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Bookar00M Com {June} Read Features, Purpose, Legitimacy!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Bookar00M com, a search engine providing links for discounted travel bookings.

Do you travel a lot? Are you looking to book a hotel for your stay at the destination? In the United States, various booking agencies provide a combination of services. Bookar00M.com is a similar website that provides links to a wide range of services such as flight booking, car booking, travel packages, vacation packages, and more. 

But, before accessing the website, we advise you to read reviews about Bookar00M com

Is Bookar00M.com Legitimate?

Bookar00M.com is a Scam. Its IP has a self-signed SSL certificate with an unbelievable validity of 2,893 days. Hence, Bookar00M.com might not be accessible on several web browsers until the SSL certificate is added manually as trusted. Additionally, the website uses HTTP protocol which is not completely safe for user privacy.

Bookar00M.com was registered in the high-risk country China on 23rd June 2022; it is a six-day-old website. The website is registered for one year until 23rd June 2023. Bookar00M.com achieved a terrible trust score of 1%, a Business Ranking of 1.2%, and a Zero Alexa ranking.

Bookar00M com is less trustworthy as it scores high on the suspicion profile reaching 34%, an 80% on Threat, a 64% on Phishing, an 80% on Malware, and a 6% on Spam profile. It provides services with the help of a single server from Tampa, FL. 

About Bookar00M.com:

Bookar00M.com is a new search engine with business modules for prioritizing and providing sponsors links related to search criteria. However, Bookar00M.com, by default, includes exclusive links for travel booking providing exciting discounts, which include:

  • Car Bookings
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Travel Events
  • Vacation Packages
  • Flight Bookings
  • Travel Attractions
  • Travel Destinations

Features of Bookar00M com:

Bookar00M.com did not include any terms of usage. The privacy policy link on Bookar00M.com is inactive. There is no customer service contact number or email mentioned on the website.

Bookar00M.com had censored its owners’ details and contact information by using internet censorship services. Some of the default links still do not feature sponsored content. Instead, the users get redirected to knowledge-based websites such as simplifyanswer.com.

Bookar00M.com did not include any social media links, and its pages were not found on any social media websites. The Bookar00M.com’s mission statement and aim is unspecified. User may risk their payment and personal data due to security loops.

Customer Reviews:

Five website reviews of Bookar00M com are all negative and pointed out that their booking for a hotel was for a location that does not exist. There are no customer reviews on Bookar00M.com and elsewhere on YouTube, social media, and the internet.


Bookar00M.com is a Scam. It is a young website with a short life expectancy. It is registered in a high-risk country. It achieved a terrible Alexa, Business, and Trust Ranking . Additionally, it scored high on suspicion, Malware, Phishing, and threat profile which is unsafe for users’ devices, security of personal and payment information. We do not recommend Bookar00M.com due to negative reviews on the internet.

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