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Bellevue Bites Website [June] Find amazing restaurants

Bellevue Bites Website [June] Find amazing restaurants -> This article talks about the Bellevue Bites Website and measures it is taking to help local restaurants. 

Separated by language but brought together by food. Food is loved and relished by everybody, and in recent years, food critics and websites frequently write about local restaurants. Why is it important? So, others can find out new restaurants and feel some yummy in their tummy! 

A website that recently gained some notoriety is the Bellevue Bites WebsiteIt is the brainchild of high school freshman Sophie Sajnani, who aims to give the restaurant a fighting chance amidst the crisis. Sophie is apart from her blog also enjoys computer programming and robotics. 

The website has been launched in Canada, United States, and maintains a regular list of restaurants that are delivering to your doorstep. 

Who owns Bellevue Bites? 

As mentioned about the site is owned by Sophie Sajnani, who also owns the bag company Taschen. Marketing for Bellevue Bites is handled by Kaitlynn Tovar, who has eight years of experience in communication. The website is a restaurant finder that will help you locate the best restaurants in your vicinity. 

The pandemic resulted in a lot of business and restaurants shutting shop on orders. This shutting down has resulted in many losing their jobs. Sophie built the website to help restaurants have a fighting chance and not run out of business. 

As per- https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/bellevue/bellevue-bites-sophie-sanjani-website-helps-restaurants/281-23eefbd2-67f0-458d-ac5d-fb58c7d71323, Sophie has had a lot of restaurants reaching out to her and be a part of it. 

You can also purchase t-shirts in support of the website from the online store. Jenny Caldwell designs these. 

key points to note about the website 

  • It was set up to help local restaurants stay in business amidst the pandemic 
  • The website is the brainchild of high school freshman Sophie Sajnani 
  • The platform is complete free, and there is no payment required unlike uber eats 
  • It will connect you to the restaurants that do home delivery 
  • They hold live cooking classes with famous food bloggers 
  • All the proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter foundation 
  • The list created is regularly created by Sophie 
  • The website is currently live in 5 cities in Canada, United States

How is this website helping people in the USA? 

An article by-  https://www.seattletimes.com/life/ mentions about the residents of the Seattle area doing deeds during this pandemic. One of the mentioned is the 14-year-old Sophie Sajnani, who recently set up a website specifically to help local restaurants free of charge. 

The Bellevue Bites website covers restaurants in 5 cities, covering everything from savoury dishes to desserts. 

They also hold online events, and all the money generated goes to the Black Lives Matter foundation. They are reminding us that there is too much going on in the country that requires special mention and support. 

How many restaurants have Bellevue Bites helped? 

At the moment, the Bellevue Bites website covers five cities, namely- Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and Orange County, in Canada and the United States. They include 9 restaurants in Seattle, 6 in Portland, 7 in Vancouver, and 4 in Orange County. You will find everything from Mexican and Italian to Japanese and Indian cuisines on Bellevue Bites.

There is something for your sweet tooth as well; you will find bakeries, creameries, ice cream salons, and boba tea. Isn’t that amazing? 

What do people think of the Bellevue Bites website? 

The website and its creator have generated quite the stir. On her live video call with- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6TgCumAFEw Kelly and Ryan rave about the idea of the 14-year-old entrepreneur. 

She mentions various other restaurants wanting to be on her page, so their restaurant can retain the business. The website has also kept the customers in mind! They provide you with special discounts, so you can afford to support these local businesses. The creator calls it a win-win situation! 

The social media page of Bellevue Bites has people gushing over the joy of being able to eat from their favorite restaurants, even in the middle of a pandemic. You do not have to be upset about having the Monday blues anymore! Order your favorite sandwich and rejoice. 


The idea of creating this restaurant finding platform was terrific as it helps both the restaurant and the company! The young entrepreneur has also helped raise funds for the Black Lives Matter organization. 

If you are a resident of one of the five cities the website has launched in, then you must give it a try! 

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