Website Reviews Customer Reviews [April] Should You Use It? Customer Reviews Customer Reviews [April] Should You Use It? >> The article consists of the reviews, feedback of the users, and pros and cons about the Bigspot.Com.

The online market is one of the best option available to those who seek for new markets, products and varieties. To maintain a healthy relationship with customers, online store updates themselves regularly. What if a regular update ignored and you are getting the same product with repeated faults? Based on that online store work on that part which the public is liking the most. 

A survey shows the actual reality of any company, where the customers give there to comment or rate the company based on performance. In this article, we would like to introduce to you the, which is a survey company of the United State. It takes the feedback, comments and ratings from the public for retails and wholesale brands.

But there are lots of articles related to the prominent spot about its legitimacy, and we will extract all the Bigspot.Com Customer Reviews and provide you with an exact point of view about the company.

Most online users know that there are lots of Survey Company are available over the internet that takes survey about the companies, about the likes and dislikes of the people. The investigation is essential, as a marketing point of view, it is essential to know about what people think, and about their hate.

What is Bigspot.Com?

Bigspot.Com is an online survey website which takes a survey about the brands, and in return, you can earn some money. The company decides to study in time to time and give a chance to make some money those who will answer the question.

Anyone can participate in their survey, and you will have to register yourself by providing some personal information like your birth date, email id, name, and country.

After getting registered you can take part in the survey, the survey will base on your country, famous brands of your country, what is your likes and dislikes about the brands. After the completion of the study, you will earn some money that will credit to your account. During the survey, the question will be simple, and in one question you will get four option, where you have to choose one among four possibilities.

The online survey is not new, and it is the easiest way to acquire feedback from customers. The survey company conducts a study and sell their report to any third party companies. The companies may be related to any field like groceries, vehicles, any manufacturing plant, brands and many more. 

But there are lots of fake survey website available who take the personal details of the online users to scam them. There are lots of cases registered in the name of the survey; the scammers use the personal information of the customer to withdraw all the money from their bank account.

For, few of the customers mention that it is a scam. However, no one reported about forgery but a complaint about not receiving any cash. Customers complain that they take the survey and never pays, but if you see on the first page, they advertise themselves as they are ready to give away all the cash. But in reality, it is not like that. And that is the reason why Bigspot.Com customer reviews are negative on many articles.

Pros of Bigspot.Com

  • Free to join; no need to pay any amount for registration.
  • As per company norms, you will get paid for each survey
  • Anyone can register themselves, no need for any qualification

Cons of Bigspot.Com

  • As most of the online users reported that Bigspot.Com does not pay for the survey, they are lying
  • Users said that Bigspot.Com is a scam; they want to steal all the personal information. So that they can sell all the information to a third party.
  • It is a waste of time, and you will not get any benefit on taking part in the survey


In our research, we found that Bigspot.Com is a survey website, where anyone can take part but as reported by the user, the company never pay you in return. They are advertising false promise, but it is up to your choice.

The survey plays a vital role to construct the right path for the companies. A review is a direct way to connect with the customer to know their needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Based on that company upgrade themselves and provide and launch their product according to the public demand.

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