inc. Barbie is the favorite character for kids. Barbie shows on television featured how Barbie is friendly and innocent, and the kids love Barbie. Hence, Barbie Dream House Cyber Monday product best suits as a gift for kids to learn kindness and good manners. 

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