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Bluewwo com Reviews 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype?


Bluewwo com Reviews 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype? -> This article is meant for creating awareness among the masses regarding the online shopping site ‘’.

Fashion is an interesting subject. It almost pulls in every little detail of the embellishments that we wear on our body or carry with us. For example, if you start with your head, then the hairstyle and accessories used for doing up your mane forms fashion. 

Similarly, clothes, jewellery, shoes and any other thing that you wear or carry, showcases your taste in trends. When it comes to shopping for the likeables, going to a physical shop seems the best option because you can touch and feel the products and even try them on before finally shelling out the notes.

However, the pestering salesmen and long queues in front of the billing counters make one consider online shopping as the better option. is one such online shopping store that entails fashion in any form. It’s grown in United States and is still under speculation of legitimacy.

What is is an online shopping site that offers fashion in all forms, styles and brands. It almost wants to project itself as the one-stop solution for all fashion related needs. Not only that, the prices at which they offer the goods are quite exciting as there are pretty good discounts imposed on them.

It seems the website has studied the general customer psyche and has resolved to cater to that, eventually making loads of money by cheating. Here, we have to think about the realistic nature of the prices quoted. 

An air conditioner or a tool box for that matter cannot go too low on the pricing even if it’s an unbranded one. So, why expect something out of the unexpected?

One has to be speculative about the motive behind creating such an online portal. The appropriate designing, the lucidity in approach and the availability of trustful signatories in any web link are a must for creating strong business relationships.

A company desirous to thrive in the world of internet will never play with even the minutest nuance, when it comes to it’s products and services. A long player always creates vivid customer awareness and then presents their best deals to it’s target audience. seems to be far laid than all this. An abrupt presence and a poor projection of business don’t really make it reliable to shop here. For a layman, discounts would be luring.

But, how fair is the deal? That has to be analyzed, before any investment is made herein. Reviews

A little scrutiny from our side can prevent great blunders from happening in case of ignorant online visitors, 

  1. doesn’t look a very well built online shopping portal. That’s because the designing is quite pre-mature and not at all professional. There are several grammatical errors and unclickable external links and logos. The images don’t seem real and the styles are quite common. No product has a description and nor are any blogs attached to the website. Thereby, creates mistrust in the buyers.
  2. The site doesn’t reveal any information regarding it’s owners or it’s establishment like physical address, contact number and so on. Instead it solicits customer details through bank accounts, credit card details, e-mail or telephone. Here, you got to be careful. Never forego your crucial details to any online site as the vital data might be misused by Cyber Criminals or the same could be sold to third parties by the beholder.
  3. isn’t a secured website as it doesn’t have the ‘https.’ Encryption. 
  4. The website in question exhibits products under heavy discounts with ‘bluewwo coupon code.’ The discounts are basically a camouflage that makes the customers concentrate on the price of the product instead of the quality and other important attributes of the item. So, one has to be truly careful here.
  5. The company address that the website has mentioned ( 8 Xinye Road, Sijiqing Street, Jianggan district, Hangzhou, Zhejjang-310016 China) isn’t verifiable easily on the google map. So, the address can be a fake one, unless and until, someone visits the store physically and confirms about it’s existence.
  6. Though ‘blue wwo’ claims to be a fashion destination, it also sports other unrelated stuff like air conditioners, cabinets, tools etc, which shows that the website is not at all authentic. Not only the variation but the bad segmentation of goods being sold at astonishingly low prices is a matter that can’t be ignored. Such sites are prevalent in the scam world which aim at making fast money at a single go and thereafter simply vanish from the virtual world.
  7. Even after reviewing, people still end up getting duped then, what should one do?
  • Always contact the helpline or cyber crime cell, if you have the slightest hint of being scammed.
  • Do not refrain from blocking your debit or credit card from which you made the purchase and do inform the bank authorities immediately.
  • Delete all the crucial information that you have saved on the website and change passwords linked to your financial cards and accounts.
  • Do create awareness among your fellow beings by highlighting your experience in social media.

My Recommendation

These days internet being the formulation of digital marketing, several companies aim at utilizing the open benefits of the cyber world, in order to optimize their commercial gains. The investment is pretty low in comparison to the profit gained, even if it’s a one time game.

So, please be careful and cautious while spending money on wistful online stores that don’t really exist. Stores like do not show any presence in social media, nor has anybody ever heard of it.

People who have tried this new advent in the market are highly disappointed as their money is gone and the goods received aren’t up to the mark. Even after complaining through the e-mail id provided, things couldn’t be retrieved, nor has any action been taken.

The loss here is your’s, so beware!


This article is meant for creating awareness among the masses regarding the online shopping site ‘’.

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