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Bio Supply Com Reviews [April] – Is It Not A Scam?

Bio Supply Com Reviews

Bio Supply Com Reviews [April] – Is It Not A Scam? >> Well, the answer of this question is inside this review post. Check it out to know more about this ecommerce website!

The entire world is experiencing serious conditions, and all things considered, it is the duty of every person to be protected and adhere to all the rules and guidance given by the wellbeing experts and governments. The fatal infection is an infectious ailment, and if rules are not followed, at that point, it can terminate human lives

It is important to keep our eating habits perfect to avoid severe diseases. In the olden days, people use to cook their food at home, and they were smart enough to store food. There is website name which sells products like fermentation pot where you can have homemade fermentation items. No need to buy any products from the market where you don’t know how hygienic is the food? 

There are several online stores selling products related to the kitchen, but all are not legit. You can also find out the website’s legitimacy by knowing their address, verified email address, and reviews. There is likewise that sort of online site who are giving ensured over their item professing to be it’s experimentally demonstrated. In any case, it isn’t what it is; they are tricking individuals just to gain money by wrong commercials and by improper methods. It is essential to make a move against these false locales.

What is

It is an offline-online store where its offline store is situated in Canada like hygienic fermentation pot, flakes and grain rollers, portable grain mills, and kitchen tools. They don’t sell their products to the United States due to maybe transportation issues. But they sell all the products within the country; they also mention on their website if the customer wants their product quickly, then they can visit their offline store to collect their product.

The address of the company is mentioned on the website with the google map location. This is the most legit way to represent the authenticity of the website. This will increase trust among the customers, although the website is new, so you may see some glitch. The customer can call their number, which is provided on the website with timing.

Bio supply com reviews are found positive by the customers, few comments are mentioning about the installation issue. But overall, we found most of the feedback positive. The company is also giving servicing and maintenance, where you have to bear the cost of per visit. The warranty and guarantee of the product are given with the installation kit. But if you found anything damaged or improper, then you may contact the company to their mentioned phone number. The company also sells machine parts of the products used in the kitchen like parts of grinder, grain rollers, etc. They also sell fermentation process books and how to make healthy breakfast related books.

Few of the customers commented that the delivery of the product is slow, and that is the reason they directly visited the store to collect the items.

Feature and Benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • The company has both online and offline store
  • You can also collect your products by visiting directly to their store to save time
  • The price of the products is affordable and realistic
  • They are having wide varieties of kitchen products and machine parts
  • You can return the product if you find any damaged on machine
  • They also provide after sell service maintenance
  • You can get all parts of the device, so you don’t have to search it anywhere else

Cons of

  • The company sell its product within Canada
  • They don’t deliver products to other countries not even in the US, but they have customers from different countries
  • Their online service is a bit poor, that is the delivery service.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The company is only liable to change the product if you found any product damage or wrong products
  • To get your product fast, you can also visit the company’s address
  • Customer care number is available to all days, but at different time, so you can check the working hours mentioned on the website
  • Service and maintenance cost will have to bear by the customer only
  • The warranty and guaranty will be covered by the company, but the customer has to bring the warranty/guarantee card.


This article is about the information regarding the website name; the website has no trust issue. But the delivery process is slow as per the bio supply com reviews given by the customers; we are not supporting the website in any mean or defaming it. It is up to your choice of how you consider it.

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