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Bathvaul Reviews [Jan 2021] See if it is Legit!

Bathvaul Reviews 2021

Bathvaul Reviews [Jan 2021] See if it is Legit! -> With the help of this content, you will get to know about the availability of electronic items at one place.

Are you Looking for a variety of electronic products in one place? Do you want to know about the website? If yes, let’s try and understand from the buyer’s perspective.

This website boost all kinds of electronic items useful for indoor and outdoor purpose. The website company has a beautiful collection of products for all age groups of people. That is a one-stop provider for all your electronic needs. 

The website is offering a significant discount on all its products on an everyday basis. Also, the products available on the website have reduced prices for all products. That will tempt the buyer to buy the product from the website. 

Interested buyers can look for Bathvaul Reviews for their better understanding.

The website is offering its services in and around the United StatesIt is crucial to keep reading the article till the very end to know more about the website and its offering.

What is

An online website is offering multi-brand products all in one place for a reduced price. The products available on the website are less than half the price of the product. 

The website got built to serve potential buyers quality electronic products all in one place. The products displayed on the website are covering different requirements at a given time. 

The products displayed on the website are from batteries to the storage shed. All the products have got manufactured in the United States.

Let’s research more about the website and look for Bathvaul Reviews for more understanding.

Specification of

  • Type of website: An online website offering a range of electronic items in one place
  • Mode of payment: American Express, Mastercard, Visa card, JCB, Discover, Diners club
  • Shipping duration: 10-15 business days
  • Shipping rates: Free shipping
  • Cancellation of order: 7 days return policy 
  • Company physical address: Para hills, ten pankala road, SA – 5096
  • Company contact number: (+61) 479228848
  • Company email address:

Pros of shopping from

  • Variety of electronic items all at one place
  • Domain age is active for the past seven months.
  • Heavy discounts on all its products

Cons of shopping from

  • There are no positive Bathvaul Reviews available online.
  • The company is not active on social media. 
  • The links on the website are not involved.
  • Excess discount on all its products

Is legit or not

After researching the website and looking for an SSL certificate, domain age of seven months, No Social media presence online, and no social links active on the website, these factors make the website suspicious and not so trustworthy.

There are also no third party reviews about the website. However, a single review shared as positive, and another review shared as alarming for the audience.  

Interested buyer has to understand the website and decide whether to buy or not to buy the product.

What are Bathvaul Reviews?

Many factors make the website legitimate and trustworthy for a new potential buyer. The company website has SSL certification, Domain age of seven months, social links on the website are not active, not active on social media handles.

After going through the website and understanding it better, it is clear that the website does not have any social media presence online. The website got ranked as zero among many other sites based on the online traffic the website receives. 

The website’s credibility depends on its online review for new buyers to gain trust and try the website’s product. But this website does not fulfill the criteria of positive Bathvaul Reviews. That is why the website is more suspicious and vulnerable to the buyers.

Final verdict

The company website is not a scam, but more of a suspicious website for newcomers. The domain age of seven months makes it doubtable and not so trustworthy for the audience. 

The social media reviews not available are proof that the website is not reliable and authentic. Unnecessary discount on all its product is unthoughtful of the website owner. 

Links have got shared on the website but are not clickable to take it to their website’s homepage.  

How is it possible for any e-commerce website to sell the products at less than half the price while still surviving in this competitive market where so many players are targeting to gain a market share?

It is advisable to stay away from the website and spread awareness about the website with others for their safety. 


  1. I made an order for E-Go snow Blower batteries on Feb 2, 2021. I did not receive a confirmation from Bathvau but I did receive a notification from PayPal that the payment would not be released until Meianji Int’l Trade Limited processes the order. I contacted “kylieharland22726@gmail via E-mail; it is the address on the website. I have not yet received a response as of Feb 3, at 6:19 PM, 31 hours later. I also e-mailed the “Merchant” listed on the PayPal document, “” but that communication failed to be delivered because “the email account… disabled.”
    My plan is, failing any notification from Bathvaul by tomorrow morning, to contact PayPal and advise the transaction should be canceled, with another notification to my Visa credit domain.

  2. BIG SCAM!!! Never buy from them. They scam everyone. I purchased a package of heat press and accessories and it was never delivered. Been 2 months now and nothing. My loss but I reported them!!!!

  3. My husband wrote down some info for a small ice fishing tent and auger that he wanted me to order for him. I figured I would get it for his birthday. When I ordered it, I had to use pay pal which I am not crazy about doing. When I placed the order, it was with a different company, La lode. I never got a confirmation from them. Then I got one from pay pal and there was only 10 extra added on to the item, I don’t know if it was for tax or shipping. I could not find anything on La lode and could not contact the person who was suppose to be the person to contact with any questions. I did get a tracking number and when I checked, the item had been delivered to an address in Hanover MD. We live in Levittown PA. Pay Pal is supposed to be investing the transaction and hopefully reimbursing me. I am more mad at myself, I am usually pretty careful about this stuff.

  4. I place a order 1 10 21 a winch for 83 .00
    I not received as of 2 8 21
    I was wondering if I was going to receive ler
    Me know

  5. I ordered some outside cameras I tracker the shipment from China to San Francisco then to a postal place in Bronx NY. I tried emailing their email address no response . I also tried calling their number on the website in Australia the number was no good so I assume the are a scam company

  6. I Ordered A Portable Counter Top Dishwasher From Bathvaul.On Dec.30 2020 I Haven t Recieved It Yet!I Recieved No Tracking Number Nor Confirmation Number. HOW Do I Get Either My Money Back Or My Item. This Is Really Ticking Me Off. I Am On A Fixed Income .I Would Like To Know Why I Haven t Recieved Either Or.

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