Bardle Wordle {March} How Differ From Original Version!

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This article provides detailed information on Bardle Wordle. Also, it delivers how to play the Bardle and options in it.

Bardle – Have you ever come across the word? Nowadays, many mind games are released with different features. This Bardle game is also a guessing game to improve our knowledge.

Ok, What kind of guessing it should be? Is anyone can play this game? Otherwise, only the people residing in Ireland, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia can play the game.

Bardle Wordle game is a clone of wordle game. Guessing should be Shakespeare’s letters. How does it differ from other word games? How to play with the new features? Eagerly waiting to get the answer for doubts. Here, this article provides you with answers to all the questions you have.

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What is Bardle?

Bardle is a word guessing game, and it is similar to Wordle. The main guessing of this game is finding Shakespeare’s letters to frame the word. There are six tries to guess the word. You have to find the word in Bardle Word Game daily task at six attempts. It indicates the correct and wrong with colour. 

You should find the five letters Bardle. It is guessing of Shakespeare’s letters to find the word. The guessing words should be from Shakespeare’s classic quotes, or it might be his characters. And also, it should frame from the general theatre terms.

You can able to win the task by guessing only Shakespeare’s letters. Or else you lose the game and have to wait for the next chance. 

Let’s start to know more about Bardle – the letter game to play.

How to play Bardle Wordle?

The Bardle is the same type of Wordle guessing game of Shakespeare’s letters. The following will help you to play the Bardle.

Step 1Go to the official Bardle game website. 

Step 2: It opens with 6 rows and 5 columns grid. 

Step 3: Guess 5 letter words of Shakespeare’s characters or the words he used.

Step 4: Select the letters from the keypad.

Step 5: Use the Delete key to delete wrongly entered letter(s).

Step 6: If the entered letter(s) are correct, select Enter key.

Step 7: The colour on Bardle Wordle indicates whether your guessing is correct or wrong.

The block’s green colour indicates that the letter is placed in the correct place. If it indicates the yellow colour, then it is the wrong place. If the letter indicates a grey colour, the letter is not in the word of any place.

More Options in Bardle

You can find Statistic, Settings, and Dollar options at the panel’s top right corner. And also, the Help option at the top left of the panel.

The Statistics option displays the number ofgames you played, Win percentage, current and maximum streak.


The Bardle Wordle is Shakespeare’s letters guessing game. Every day you can find the new Bardle. The Win is considered based on the player’s guessing accuracy. It is an open-source, free online game.

Are you interested in playing Shakespeare’s letters guessing game? Write in the comment section.

Want to play Bardle guessing games? Click here  

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