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How to Solution Windows Productivity

Microsoft updates the Windows OS every 17 – 22 hours. Enhanced productivity solutions for Windows computers can improve technical and human efficiency.

Few technical difficulties are quite as irksome as a poorly performing Windows operating system. As the world embraces personal computing technology at an unprecedented clip, it’s only natural that online productivity comes into sharp focus. A paradigm shift from a traditional in-person work environment to remote employment has facilitated an uptick in online productivity. The performance of a particular operating system is in turn affected by everything else online. Emails, links, attachments, documents, downloads, software, spyware, malware, viruses, distractions, and myriad programs are continually interacting, sometimes with dissonance. 

This begs the question: How can a Windows user maintain a productive online presence while safely navigating through the mass hysteria of the World Wide Web? The answer is elegant in its simplicity. Windows users simply need to make minor adjustments to generate substantially improved quantitative and qualitative performance. We will now explore the many ways that Windows users can improve their computer’s performance and their own performance online.

Remove or Restrict Redundant Software 

Many Windows computers come pre-loaded with excessive software in the form of applications that are hardly ever used. Over time, these tend to slow the PC down. Begin by freeing up disk space on your computer by clicking Start, All Apps, and then delete the ones that aren’t in use. Simply uninstall them by right clicking on them from the options menu. Productivity is all about time management. 

If your computer is being slowed down by redundant software, this is directly impinging upon your productivity as a student, employee, or professional person. If you don’t want to remove these programs, you can at least prevent them from loading every time you start up your computer. You can do this by accessing the Task Manager (Control Shift Escape) on your keyboard. That will allow for enhanced performance and improved productivity in Windows.

Download BlockSite for Windows in Beta Mode

BlockSite is a powerful productivity enhancement tool that allows you to avoid distractions while staying on point. With BlockSite, it is possible to make productivity a priority by getting more done online per unit time. This enhancement tool is highly effective for students and business people alike. Often, the reason for sub-optimal productivity is the hyperstimulation that we are all subjected to online. There are far too many distractions to effectively focus on specific tasks. 

Experts recommend establishing a framework for increasing productivity at work. This includes setting achievable objectives, tracking work performance, limiting distractions, and adopting a proactive approach to operational activity. When it comes to distractions, there are failsafe techniques to implement. When you download BlockSite for Windows, it comes with work mode features and scheduling features. Given that productivity rapidly diminishes throughout the day, it’s important to adopt a structured approach to work which includes time allocations for news, sports, social media, and e-commerce. These allocations reduce distractions and enhance overall productivity.

Activate GodMode on Windows

Windows, like any other distinguished operating system, is filled with powerful features, functions, and performance enhancing measures. One of them is GodMode. This can easily be reached by right clicking anywhere on the desktop, clicking New and then selecting Folder. Next, rename the folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Be advised that you will need administrative privileges to be able to implement this productivity hack for Windows.

The transformation that takes place is quite startling. The folder appears like a control panel, you will find all settings listed in one centralized location. This reduces the time spent searching for each of these configurations under the settings options of your computer, or even in the control panel. It’s a one-stop solution for operational efficiency and productivity enhancement.

Invest in Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking Home or Professional Edition is hands down the most complete productivity enhancement tool you can use if your work requires dictation, or crafting of Word documents. The time taken to type creative content, academic content, or business-related content is much slower than the equivalent time taken to dictate the work. Dragon NaturallySpeaking, by Nuance is the top-rated dictation software that exists.

It performs poorly on Mac operating systems, and in fact has been discontinued, but

it is the most accurate dictation software for Windows-based operating systems. There are various versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, each designed with a specific audience in mind. At a price of around $150 +, it is a little on the expensive side, but the long-term cost savings in terms of productivity and earnings potential are dramatic. 

Boost the Random Access Memory (RAM) of your Personal Computer

RAM is the single-most important determinant of how fast your computer processes features, functions, and information. One of the oldest tricks in the book for improving the performance of your Windows operating system is to simply increase the amount of RAM that it is running. Windows 10 – the latest version – uses far less memory than other versions, but it can still slow you down. For laptop users, you may be able to add more RAM, but it’s a little complicated.

Desktop computers are much easier to work with when adding RAM, since you can easily tinker with the hardware. It’s also much cheaper to add more RAM to a desktop than it is to a laptop. The process could take you anywhere from 15 minutes – 1 hour, depending on your technical proficiency. 

There is no doubt about it, RAM determines the upper limit of tasks which your computer can perform at any given time. You will definitely improve your computer’s speed if you use multiple browsing tabs and programs, Photoshop, gaming, or other memory-intensive applications.

Implement all of these failsafe techniques and enjoy enhanced productivity on your Windows PC. 

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