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Borbars Com Reviews (July) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Borbars Com Reviews (July) Is This Genuine Or Scam? >> Read about this fashion and clothing website to know the website’s legitimacy and if you should proceed to shop with this website.

Who doesn’t wish to look elegant and update to date with the fashion trend? We all want to look like runway models or at least remotely fashionists when we step out. And thus, understanding this fashion urgency, many clothes, and accessories platforms are popping up worldwide, especially in the United States.  

One such website that caught our attention is Borbars com. Hence, we decided to compile everything about the platform before you choose it as your next shopping destination. So, let’s get into Borbars com Reviews

A Few Words about the Website

Borbars com is a new online shopping platform with various fashion and clothing items for users. It is a United States-based platform that aims to provide the best style for the customer at affordable rates. 

The customers targeted are women, and the customer has to make an account for adding the items to the bag. There are several new arrivals on the site recently, and it is up to date with the trends. Other than what is on the platform, the site doesn’t offer much information. 

Specifications of the Website

The online portal specializes in selling various clothing products such as shirts, blouses, dresses, and fashion accessories. On that note, let’s check Is Borbars Com Legit.

  • The URL of the official website is https://borbars.com/.  
  • The creation of the forum was 25/05/2021, with an expiration date of 25/05/2022. Hence it is clear that the owner created the portal with a short life expectancy. 
  • The payment mode used: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, and American Express. 
  • The mail id given on the website is service@borbars.com.
  • The contact number provided on the website is (203) 947-5217. 
  • There are only some items with a review on the forum. Most of the things have lack Borbars com Reviews
  • The website’s physical address is 181 Marsh Hill Rd, CT 06477-3669/ US. 
  • The website has a privacy policy along with the return and shipping of the items.

Pros of the Online Site

  • One of the significant advantages of shopping from the website is that the product has variety.
  • The website provides shipping services to different places and has free shipping on the product.
  • The existence of the email server is a good sign.
  • Various online modes are available for payments.

Cons of the Online Site

  • The information about the website and the owner of the website is unavailable. 
  • There is a lack of customer review.

Is Borbars Com Legit?

While conducting our research to check the website’s legitimacy, we gathered information that we believe readers should consider before trusting the website. The information is put forth in points for readers’ easy consideration: 

  • The domain age of the website is 1 Month 27 Days.
  • The trust score of the website is low, 2%.
  • The trust trade score of the website is 58.9 out of 100. This score means that the website is active, mediocre, and ordinary. 
  • The website’s written content shows plagiarism. 
  • The Google search of the physical address of the website doesn’t show exact match which makes Borbars com Reviews suspicious
  • The website has social media links given with multiple platforms but those are not working and hence it lacks popularity.

Therefore, based on the extensive compiled information mentioned above, the platform looks and feels questionable.

Reviews from the Users  

While researching the website, we looked into the availability of the reviews. Unfortunately, we gathered there are no reviews online; however, there are some reviews found on the official site on a particular item of clothing. 

The one or two thoughts on the official site rated the items as too good to be real or worth every penny. Thus, the Borbars com Reviews seemed to lack genuineness and hence should be considered carefully.

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To conclude, we would say that the website doesn’t look trustworthy. The website is created recently with a very short life expectancy, and the trust score with a lack of reviews doesn’t vouch for its transparency. However, we would request the readers to wait before diving into the website and wait for the platform to prove its worth with time. Read here to know about the ways to protect yourself from Credit card scams.

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