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Beartilk Reviews [May] Is It Secure to Buy From It?

Beartilk Reviews 2020

Beartilk Reviews [May] Is It Secure to Buy From It? -> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping site to buy things for your home and personal purposes.

Do you wish to decorate your home and add lights to glorify its beauty? Get a look at the Beartilk Reviews to know whether the site is the right place for the product you are searching for.

Who doesn’t want to add glory to their home by making use of some decorations or lightings? Everyone wants their home to be attractive. People want others to complement their home auto at least make it look appreciable in the eyes of others. 

The products you will find here something that most people would love to own for their homes. People from the United State had appreciated the site due to its unique collection of items. For expanding the business further to a wider reach of audience the company decided to start selling products online. 

Read this blog until the very end to know more about the site.

Is Beartilk Legit?

Many people are looking forward to buying products online. In the digital world, people wish to sit back at home and get the products delivered at the doorstep. Moreover, the online mode of shopping is attracting more people than going to a shop and buying products. Hence it is understandable that companies turning into an online platform for selling products is to get a global reach of audience. Now, you might think Is Beartilk Legit?

It has not been a year that the company has registered itself. Some people were waiting to get a refund for a week are still afraid thinking whether they would get a refund or not. Where are some people who have said that they got a refund within a week?

Hence, we cannot completely assure you that this site is legit.

What is Beartilk?

Beartilk is a website to buy products from different categories online. Things ranging from home decors to stationery products can be found here. The site has been trying ever to serve the best quality of products by tying up with brands delivering good quality products for satisfying the customers.

No many reviews about the website can be found online. So we have thought to give a clear picture of the website.

Specifications of Beartilk:

  • Website link:
  • Email
  • Contact number:+1 8456360200
  • Company’s address:1527fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
  • Period of shipping:1-2 days
  • Period of delivery:3-7 days (Globally)
  • Returning period:30 days
  • Refunds:15 days

Benefits of choosing Beartilk:

  • All quality products can be found in one place
  • People can place an order from anywhere around the world on the site and get it delivered on the doorstep.
  • Price tags on products found are comparatively low to other sites.

Drawbacks of choosing Beartilk:

  • Cash on the delivery facility could have been provided.
  • Shipping charges applicable while the product is been shipped globally
  • Processing and delivery charges are deducted while returning the item

What online shoppers have to say about Beartilk?

A varied number of products can be found on the site. All the essential products that are required for adding glory to your house have been selected for people.

 No many reviews can be found online about the site. Buyers of products from the site are low when compared to the other globally acclaimed sites. 

Many of the customers were happy with the rate since most of the products which we found on the site were of comparatively low price tag when compared to other sites.

It is difficult for us to completely state whether the site is legit. A few customers have been waiting for a week for getting a refund. Whereas some customers have stated that they have received a refund very soon from the company.

Final Verdict:

The site has recently registered itself. It has not been 8 months till now for the functioning of the site. Therefore, the buyers of products from this site are low. The bad site has mentioned its contact details along with its company’s address clearly on the website. They have also mentioned the shipping, refunds, and other policies on their site.

We are not completely sure whether is it is legit since it has not been a year that it is functioning.

We hope that the readers found it helpful to understand about this site after reading the article.

 If yes, then leave your comments below. If you have ordered anything from this website then too you can share your responses.


  1. this company is a scam, the location they give is a regular house that is up for sale and the phone number is a non working number to contact someone. they will not email you back about your actual order,… they only reply with default stock info saying they will get back to you on your order. the name, location and phone number that shows up on your credit card statement does not match any of the info on their website. if you go to their website to check the status of your order you will only get INFO NOT FOUND, there is no record of your email address in their system so you have no purchase history EVEN though they emailed you a confirmation of your order with an order number.

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