Bitkort Scam {April 2022} Safe To Access – Know Here!


This news article shares the Bitkort Scam and clarifies more details about the Bitkort website.

Do you love trading with Bitcoins? Are you interested in cryptocurrency trading and getting some advantages from its trading? If you are involved in this business, you might be aware that many websites are emerging to provide the best platform for its trading. 

People in the United States are more involved in cryptocurrency trading, especially bitcoin trading. So, if you are one of those, you must be aware that there are some legitimate or illegitimate websites. To clarify the details, we will provide more information about a website known as and discuss the Bitkort Scam in this article.

Whether is a legitimate site or not? 

Bitkort is a website that allows users to trade online with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in the United States. We are aware that as the crypto market is propagating, there are various currencies in which people are investing, and therefore the currencies are also propagating. 

Bitkort provides a platform on which you can trade and get an advantage from it. But as the factors determine, the website domain age is very less. For example, it was created on 10th February 2022, which is less domain age. So, the Bitkort Scam suspicion increased about the website. 

The website’s trust score is also very poor, it has only a 2% trust score among the people, and therefore, there is no strong point to trust this website. You can find various other platforms for trading, but trading or investing money without learning about the legitimacy will be a huge risk. 

Although it has HTTPS protocols to secure the privacy details of the users, this cannot be the sole reason to trust this website; we must also see whether the features and functions of the website are in advantage of users or not. 

Bitkort Scam: Know the issue!

As we discussed the legitimacy factors, is a website that is not in favour of the website. The domain age is very less, and the trust score is also very poor. There are no reviews about the website which can claim whether the website is a legitimate site or not. 

Therefore, we cannot claim that the website is legitimate, as many factors are against the website. Thus, we would not recommend this website for your cryptocurrency trading until more information about the website and the Bitkort Scam seems to be valid. Extra Information! is a platform providing the benefits of cryptocurrency trading on this website. It provides zero fees for trading and provides leverage for trading. There are deep liquidity and order benefits for the users. 

There is an integrated feature for the website which is beneficial for the users to trade in cryptocurrency. In addition to this, if you want to learn more about this website, you can click here.  

Final Verdict: is a website that is available for users to trade in cryptocurrencies, and therefore, people can take advantage of it. But there is a suspicion about the Bitkort Scamand this website does not seem to be legitimate.

What do you know about this website? You can share your views in the comment section below.

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Bitkort is a scam. Case in point… I staked $44K in BTC for 90 days. Setup 2FA on the account through Telegram. The 2FA account was deleted and therefore, cannot access the account and thus, stole roughly $44k from me. WARNING: STAY AWAY FROM BITKORT, it’s DEFINITELY A FRAUD!@!@!

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing such an important fact based on your experience and guiding other investors.

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