Blue Fire Metacritic (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Reviews


Blue Fire Metacritic (Feb 2021) Scroll Down for Reviews >> Find out about a new and exciting adventure filled action game.

Bored of all the adventure games and looking for something new? That can keep up your excitement and engage you and your friends for a very long time. Well, “Blue Fire Metacritic” has got a solution for you.

Recently, Robi studios have developed a neato-looking indie game called ‘Blue Fire.’ The game was launched on 4th February 2021 and received a significant reaction in the United States.

Please read this article further to know more about the game, its characters, and its features. 

About the game

It is considered as a cross between Hollow Knight and Legend of Zelda. Some gamers also review it as the spiritual successor of the Legend of Zelda. Also, it is the debut game of Argentina developer Robi Studios.

Blue Fire Metacritic has found that the game begins with your character getting awake in a giant test tube and starts exploring the abandoned castle of Penumbra. The name soon finds out that the kingdom has been infected with a mysterious infection. He sets on a mission to save the kingdom and to end the corruption in the dynasty.

The game takes you to various temples and their corresponding gods, all of them desperately waiting for you and your help.

Characters Ability

The character has ninja-like abilities with excellent mobility. “Blue Fire Metacritic found that the name is only able to jump or dash jump at a greater distance at the beginning. But as your progress through the temples, you acquire more abilities like double jump, double dash, spin attack, and you can even run across a wall.

The game’s environment also becomes complex to match this progress and puts the character in unknown and void places, with a strong enemy in the front.

The void- is a special place in the game which is far from the kingdom. It has abstract challenging situations, and you need to have mastery over the game to unlock and gain valuable hidden rewards.

Customer Review

Blue Fire Metacritic presents you following reviews by significant developers and gaming review websites.

Brendan Graeber of IGN stated that the game provides an impeccable platforming experience with the right balance of abilities to master and challenge your abilities. This makes the corrupted world of the game a joy to explore. IGN has rated the game eight out of ten.

Another review by Dan Lipscombe of Game Spew said that “we are left with the game which does not know precisely what it wants to be. Except the platforming, it would have been a Souls-alike adventure game. Without the combat, it would expertise at precision platforming. With both the aspects, it doesn’t fit in any.”

Final Verdict

Blue Fire Metacritic concludes by saying that the game will be fun and exciting for the audience. And those interested in action-filled adventure games must give it a try.It can be bought for 20$ in the United States. It is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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