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Beachware Reviews [April 2021] Is it Trustworthy or a Scam?

Beachware Reviews [April 2021] Is it Trustworthy or a Scam? -> In this article, get to know about attractive beach necklaces, earrings at extremely cost-effective prices.

Are you a beach person? Do you love wearing beach accessories? To get that summery beach look, move ahead to the most promising site beachware.co.

The summers are on, and it demands to beat the heat. Therefore, all the ocean lovers who want to buy the sea tokens for themselves or their loved ones can get numerous varieties in this online shopping store.

The adventures are never complete without the gifts. So you can find a various hand-created token of love which everyone will love on the coast.

Beachware Reviews by the people indicate this site has been able to grab a lot of attention from various customers and is being able to build a great image in a short period. 

The people are always excited about the summers. Therefore the shopping site has increasing craze in the United States too because of its numerous varieties.

So you can’t resist shopping from here? Hold on for a while! Nowadays there are many websites which are trapping people and hence people are losing money.  

To not fall prey to such scam websites, it is essential to look at the pros, cons, Beachware Reviews, specifications, and the main characteristics of this website. 

Only then will you proceed with shopping when you are convinced of the legitimacy of the website. So let’s move further to know that Is Beachware.co Legit or not?    

What is beachware.co?

This online store is meant for all ocean lovers. It has various varieties of necklaces, like Toe in the Sand Kind of Girl Pink Necklace, Sand a Drink Necklace at extremely cost-effective prices. 

It has the new collection Bundle of the necklaces and earrings at the most discounted price for just $49.95. Hence the variety is heart throbbing, and one cannot decide what to select and what to leave. Additionally, the site also offers free shipping for all the orders above $35.

If you talk about the Australian Opal Starfish Necklace, it has a 5-star rating and has 299 reviews. It has positive feedbacks from the previous buyers. The return and the shipping policy is also quite transparent.

When we searched their Facebook page, it had 40,459 people who like, and 41,789 people follow these followers. While clicking on the Instagram page, the website has 11k followers. 

The people are all praises about the site and the product sold here too. It is quite popular on social media pages and therefore has good social media connections.

Now, let’s look at its specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews.

Specifications of Beachware.co

  • Product: Necklaces with summer and an ocean look
  • Email id: Support@Beachware.Co.
  • Facebook Link: Facebook.Com/Beachware.Co
  • Instagram link: @Beachware.Co
  • Shipping Policy: 1 to 5 business days
  • Return Policy: can be returned by mail on their email id
  • Payment Method: Online method of payment

So is Beachware.co Legit?

The website is trendy and has good traffic volume, which is 419.359. The Domain was created 11 months ago and had a secure SSL/HTTPS connection enabled. The website has the Facebook and Instagram page, where they enjoy a large number of likes and followers. 

Moreover, when you look at the site, each product has a high star rating with the right amount of positive reviews. Nobody is dissatisfied with the product nor with their service. Therefore the website surely is safe and secure. It is a legit one.

Pros of buying products from Beachware.co

  • It has a variety of necklaces with extremely cost-effective prices.
  • The customer reviews are highly positive and satisfactory.
  • They offer July sales upto 90% off.
  • The products are beautiful.

Cons of buying products from Beachware.co

  • The mode of payment is online, which might not be comfortable for each age group.
  • The free shipping is only delivered above the orders of $35.
  • It only has beach occasions related to necklaces, and I am sure customers wanted varieties for other occasions too!

What are people saying about Beachware.co?

Each product has numerous ratings and also has many positive reviews. If you consider Australian Opal Starfish Necklace, it has a 4.9-star rating and has 299 reviews. 

One of the customers says that his wife loves the necklace, and those other customers have already ordered and is waiting for a different order.

All in all, the people are pleased with the necklaces and the earrings from this site. The popularity of the website on the social media pages, the positive reviews, and high traffic volume mean that people are just in love with this website and are taking great interest in buying products from here.

It has good reviews and a high rating for every product.

Final Verdict

As already mentioned, the website has extremely high traffic volume, a large number of followers on Facebook, and the Instagram pages. The site looks a safe and legit one. Also, the safe and secure connection of the website makes it highly accessible too.

The previous buyers who have bought the products from here are pleased and are ordering more. It shows the rate of contentment among the earlier buyers.

All the characteristics of the website assure that it is a safe and legit site. The online users are recommended to buy the products from here and enjoy ocean holidays these summers.

14 thoughts on “Beachware Reviews [April 2021] Is it Trustworthy or a Scam?

  1. i bought some jewelry from this company and have not receive any of my ordered goods. My fear is that it could be a scam.

  2. I ordered jewelry from this company and still have not received any of the jewelry i ordered, i’m beginning to think that this is a scam. Too bad because the art of this items were beautiful.

  3. Received my Silver Sea Turtle Rope Bracelet today. VERY disappointed with the quality of this product. Rope was frayed and unable to adjust rope to fit properly. Thank You.

  4. I ordered from Beachware way over a week ago and have yet to receive my orders. I have shown others the site but have told them to hold their orders until I see if I ever get mine My number is 330-696-5180. For any messages

  5. I ordered my necklace and received it with in 6 days. It is lovely and looks to be well made. No problems here. Will see if it tarnishes or wears out quickly, hope not.

  6. One thing to take note of: There are only a very few pieces that are sterling sliver. Most are “silver plated”, in my experience that does not hold up to frequent wearing or getting wet often. It’s a shame because some of their designs are stunning.

  7. I ordered for Christmas gifts, received my first order yesterday. I ordered 3 items and took out the items I only had two. I immediately sent an email the them. My husband looked inside of the envelope and the other piece was stuck at the bottom. I went back to let them know and I had already received an apology and they said they were sending one out and adding a mystery item for my trouble. I emailed them and told them that we found the other item. They were prompt in telling me that they appreciated me letting them know. I have ordered 3 different orders and have had contact with them about the status. They are quick to respond. It took a little longer than I expected, but the mail service has been very slow and unreliable this year. I have had orders lost and delayed. I would highly recommend them. I was a little disappointed in the actual size of some of the items, but they are good quality. I give them 5+ stars.


  9. I recently ordered & received a beachglass necklace w/turtle charm. When opened the clasp would not close. I sent email & advised of the damaged clasp & asked for a refund. they answered apologizing & stated they would issue store credit. Their policy states refund if goods r damaged. Waiting for a reply

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