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Berletti Leather Reviews [June] Worth or Waste of Money!

Berletti Leather Reviews 2020

Berletti Leather Reviews [June] Worth or Waste of Money! -> Read this article to find about a new online retailer selling leather jackets. 

Do you love leather jackets and have been searching for online stores with exciting new styles? Then look no further than the Berletti Leather website. 

Leather jackets never go out of fashion and are known for making the wearer feel tough and edgy. It can be paired with tights or jeans and shirts, even dresses. Leather jackets are favourites amongst both men and women. 

Berletti Leather Reviews tells you about a website that is was recently established but managed to leave lasting impacts on people in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, etc. 

Read this review to find out if the site is going to give you your money, or is it just trying to scam you! 

Is Berletti Leather legit?

Online scams are the most common type of scams, especially in the clothing category. Reports from 2019 claim that nearly 1 in 4 complaints by people to the Better Business Bureau were about losing money to online scam sites. 

It has also made the person of today wiser, and most of us usually do a background check before making a purchase. 

Is Berletti Leather Scam? It is a commonly asked question regarding Berletti Leather! To give you some clarity, the site has fully functional social media pages that also present you with customer reviews. 

What is Berletti Leather?

Berletti Leather is an online retailer of leather goods for both men and women. The products range from leather jackets, bags, belts, jewelry, caps, and shoes. The Berletti website dedicates itself to selling only leather products, which makes the site attractive. 

The company was set up by two brothers who had a passion for luxury goods. They partnered with another that helps them crafting out new elegant designs. The idea behind the website was to offer people quality outerwear and accessories, just like other luxury brands. 

What is unique about Berletti Leather?

The website offers some very meticulously designed clothing and accessories. The most noticeable product sold by them is their collection of bags. Although the collection provided is limited, they are still beautifully designed. 

The jackets, too, are interestingly designed, keeping aside the regular blacks and tans the website offers blood reds and even cobra pattern style jackets. All the products are created, keeping the customer in mind. Thus, making the website and the products sold unique. Don’t you think? 

Specifications of Berletti Leather

  • Products- Clothing and accessories 
  • Website-  
  • Email-
  • Phone number- +1 888-660-9350
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 10-22 days 
  • Shipping fee- will be stated when you check out and fill address 
  • Return- leave the company on mail provided on the website 
  • Refunds- contact company 
  • Online payment- apple pay, Visa card, American Express, Discover, Master Card, etc 

Pros of purchasing from Berletti Leather

  • The company sells only leather accessories and jackets 
  • They ship worldwide 
  • The products are made of high-quality vegan-friendly leather 
  • Proper contact information is mentioned 
  • You can make easy returns by contacting the website 
  • Tracking numbers are provided to track your order 
  • There is a size guide available 
  • Have active social media pages 

Cons of purchasing from Berletti Leather

  • The website created over a month ago 
  • The site claims to be going out of business 
  • 70% off on all products because they are liquidating 
  • Only a limited set of options to choose from 
  • Negative reviews on the Facebook community 
  • 15% restocking fee may be charged is charged when trying to make a return 

Customer reviews of the Berletti Leather

We have already mentioned that the website’s creation date dates back to about a month ago. Clicking on the community option on the Facebook page, you will see an array of reviews. 

While most comment about the fabric being polyurethane leather and not leather as the brand claims it to be. One even comments about deleting her comment from their ad thread. 

However, some comments by customers complain that they managed to get refunds successfully and the quality of the products being of excellent quality. They also mention that the products were durable. 

Final Verdict- 

After reading this Berletti Leather Reviewsyou would’ve understood that the website is new. But the site still manages to provide some insightful details that customers usually crave for.

There are good and bad reviews of the site; customer reviews are always right and help customers make wiser decisions. After reading those and the analysis above, we conclude that you can purchase from the site. 

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  1. “we conclude you can purchase from the site” go ahead if you wanna support a horrible business…
    They do not even try to hide the fact that they lie about their products and prices “FINAL SALE ENDS TODAY | 70% OFF + WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING” is their banner every day.
    They inflate the price of cheap mass produced items offered on variety of websites to the point that if you cancel an order, the 15% which they won’t refund, (an arbitrarily decided upon percentage for supposedly adjusting the number of items on their website) will in fact be about half the cost of the EXACT SAME product on another website.
    Sure they may actually ship what you purchase at some point and it may not be faulty but at more than triple the cost of the same product elsewhere. If you wanna support horrible business practices, purchase ahead.

  2. All point to this being a scam…shop at your own peril and risk of losing money and will get nothing but standarised email responses and yes its FAKE LEATHER

  3. To add to them being a scam is that the block customers very unhappy and remove dozens if not hundreds of complaints on their Facebook page


    Takes more than 4 weeks to obtain a tracking number and more than two weeks for the tracking number to be work on the China Post website – YES, their products are shipped from CHINA contrary to what they claim on the website.

    No customer service at all, all leather products are PU leather, manufactured by China factories, and sold to the customers around the globe at insanely inflated prices.

    Their FACEBOOK PAGE is full of awful reviews (see:, contrary to the ones they posted on their own website.

    The statement “we conclude that you can purchase from the site” is absolutely false. If you must fall for trap for the fun of it, at least use Paypal for its dispute resolution centre.

  5. This company is a bloody scam ,
    I ordered and paid £160 over 6 weeks ago and still no goods ,
    I tried to call them , phone line not in use , I sent loads of emails , to different addresses ,
    And used the website customers support contact page , no answer ,
    And it turns not that the products are not even leather , u need to read the small print
    Keep clear , I wish I did , £160 is a lot of money to loose


  7. My experience is that this is a SCAM!!!

    I purchased items on 6/5/2020. I emailed them on 7/2/2020 to inquire about the status of my order. Their standard, computer-generated response email, also dated 7/2/2020, indicates: “…keep in mind that ALL of our orders have a range of shipping times to be delivered to your address between 2-4 weeks from the original purchase date…” To this email, I again asked about specific regarding my order, to which their computer generated the SAME message as before…

    I then rattled off the need for a PERSON-generated response for the order I was now wanting to cancel, to which I received another generic email stating, essentially, “Yeah, we hear ya, but nah, it ain’t happening!”

    Today is 7/27/2020, and I just put in a PHONE call to the company. Surprisingly (sarcasm) no one answered so they have now been warned that I will be pursuing charges of fraud against them if I do not hear from them one way or the other by 7/31/2020. This means they have had my money for nearly 2 months with NO contact initiated from them nor me not receiving any products nor shipping confirmations!

    Now, I wait…

    Placed a large order 2 months ago and still no product or Tracking!!!
    Also, Website is Claiming this is Genuine Leather, however I received an email from them saying its Vegan Leather AFTER the fact!!
    Now I am trying desperately to get my money back and NOTHING!!!!!
    DO NOT BUY*******
    ****BUYER BEWARE******

  9. THIS IS AN SCAM ordered an jacket back in march this year everytime I email them just get same rely will email me tracking money just wasted $138.00 aus dollars arsholes

  10. yesterday 8-13-2020 I received the jacket I ordered on May 26th. I ordered a Leather jacket what I got was a plastic, the cheapest thing I have ever seen. What a waste of my hard earned money. Never again will order from any site I see on Facebook. THIS IS A SCAM SITE SAVE YOUR MONEY

  11. Does anyone know how to contact them? We all should get together with a class action law suit against them, and shut this company down.

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