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Bellaplace space Scam {June} Read Before Shopping!

Bellaplace space

Bellaplace space Scam {June} Read Before Shopping! >> In this article, you get to know about an online platform offering different kind of PlayStation.

Are you fond of playing online games, so looking forward to buying PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 online from Bellaplace space. Please take a deep breath and go through our blog. We have researched using unique algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze whether Bellaplace space is the perfect place to buy or not? We investigated Bellaplace space Scam or legit. Read this blog carefully. 

In our research, we found Bellaplace is a scam, so don’t think to buy from this site. Here we will reveal the authenticity of this site. This website, with the name is based in the United States. At first sight, the site seems is legitimate, but on further deep inspection, we find the site uses the fake address and fake social media icon and is created recently nearly two months ago. 

Is Bellaplace space Scam?

Bellaplace space reviews say that this website sells PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with a considerable discount and a very cheap price than the market value. The address provided by the company is suspicious. In our research we try to search this company through google map, but we couldn’t find the same company. 

We see on the page that the company provides a huge discount, and when we compare it from the market value, we come to know it is a too much lower price than others, which is also a symptom of scam.

 In our research, we tried to reach the company’s social media platform. We clicked on the social media icon of the company and we arrived at the home page of the site, which seems it is misleading to its customers.

What is Bellaplace space?

Bellaplce space is an online store that claims to sell PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The product has very low pricing, and the product image on the page is not so good. The website created nearly two months ago. It has no customer review on its site. It has a separate order tracking page.

The specifications of the Bellaplace space website:

  • Products: It sells online PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
  • The company’s address is 267 Batterson dr new Britain ct 6053 United States.
  • The customer service is available at
  • The contacting number is not available.
  • The mode of payment is PayPal.
  • The delivery time of the orders is 7-12 days.
  • The orders come with a return policy of 30 days.
  • To visit the website:

Is the Bellaplace space website worth your money?

Most probably of Bellaplace space Scam and the site has incomplete information. The site provides the fake social media icon, and the contact number is missing. We don’t get provable credentials on this site, and the site has little traffic. Hence, we can say that this website is not worth the money as it is not a trustworthy website, and you will possibly lose your money if you shop from here. 

Positive Remarks:

  • The domain blacklist status is not blacklisted.
  • The site has valid https connection 

Negative Remarks

  • The company is misleading its customer by the fake social media icon.
  • This website is selling PlayStation at a very cheap rate, which is symptom of scam. 
  • Contact number is not available.
  • It has little traffic.
  • It is a newly created website registered on 2020-04-08, which is also a symbol of scam. 
  • It has no mail server. 
  • Due to the newly designed website very less customer has experience of this site. 
  • The company is not available on Google map.
  • The contact person is not mentioned.
  • Only PayPal mode of payment is available.
  • The website is possibly a scam.

What are people saying about the Bellaplace space website?

We don’t get any customer review on this site, but while checking other online reviews, we found some customer reviews. Ninety percent of customer reviews are negative, and they are suggesting not buying from this site. The website doesn’t have its social media page, which shows it has a shallow trust index.


The answer to the questions – is Bellaplace space Scam or not? Is this website legit or not? We strongly suggest you not to buy from this site and rest upon you. If you are a victim of being scammed by this site, please file a report with your bank immediately.

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