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Belie Wordle {Aug 2022} Read Some Exciting Details!

Gaming Tips Belie Wordle

There are many words left in the Wordle game; therefore, Belie Wordle has a very high chance to appear in the coming or maybe tomorrow round.

What was the Wordle answer: August 28? Were you stuck in the game at the right place, or you’ve used every word you know? You have trouble coming up with words because you lack vocabulary, but don’t worry.

The game is gaining popularity in various countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, India, etc. A few list modifications were made as part of the NYT’s effort to remove expletives from the game’s collection of guessable worlds. Here we will provide tips or ways to find the Belie Wordle.

Why Is Wordle Becoming More Popular?

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re trying to solve the New York wordle and have BEL words in the highlighted areas. You should be aware that Wordle is a brand-new game created by a programmer named Josh Wardle before looking through the word list. Starting in October 2021, it suddenly became quite popular worldwide. Quordle’s answer for #216 for August 28, 2022, was Belie. The word’s first letter is B, and although it has two vowels, only one of them is used twice.

So, this wordplay is not complicated; it is just a Belie Game. Six terms were dropped from this list after The New York Times bought Wordle in 2022.

Which Word’s Beginning Is The Best?

You can choose the ideal opening move with the aid of our suggestions. These options include choosing a term with a minimum of two distinct vowels and a few frequent consonants, like T, S, R, or N, to rule such phonological construction parts in or out. 

So, these clues will save your time in solving the puzzle and getting a higher score to solve Wordle in fewer tries.

Is There Any Chance of Belie Wordle?

Instead of using the exact words repeatedly, Wordle employs new terms in each day’s puzzle. The day when the Wordle game runs out of words from the list and cannot create new puzzles will be the last day for this well-liked game.

The list of words input when this game was created is still the same because the source code hasn’t been changed. As a result, Belief is on the wordle game’s list for the next round. Therefore, there is a good possibility that the term “belie” will be used in the future.

Belie Definition:

Despite its apparent simplicity, the game is challenging due to the enormous number of potential outcomes. There are 10,657 words, some of which are allowed as guesses in addition to the thousands of words in Wordle. 

Meaning of Belief – To act in a way that is unworthy of or to reveal something untrue or to conceal something, such as an emotion. For example, the woman believed her extensive shopping would deceive her friends that her bank account was empty. Synonyms – blanket, blot out, cloak, curtain, disguise, enshroud, and veil. Click here for more words in Wordle.


Hence, the Belie Wordle was very difficult for many people. Wordle game can be played on any tablet, phone, computer, or smart TV since it functions on any device with a web browser. After figuring out the day’s word, you must wait 24 hours for a new word. Do you play Wordle? If yes, then share your score in the comment box.

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