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Bollnova Review [June] Is it a Possible Scam or Not?

Bollnova Review 2020

Bollnova Review [June] Is it a Possible Scam or Not? -> The article speaks about the innovative online store, selling women’s wear at the best prices.

Shoppers! What is your first love? Undoubtedly, shopping! This shopping season, Why don’t you come with us on an astonishing land of fashion, i.e., Bollnova.

The online store is beautifully organized and designed by experts to enhance the new fashion statement in the 21st century.

Who says you need to speak about personality? Your designer wear will talk about your nature. Try the best outfits in town at Bollnova and be the fashion icon for others.

The website does not belong to us. We are here to introduce some new Bollnova Reviews with our readers. The reviews will give you the right path to take your wise decision regarding online shopping.

Have you ever heard of a shopping tour? If “yes,” Get ready for a fantastic shopping tour at Bollnova.Com. The site is excited to welcome its customers with alluring wears and massive discounts.

The website characterizes the designer’s hardship and their fashion talents. The site is gaining love in the United States.

Are you ready to explore the site? We will suggest you before taking your purchase decision; you must read out Bollnova.Com Reviews.

What is Bollnova?

The online designer hut, which is mainly hitting the digital market to accomplish women’s desires with the best designer wears.

The store has completed almost 6-7 years of their journey as an offline fashion house. In 2020, the store has stretched its wings and has entered the online platform to give fierce competition to other stores.

Bollnova is crafted to give independency to all women designers who wanted to portray their art in front of millions. 

The store stood for talented designers and believes in giving women’s wings to fly with designer outfits. 

Shoppers! The store has varied options for you. The bucket list of a wearable is as follows:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Pants
  • Jump Suits
  • Jackets Blazer
  • Lounge Intimates
  • Shop XL
  • Jewelry
  • Bags

The above trending wearables are just a click away. Why don’t you pamper yourself with the most relaxed dresses? And fill the empty spaces in your wardrobe.

Now, let’s hear it out what else this article has for you. You will get to know about Product specifications, pros, and cons, Why the product is the best choice and customer reviews. Stay tuned with us; we will help you to fill your glass of information.

Product Specifications

  • Product type – Women designer wears
  • Design – Elegant and Mesmerizing
  • Shipping policy – within 1-2 days
  • Delivery – a few days after shipping
  • Refund policy – within 30 days
  • Contact details –
  • Contact number – (712) 435-8096
  • Physical address – 42 Circle Lane, Bayshore, NY 11706 United States
  • Mode of the payment – PayPal

Pros of shopping via Bollnova

  • Designer wear
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Elegant jewelry
  • Coolest stuff with quality
  • Massive discounts
  • On-time delivery of the product

Cons of shopping via Bollnova

  • Cash payment is applicable.
  • Men’s wears are not there.

Is the website Bollnova perfect for you?

The website is targeting all the women’s who wanted to flaunt with a designer wears, With Bollnova, you will get stylish wears as per your pockets.

The site has a fantastic female fan, as it sells the best outfit as per customer needs and requirements. 

The site is trending with its quality and innovative designs. Now, ladies can choose their favorite outfits.

But before opting as your designer, wisely check out the reviews and then make your purchase decision.

What are the customer reviews about the Bollnova?

As per our introspection, most users are not finding the website to be genuine. The site doesn’t have any authentic details about its working, and even the contact details and address is fake.

The users said when they try to reach out to the company, they found that the address is not available on the Google maps, and even the address is of the residence home, not of any commercial store.

Final Verdict

As per our investigation, the website is a scam because Bollnova portrays working for the past many years as an offline store, but it’s just pretended to be, but the reality it is not true; recently, the store has marked its right presence in the digital world. The site is too new to trust upon. 

As per our opinion, the site is not SSL Encrypted; no customer reviews are there and has no social media presence too. So, we don’t recommend you to go ahead with the shopping. For more info, check out Bollnova Reviews.

Comment in the comment section, do share your reviews.

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      1. I also got a fake UPS number indicating my items were delivered. I then discovered how bad UPS is in helping to resolve these issues. The number provided was for an item delivered to someone else in my town from Amazon. UPS would not provide me proof that the tracking number was not for me and not from Bollnova, even when I pointed out that I already had the number and I wasn’t asking them to reveal confidential information like what was the item or where it went. Finally able to get a statement from Amazon and got a refund from PayPal but was really sweating it. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

  1. How you can’t just post that and leave out details especially if others are unknowingly buying stuff from this place I would like those details as I have recently bought from their!!

    1. I used paypal as well. I disputed the charge and the seller came back with a UPS tracking number showing the package had been delivered. Delivery showed only to my city and no home address. Tracking also showed no origination for the item.

  2. Just got scammed as well. Purchased a toddler rail which i thought was a good deal and the site seemed pretty “clean” . I didnt even bother looking at other items on the site cause i was just inna rush to get this part for my kids bed. Then after , i realized how is this a womens clothing site and i cant even find or search the item when im on it. 5 days past and i totally forgot about the “purchase” . Looked at the tracking they sent and noticed it was “shipped” on May 21st and already delivered as of Jun 3rd……Its Jun 28th right now i and purchased it on June 22nd…….You do the math. The number on the website is basically disconnected and goes to nothing but a good old busy signal. Email is definitely a scammer email made up of random letters and numbers at a Hotmail link. SMH……poor decision making. Working on trying to get my money back but who knows if that will happen or not.

  3. I ordered mine through PayPal but they were not able to help me. As previously noted you cannot get in touch with them either through phone or e-mail. I guess I am beat for the amount of the purchase.

  4. I got scammed by Bollnova. Ordered Two items in two transactions through PayPal. I have disputed the transaction and now they have added fake tracking numbers to both transactions. The money went to 2 different individuals Paypal accounts not a business.

  5. SCAM just like others mentioned. They provided a fake tracking number and never shipped the actual item. Currently waiting for my dispute to process with PayPal!

    1. Hey, we are the only the informer of this site, if you are not satisfied with your order and you made payment then go for the official website to get it back if you want. Further, you may dial the customer care number where your order issue will clear earlier.

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