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Please read this report to learn about Bleakprojet Com, a portal presently offering the pre-order of horror comic strips written by a famous French YouTuber.

Do you love reading thriller stories? Does the horror genre captivate you? Is reading horror comics your favorite pastime? Are you aware of Squeezie and his videos? If yes, please read this article to satisfy your interest.

In this report, we have discussed Bleakprojet Com, a portal that is currently taking orders for horror comics by Squeezie. The website’s actual name is Bleakproject, but people from various countries, such as Canada, Belgium, France, and Switzerland, are searching it as Bleakprojet on the Net. 

What is Bleakproject?

Bleakproject is an online portal that is currently offering the pre-orders of horror comics known as Bleak. The originator of these comic books is a well-known YouTuber from France. The series consists of three horror stories, whose authors are Squeezie, Guillaume Natas, and Laurène Arnoux. According to the website counter, the pre-order of these comics will conclude on 20 November. 

Bleakprojet Com clearly mentions the terms and conditions and delivery guidelines of the comic strips. There are three packs available for these books, namely early access, premium edition, and collector’s edition. The designers have mentioned the details of each pack explicitly. The readers shall begin receiving the comics from 31 January 2022.

Who is Squeezie?

Squeezie is the professional pseudonym of Lucas Hauchard, a YouTuber from France. He is highly popular for videos depicting his gaming skills and video game testing commentaries in his mother tongue. The most renowned gaming commentary he specializes in is Let’s Play. Squeezie is also famous for his horror video threads on Twitch and YouTube. Lucas decided to compile these threads into comic books that Bleakprojet Com is offering.

Lucas began experimenting with YouTube videos in 2008. However, he received a breakthrough from his current channel with the codename Squeezie. He began this channel in 2011 when he was only 15 years old. Thus, he became the youngest French YouTuber having millions of subscribers and views per video. 

Packs Available in Bleakproject

As discussed before in this report, the website provides three packs currently, and we have mentioned its details below. 

  • Early Access – This version includes a comic of eighty pages and a sticker. The price of this edition is 15 Euros. 
  • Premium Edition – This version, as described in Bleakprojet Com, includes a comic of eighty pages, a pocket comprising six stickers, a cardboard display showing the lithography, an evidence pocket, and three exhibits. The price of this compilation is 35 Euros.
  • Collector’s edition – This is the widest collection and consists of a comic of ninety-six pages, a special cover with metallic and silver prints, the ideas behind the making of this compilation, a box of the collector, a T-shirt with the brand name, an envelope with three storyboards. In addition, this collection also has the components of the premium edition. 

Conclusion on Bleakprojet Com

The online platform will end its pre-order of the horror comic strips written by Squeezie in around a month. Also, the designers shall publish the first and last names of the buyers on the acknowledgment page of the comics. 

Which video of Squeezie is your favorite? Please share the details in the comments section below. 

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