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Bestwhim com Review [May] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

Bestwhim com Review [May] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not -> This article gives information about an online store that sells many useful items for men and women.

If you are searching the most innovative products with the best quality, then you need to stop your research, visit Bestwhim com.

Bestwhim com Reviews is an online shopping store that sells its products mostly in United States. They also provide service in other countries.

Bestwhim com is the newly launched online store and the site’s webpage has contained all useful information. But still, a question arises in our mind, Is Bestwhim com legit?

To understand deeply, Bestwhim com’s product quality and customer service you need to read this article briefly. We enlighten some useful information which is mentioned in the following steps. You need to read these points. 

What is Bestwhim com?

Bestwhim com is an online store and provides the coolest creative gadgets worldwide.

Nowadays, life is so competitive and passionate. And everyone needs to present his/her personality different and unique.

In this way, you need to check out this site. The site has many exclusive and trendy products that give you a unique innovation.

Bestwhim com provide many pieces of stuff like electronics, toys, household products, innovative gadgets, daily accessories. You can use these tools to makeover your look, and it makes effective to your presentation.

This online store contained several casual and office wear clothes and accessories like tops, t-shirts, bottom wear (for men and women both), sunglasses, shoes, casual sleepers, trendy hats, watches, uppers, handbags, sling bags, skirts, sneakers.

It contains every type of clothing such as for nursing, gardening, travelling, driving dancing, etc. And give 100% guaranteed for product quality. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then Bestwhim com offers an iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Specifications of Bestwhim com:

  • Website- casual & office wear and useful tools
  • Order processing time-within three business days
  • Shipping time- 3-15 business days
  • Delivery time- depend on destination locations
  • Return time – 14 days from receiving the order
  • Exchange- within 14 days
  • Refund- within 14 days after receiving the return package
  • Mode of payment- Paypal, Master Card, Discover, Amex, JCB, Visa card, Apple Pay
  • Email- customer@bestwhim.com
  • Contact number: +1720-808-0392
  • Shipping service providers-Fed EX, DHL, USPS, SF Express, China Post (Express), Lao Post Express, etc.

Advantages of Bestwhim com:

  • Email address and contact number both are available
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Refund and return policy is reliable
  • Many payment methods are available
  • Discount 10% on all products

Disadvantages of Bestwhim com

  • Customer will be responsible to pay their shipping cost for returning an item
  • Delivery time is mostly depend on destination locations
  • Fast and free standard shipping over $29.99
  • Buy two or more items for no delivery charge

Is Bestwhim com Legit?

Bestwhim com reviews is a recently registered online store. It has many latest, trendy and modern design products which make attractive chemistry with our personality.

Every useful information available on this site to clear our doubts like contact number, email address, return and refund detail, etc.

But the main drawback is the category list is missing in the site which makes difficult to search product easily. We can’t know about the variety of products in one touch. This is a huge mistake.

The customer reviews about this site are medium, not good not bad so we can’t say, is Bestwhim com legit or not?

What does the customer say about Bestwhim com?

Every customer wants to enhance his/her personality by giving a unique touch

With the coolest and exclusive items.

Bestwhim com reviews provide excellent and latest products with the best quality. They give the best service to customers. They always ready to clear our doubts by 24/7. 

This way you don’t need to spend hours anywhere, you can visit this site. They provide us many products with great deals. All products have a 10% discount on their price. 

The products have a modern and relaxable quality that makes you comfortable. The product’s price all in range and affordable.

Final Verdict:

This online store has contained many great deals on daily and office wear products for men, women, and kids.

The product quality is excellent and reliable and gives 100% satisfaction to their customers.

Many sales and discounts are available on the items which attract us.

According to the above information, we can’t say that the site is legit or scam. We suggest our readers, you must buy products at once to enjoy their flexible and pleasant service.

0 thoughts on “Bestwhim com Review [May] Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

  1. It has been almost 30 days since I placed an order with Best Whim and I received a bogus tracking email saying my package was shipped via DHL, but then the link they sent me sent me to Fed Ex. The tracking number they sent me was not legit. I have left two emails asking where is my package and I have received no response. I have called them several times and the phone rings busy every time. They are a scam. DO NOT BUY FROM BEST WHIM!!

  2. I am having the same experience. Ordered 2 puzzles April 26 and have not received them as of may 29. Tried calling – only busy signal. Emailed – no response.

  3. I purchased from them April 29 and have still not received my puzzles. I had the same experience as you and my tracking number is bogus. I have sent 3 emails with no response from them. I am afraid I’ve been scammed. What can we do???

  4. My experience is identical to DL’s. My order was placed April 29th, shipping confirmation was received May 5th with tracking number that was identified as a DHL but link took me to FedEx… number doesn’t track package with DHL or FedEx. Very disappointing and frustrating. DO NOT do business with them!


  5. Same thing happened to me. Ordered on 4/29/2020. DHL/Fedex tracking number says PENDING. Disputed with Paypal, with no results. Will dispute with AmEx next. This company is obviously based in China.

  6. XXX Do not place an order!!!! Bad place to buy from. The previous comment reflects my experience exactly. It has been over 30 days and when trying to follow my shipping number it is not legit. I sent emails to no avail and the phone number only sends a busy signal. Contacted my bank. Don’t buy from them!!!

  7. Do not do business with this company. I have waited nearly 3 months for a $59 purchase. They sent bogus tracking numbers. I’ve emailed customer service 5 times demanding a refund. No success, just more bogus replies.

  8. Agree with the previous comments. Ordered at end of May and got tracking number that says pending. Emailed customer service twice and got a response stating I would get it the middle of July. Still nothing. Very disappointing.

  9. I ordered a puzzle on April 30th, and it is now July 20th. I have emailed Bestwhim twice asking for a refund, and I have just gotten responses stating that shipping is delayed because of Covid-19. All I want is my money back, and not bogus emails saying that my item is still on the way. HORRIFIC customer service!!! I will NEVER order anything from this company!!!!

  10. I ordered two puzzles from them on April 29. I also had received a bogus tracking number. I followed up with customer service several times. They blamed delay on Covid and FedEx. I told them to cancel the order and that I wanted a refund. They tried to blame delay on shipping company and I told them I had used the tracking number they provided and it still showed pending 2 months later. I told them I wanted a refund or I would report them to Better Business Bureau. Today on July 22 I received a package from USPS from them with puzzles that were poor quality and one that literally came in a used plastic baggie. They clearly just took a scan of the products they advertise and did a terrible reprinting job to boot. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS FRAUDULENT BUSINESS. I did research on them after receiving the products today and saw a warning from the puzzle manufacturer eeBoo listing Bestwhim as fraudulent. I will be taking photos and filing official complaint with BBB tomorrow. Please join me if you have had the same experience. I hate that they are making shipping companies who are working overtime look bad and stealing product design from a woman-owned, sustainably-sourced ethical company.

  11. I ordered 3 puzzles from BestWhim online in April which were never sent. I’ve reached out to PayPay, and the vendor provided a tracking number which no longer is coming up as legit. This is a Scam website which I will report to the Better Business Bureau as well. The vendor has failed to respond to e-mails and the phone line is continuously busy, so that line seems bogus too. Shame on these criminals!!!

  12. Best Whim does not deliver its products. I placed and paid for my order on 4/5/20 and received confirmation #2750 invoice but never received the order. Best Whim does not reply to my repeated emails and customer phone # is always busy.

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