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Boku No Hero 328 (Oct) Updates About The New Series!

This article below will help readers get information on Boku No Hero 328 th Chapter and the popular manga series. Read to learn more about it.

Are you a big fan of Manga series or animated Series? Do you want to know more about the Boku No Hero Academia comic? Comic lovers are eagerly waiting to know about the new series. Here we share the necessary details for the same.

So keep reading this guide to fetch the complete details on Boku No Hero 328a famous Manga comic series, which is popular across the Worldwide.

For more details, stay tuned.

About Boku No Hero Akademia

The Boku No Hero Akademia is also known as the My Hero Academia series and it’s a famous Japanese Manga comic series based on the story of a Superhero. The Series was written as well as created by Kohei Horikoshi. 

The story revolves around a boy who aspires to become a superhero in the world of superheroes. He is born without superpowers but dreams of becoming a superhero one day. That’s the main theme of the My Hero Academia series, and further, we will commence with Boku No Hero 328 th Chapter. So keep reading this write-up.

Synopsis of the Bonku No Hero Akademia Series

The Series My Hero Academia contains the story of a boy named Izuku Midoriya who presently lives in a world where most humans have gained superpower abilities. The humans with superpowers are known as Quirk within the Series. 

By the age of four years, every child within that world gets the superpowers within them. The world is estimated to have at least 80% of the population as Quirk. Among them, Izuku MIdoriya is normal and was born without superpowers who aspired to become a superhero.

Elaboration on Boku No Hero 328th Chapter

Chapter 328 of the Boku No Hero starts with the 327th chapter recap. The Tittle of the 328th chapter is “Connected, Connected.” The 328th chapter emphasis to show the journey in which All Might will begin. 

As stated in the previous chapters, we all are well aware that Aizawa, Jeans, Endeavour, Hawks and All Might are constantly trying to catch All-for-one and Shigaraki. The information of Stain was the hope of light for them. After questioning Dr. Garaki, he found that the heroes have all the information about Shigaraki and how he will become a Supervillain after a month away.

Where do the fans read the 328th chapter?

The Boku No Hero 328 th Chapter was released on the 3rd of October, and the fans can easily read this chapter on Viz Media or on is the official website. Also, the readers can visit the Mangaplus official website to read this chapter. All the mentioned websites offer the latest chapter details of the My Hero Academia series for free. However, for reading the complete Boku No Hero manga series, the reader has to pay for a subscription-only the readers can go through the latest chapter for free on this website.

The Final Statement        

The whole My Hero Academia series is based on the story of a boy willing to become a superhero, and Boku No Hero 328 th Chapter deals with the finding mission for Shigaraki and All-for-one. Also, this chapter has already been released and is available on the platforms mentioned above.

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