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Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review (Sep) Is It Legit Or Not?

Bauhn 75 Inch TV Online product Reviews
Check out several details about Bauhn 75 Inch TV discussed in this post to find its legitimacy, and also check Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review.

Have you purchased the newly released Bauhn 75 Inch TV? If not, get to know all the details about the brand, product, pros and cons before purchasing Bauhn 75-Inch TV. Television has become scarce during the past few years because of people’s shifting interests to mobile, laptops or tablets. The store is available in Australia

Check out the Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review and stay connected to the post to the end for more details. 


Bauhn, 75 Inch TV is an electronic television that can be attached to one’s home wall. It is of giant 75 inches long device for people to get a better experience of any content they want to watch rather than on their phone screens. 

The quality is 4k ultra resolution. Browse and watch endless TV content by downloading several apps together. If you don’t want to miss another show, you can also record and enjoy it more by using the magic remote. 

Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review consists of the latest AI technology. Several other functions which make it a lot more interesting than others are voice command and a simple and realistic interface that is very easy to use. 

Directions for use:

  • First, you can connect to the power and USB after installing the television. Wi-Fi can also be connected to the Bauhn 75 Inch TV.
  • Afterward, you can install as many applications of your choice, according to your preferred contents. 
  • The latest AI technology, remote magic functions, and a voice control system are established on Bauhn 75 Inch TV.

Specific details about Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review

  • Product URL- Price – 799$.
  • Dimensions- 1687 x 88 x 977 mm without stand. 
  • Resolution – 3840 x 2160
  • Net weight- 26kg. 
  • Screen size – 190m.
  • Audio – Stereo speakers
  • Size – 75″
  • Product model number – ATV75UHDW-0622
  • Control type – Remote. 
  • Batteries – 2 x AA Activ Energy Batteries included
  • Origin country – Australia. 
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty.
  • Brand and manufacturer – Bahun
  • Powered by – webOS TV.
  • Input- RJ45, 1 x RCA, 3 x HDMI, 1 x RF and 2 x USB
  • VESA wall mounting – 400 x 200mm
  • Pre-installed applications- Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Net range, Stan, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video are installed on Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review.
  • Output available- 1 x optical and 1 x earphone.


  • Bauhn, 75 Inch TV, can be operated with voice commands and remote control. 
  • It has 4k ultra HD resolution. 
  • Bauhn, 75 Inch TV, gives a total movie theatre experience with the giant screen and sound system. 


  • Warranty periods are not extended. Only a 1-year warranty is provided on Bauhn 75 Inch TV.
  • Bauhn, 75 Inch TV covers ample wall space.
  • Various precautions must be taken because electronic items get damaged even by little mistakes. 
  • Bauhn, 75 Inch TV is very heavy and not easy to handle. 

Is it valued and effective? 

Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review is a suspicious product, and its brand is also doubtful due to some unavailable information. 

About the brand:

  • This brand deals in all kinds of electronic items like TV, speakers, sound system, smart watches etc. 
  • The domain registration date of is unknown. 
  • As well as the expiry date. 
  • An average trust rate of 60% is given to
  • Mainly their products are sold through Aldi stores. 
  • The trust index is excellent at 100%.

About the product: 

  • Bauhn, 75 Inch TV, is available from 24th August 2022, Wednesday. 
  • Bauhn, 75 Inch TV, has a poor ranking of 1459144.
  • Maximum feedbacks are negative. 

Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review of customers:

The product review has given a rating of 2.6/100. Many other reviews are available at other reviewing websites, but none of them are above average. Whether reviews are average or below average. People are complaining about its picture quality, sound quality, and other stuff. 

Only positive reviews are found about its size and larger screen size. Hence, people are expressing dissatisfaction with the products and would purchase from other platforms at higher prices than here. Therefore, know more about Product Legitimacy to avoid scams. 

Final verdict 

Based on Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review, we can conclude that it is a doubtful product. It is not available on other websites, and reviews are also mostly negative. We do not recommend this product and advice consumers to prefer some other authentic platforms.

Were the reviews about Bauhn 75 Inch TV informative? Let us know your thoughts on Bauhn 75 Inch TV in the comments. 

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