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Berlimap Scam [June] Is It Offering Profitable Deals?

Berlimap Scam [June] Is It Offering Profitable Deals? -> In this article, you will get to know that the site is a scam or not.

Do you want to buy all the necessary stuff in your daily life in one place? Then, go for Berlimap com for the best deal and offers.

We very well know that if we shop anything from any website, we have first to check the authenticity of the website because the scammer’s website looks genuine and fools lots of people daily from their fake appearance. That is why we are here with Berlimap Scam to make you aware of it.

According to the reports, this website is working from the United States and dealing in various products like home, garden, kitchen, and arts and crafts for your kids.

Before you make any decision regarding ordering the product from this website, we would like you to read this whole article and find out is Berlimap.com legit, or is it a scam?

Is Berlimap Legit?

A more up to date form of web-based shopping tricks includes the utilization of social networks to set up false online stores. They open the store for a brief timeframe, frequently selling counterfeit marked garments or electronics. In the wake of making various deals, the stores vanish.

The best way to recognize a fake dealer or social network web-based shopping trick is to look for surveys before buying.

Berlimap is new and created in 2020, which means the domain name is too young and created two months ago, making it difficult to judge the website.

What is Berlimap?

Berlimap is an online shopping store which deals with selling several kinds of products, which is very useful for your ongoing life.

They are selling readymade products and also giving you an option to order the customized product like the choice of your shirt, mugs, and pillows.

You have plenty of options to buy products of your choice at a single place and at a reasonable price and with various offers.

What is unique about Berlimap?

This website is not dealing with a particular type of product like only clothes or accessories, but it is offering you from all your daily needs items to make your home look smart and the kinds of stuff for your kids to make them get busy.

You do not have to go through different websites for different products; you will find all kinds of stuff only on this website.

Specifications of Berlimap:

  • Product- Daily essentials and necessities
  • Website- https://berlimap.com/
  • Email id- support@berlimap.com                                                       
  • Address- 1455 Lowes Alley, Newark, Ohio 43055, United States
  • Contact no- 800-322-6175
  • Shipping policy- under 2-3 business days
  • Delivery time- under 5- 10 business days
  • Exchange- available
  • Return- inside 30 days
  • Refund – 15 days approx. of return
  • Payment mode- Master card/Visa/ PayPal

Pros of Berlimap:

  • They are offering plenty of products to you.
  • All the details of the company is specified.
  • You can easily exchange or return the product.
  • Free shipping on all kinds of products.
  • Option for the customized product is also available.

Cons of Berlimap:

  • The option of “About Us” page is missing.
  • Zero social network existence.
  • You cannot replace an item for the reason of the wrong size and the wrong colour.
  • The product of sale cannot be returned or exchange.
  • Many negative reviews from customers.

Customer Reviews:

After doing all the research on this website, we only found negative customer reviews and ratings from everywhere.

Some buyers are saying that the website did not confirm the purchase but charge money from them. Also, the contact details they are providing are all fake, and after ordering the product, customers are scared about their card information.

Hence, we have only found bad reviews and the website’s impoverished background, so the customers are in doubt and do not want to trust this website.

Final Verdict:

Berlimap is not an official website, and we do not find any valid information regarding this website. Most importantly, this website is new because we are unable to find many details about it.

The website’s rating is abysmal, which means that whoever shop from this website has a horrible experience.

The “About Us” page of the website is missing, and there is no social network presence, which creates fears in the minds of the buyers.

Overall, from all the details we have gathered about the website and after carefully checking it. We do not recommend our viewers to order anything from Berlimap as the site is a scam.

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  1. they offered a tcl tv set model55s421 for $187. This model is exclusive to Walmart only and Walmart sells it for $278.So berlimap is not authorized to sell this set as model 55s421. the price is so low, so I tried to call them 800 322 61275 but no does not work. tried to send email to them and it failed, and instead was greeted by some website trying to hustle me an information tracer service for one dollar.

    Bad news stay away. don’t order anything from them

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