Big Pablow Tiktok Scam {Dec} Alert-A Big Scam Occurred!

Big Pablow Tiktok Scam 2020.

Big Pablow Tiktok Scam {Dec} Alert-A Big Scam Occurred! >> Read about a scam which happened on a very famous social media platform, stay vigilant and alert.

We are now connected worldwide and can share every part of our lives through social media platforms, whether it be funny videos, sharing our problems, or our talents. People love expressing themselves through social media platforms like Tiktok.

Do you also share our video online? Are you a fan of Tiktok?

Big Pablow Tiktok Scam is one of the trending topics now in the United States

But is this is because of the opposing side of these social media platforms? 

How can some people use this to their advantage and scam others? Let’s see what exactly happened in this news

Who is Big Pablow? 

Everyone with an account of Tiktok can share their videos through the platform, whether it be a dance video or a funny video or maybe a video sharing one’s life experience. Some people also share videos of their suffering, hoping to get some help from other users on this platform. But nowadays, the Big Pablow Tiktok Scam is on the trend.

One Tiktoker with the user name Big Pablow shared a video about her life suffering, stating that she was in a toxic relationship. Due to a lack of money and resources, she was unable to leave the person. Therefore, she asked her fellow TikTokers to help her in any way they can to relieve her of this financial burden. But why is this been called a scam let’s see!

What exactly is happening?

TikTok user with the user name Big Pablow shared a video asking for money in which she was crying and stated that she is a mother of one child and is currently pregnant with the other child. And since then, Big Pablow Tiktok Scam is trending in the United States.

In her video, she explained that she has been in an abusive and toxic relationship. And that her boyfriend broke many things in her house, including the TV and the washing machine. The video showed that he left the place completely trashed. And she asked her fellow TikTok users to help her with some monetary relief so that she can move out of this house and raise her children.

What is people’s reaction to this event?

Many people felt bad for this woman, and overall, people donated money worth 160000 US dollars. But when people contacted her ex-boyfriend, Big Pablow Tiktok Scam started trending. They found that this woman is a scammer and has previously tried to scam people for money.

When people found that she was scamming them, everyone was furious, and some even made videos saying that she would be filing a legal complaint against her.


Social media platforms like TikTok are a great way to connect to people. But some people use these platforms for wrong deeds and even for scamming other people. The people made many of the donations made to the woman with the user name Big Pablow were from those people who themselves had very little money of their own but wanted to help this pregnant woman. Therefore, everyone should always be aware before making any such donations.

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