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Beathel com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Beathel com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Wish to enjoy discounts on Beathel, if you are interested, first and foremost read the article.

Are you searching for an online fashion store? If so, you are entirely at the right place as in this blog post. We will introduce you to the all-new upcoming online fashion store named “Beathel com.”

At present, the portal, as mentioned above, is working from the United States, trading the designer apparel for women internationally. There are plenty of Beathel com Reviews available, which will also clear your doubts. Thanks to the buyers!

To know Is Beathel com Legit?   We suggest you stay tuned with us and Don’t forget to read about other amazing brands like- Women’s V- Soft Pajama Set by N NORA TWIPS Store, Lark & Ro Women’s Wrap Dress, AGQT Womens Short Sleeves Jumpsuit, IWOLLENCE Womens Plain Shirts, etc.

What is Beathel com?

Beathel com is an online haberdashery of women, operating from the United States dealing with all-new stylish and designer women’s clothing. Beathel offers an extensive collection of casual dresses, Printed dresses, Two-piece sets, Maxi dresses, Mini dresses, Midi dresses, Tees, Loungewear, Pajama sets, and several more.

Women love to dress-up with the perfect and trendy apparels as wearing fashionable clothes describes one’s personality without speaking.

Buying online clothes is always a risky task as there is still a fear of getting counterfeit and fishy attires and a chance of money loss, so one should be aware of this and investigate that store before shopping.

Therefore, to figure out Is Beathel com Legit? You people have to read the entire article.

Specifications of Beathel com

  • Website is merchandising– Designer and fashionable women clothing
  • Estimated delivery time- 25 business days
  • Return/ Exchange policy- 30 days trouble-free returns/ exchange
  • Shipping policy- shipping fee based on region or country. 
  • Cancellation policy- Orders can be canceled before the shipment process.
  • Corporate address details- Fifth floor, 3 Gower Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1E 6HA
  • Contact Number- Not available on the site
  • Contact Address- Not available on the site
  • E-mail id for support- beathel@needtomail.com
  • Payment options- Visa card, Maestro card, Amex card, etc.

Pros of buying from beathel.com
  • The company has a presence on social media like Instagram and Facebook.
  • No suspicious word is found in the domain name.
  • The site offers a large variety of designer clothes.
  • This site is not currently listed as suspicious.
  • The site offers free shipping over $ 79.
  • The company claims to offer 30-day exchange/returns.
  • The domain name has a commonly used TLD.
  • The complete product description is available.
  • This site uses an HTTPS secure connection.
  • Many modes of online payment are there.
  • You can pay in more than 15 currencies.
  • The company claims to offer a tracking facility.
  • The company offers Sitewide 40% Off.
  • A huge discount is available on every product.
  • The size chart is available.
Cons of buying from beathel.com
  • The domain name is very recent, as it was registered only two months ago.
  • The owner of the domain name is hidden.
  • The domain has a Short life expectancy.
  • This website’s domain name is linked to one or more countries known for being used by fraudulent websites.
  • The trust score of the site is horrible, its 1% only.
  • This site seems to be not much popular online.
  • Most of the customer reviews are negative.
  • Many sections have plagiarized content.
  • The domain name was registered only two months ago.
  • The site does not offer a catalog.
  • Images of models are cropped to avoid plagiarism issues.
  • You need to pay a 10% cancellation charge.
  • Primary details like contact number and contact address are missing.

Is Beathel com Legit?

We want to inform you of some elusive bric-a-brac regarding the website; as mentioned above, it is protected with SSL and registered recently on 19-07-2020. Its domain is valid till 19-07-2021, which shall answer Is Beathel com Legit as no.

The mentioned e-commerce portal domain age is just 28 days, which is less than six months. Sounds fishy! As several hoax websites, most of the time, use new domain names to execute their fallacious intentions.

There are other red signals like- plagiarized content and cropped images, domain-related issues, negative Beathel com Reviews by the customers, and a horrible trust score of 1%  pointing towards a single direction that the above portal is a scam. Hence we suggest you be cautious if you were about to shop from this site.  

Do the offers given by the site still tempt you? Well, don’t be. Now it’s the time to review

top female clothing brands in the world like- Women Tunic By AWULIFFAN, A – Line Dot Printed Middy By Charis Allure, and Long Maxi Dress By Style World.

  1. Women Tunic By AWULIFFANThese types of tops have a customizable look and are super soft. 


  • There more than 30 colors available for this tunic.
  • This tunic is made up of 95%rayon.
  • The price of this tunic is very fair.
  • This tunic top is made up of very soft fabric.
  • This tunic is imported.
  • These tunic tops are super soft.
  • These are washable by hands.
  • These tunics are stretchable and dry quickly.
  • There is no need or little need for ironing to this tunic.
  • There is no chance of shrinkage.
  • You can wear these tunics in home, offices, etc.
  • These tunics gives you a better shape.

Pros Of This Tunic Top
  • These tunics are available in small sizes to XXL size.
  • Videos are available for this tunic.
  • There are many happy customers across the U.S.
  • Amazon has given 4.4-star ratings to this tunic top.
Cons Of This Tunic Top
  • World wide shipping is not available.
  • These tunics are not available in more than 2XL sizes.

  1. A – Line Dot Printed Middy By Charis Allure By wearing this middy, you look elegant.


  • This type of middy is made up of 100% polyester.
  • This tunic is very comfortable to wear.
  • The cutting style of the 1950s inspires it.
  • It has an excellent looking print pattern.
  • This is washable by hands or in the machine as well.
  • By wearing this middy, you look pretty as well as classic.
  • It can be easy to match with a coat or sweater.
  • You can wear this tunic in the office, clubs, at parties, in festivals, etc.
  • It can be worn in all season types like summer, spring, winters, and autumn.
  • This middy has a zipper closure.
  • It is the best gift for New year, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

Pros Of This Dot Printed Middy
  • Amazon has given 4.6-star ratings to this dot printed middy.
  • There are many happy customers across the U.S.
  • These middies are available in small sizes to XXL size.
Cons Of This Dot Printed Middy
  • Worldwide delivery is not available.
  • This middy is not available in more than 2XL sizes.

  1. Long Maxi Dress By Style WorldThis Maxi is excellent for a picnic, beach, party, vacation, etc.


  • This long maxi dress top is made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.
  • This long maxi dress bottom is made up of 96% polyester and 4% spandex.
  • There are more than 35 colors available for this long Maxi.
  • This long Maxi is available in cold shoulders.
  • It is easy to wear.
  • This long dress is available in short as well as long sleeves.
  • It is a basic style and floor-length.
  • This maxi dress is available in a round neck.
  • Elasticity is present on the waist.
  • This long Maxi is washable by hands.
  • This Maxi is also available in printed or plain style.

Pros Of This Long Maxi
  • This Maxi are available in a small size to XXL size.
  • Videos are available for this product.
  • There are many happy customers across the U.S.
  • Amazon has given 4.4-star ratings to this tunic top.
Cons Of This Long Maxi
  • Worldwide delivery is not available.
  • This middy is not available in more than 2XL sizes.

Customer reviews for Beathel com

We detect so many pleasing Beathel com Reviews regarding the products on the listed site. To be 100% sure about the site, we went the extra mile, and unfortunately, we perceived many negative reviews. Only one site has positive reviews, but we doubt that these are paid reviews.

Every other platform has declared Beathel.com as a scammed site. 

The customers have received either a low-quality product or either a different size they opted for.

Many others have even not even refunds. 

Thus, we can say it is a scam and suggest you also to stay away from it.

Final Verdict

The Beathel. Com is HTTPS encrypted and provides security from the middle man attacks and other insecure channels. Moreover, the site has a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with more than 1000 followers and likes.

However, there are negative customer reviews everywhere, and there are many other non-ignorable issues which are not in favor of the site. 

Also, the domain age is less than six months, making it more evident and confirms it’s a hoax site.  Thus we hope you get your answer of Is Beathel com Legit. 

Hence, while wrapping to the final verdict, we conclude that the site is a scam and recommends you to choose from the top womens clothing brands list we have shared. 

Please feel free to write back to us in the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Beathel com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. I placed an order and decided to cancel within an hour of placing it. I was concerned that it was a scam. I received an email from Beathel asking why I wanted to cancel, which I found odd and unprofessional. I responded saying that I changed my mind and was concerned that the company was not legit. I also pointed out that I cancelled within the 24hours of placing order. They never confirmed that my order was cancelled. I also asked about the return policy and was advised they only accept returns if there is a “quality” issue. I am still waiting to see if my charge goes through my credit card.

  2. Buyer Be Warned! Totally a scam! I ordered several items and matched it up to their size chart and nothing fit! I ordered a large and I am 5’7”/130lbs/36B and the chest area was like that of a child. One sweaters arms were so long you can’t see my hands and you can’t scrunch them up because the elastic is too loose. One t-shirt i bought was too short it doesn’t even touch the top of my jeans. Another dress I bought the v neck opening goes past the bottom of my bra. Their sizing is crazy and terribly misleading and i would be fair warned … unless you have the body of a slender teenager, do not buy. ALSO – even though they claim to accept returns, they will not! They are not letting me return any of the items because they say I have to allow for “some sizing differences” … their customer service is a joke and they should be ashamed of themselves for keeping my $200. In addition – their dress fabric is cheap and flimsy. I ordered three dresses and the graphic seems to “printed” on the shiny polyester material. Yes, shiny! The pics are incredibly deceiving and if you would like video of actual products please DM me! I can show you exactly what i am talking about. Their materials are not quality by any means, and if anyone says differently they surely know nothing of fabrics. Please please take heed before you purchase. Shame on them.
    Update: after 4 emails back and forth, they refuse to allow me to return anything. Stating I need to allow for “a little sizing difference” over and over and over. Shame.

  3. I bought several pieces and they arrived about six weeks later. The quality of the fabric is horrible. I asked for return information or a return label and they replied there was nothing wrong with the fabric and have gone silent. They have not sent me any details so I can return this for a refund.

    1. Same happened to me. They would not accept a return for any reason. The fabric is horrible, the sizing totally off and the construction is horrible. They will only accept returns if there is a hoe or stain!! I am disputing it on my charge card. DO NOT BUY from Beathel!!!

  4. I tried to cancel my order
    almost immediately and keep emailing 3 more times during the 24 hour period and no response.

  5. Scam. Please save your money and time and don’t order from this untruthful company. The garments I purchased (t-shirts that were supposed to be a blend) are 100% polyester and the colors are not as advertised. Can’t return. Lesson learned.

  6. Yes I agree with the above comment, the cotton blend is pretty much polyester shiny hot material. The colors are different than advertised, I was expecting lighter hues, like the picture showed. and for the price you pay it is not worth it– over 25.00 for each thing I bought– that being said, I probably will wear them, the shift dress is nice and they actually fit me nicely.- New style of loud and polyester– whoop!!

  7. Scam. Am in in dispute 5 weeks …asking for cancellation of order and have no merchandise and they have my money. Working with my credit card company. Do not buy anything from these cons.

  8. DO NOT ORDER from this company. Their customer service is the worst I’ve experienced. They are not into serving their customers. They are into making. money only and do not care about people. Size was not right and they do not even take exchanges. WHAT?

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