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This article helps to enhance your knowledge regarding the upcoming episode of Boruto, that is, Boruto Manga 66 Chapter, and much more related information.

Do you like a pictorial procession? Are you attracted to Japanese sequels? If so, you must be interested in the prominent series Boruto next generations. This sequel is the widely watched Japanese sequel which is well-known worldwide and people of all ages are so into this. 

Recently, a new spoiler has been flowing in the media regarding the Boruto Manga 66 Chapter

The division hasn’t been revamped yet, but we got to know that a major personality will disappear soon. If you’re also curious to know, continue reading this article-

What is Boruto Manga? 

Boruto Manga is a Japanese manga that publishes on a monthly serialization. We have got 65 divisions as of now, and division 66 spoilers have been circulated. 

The enthusiasts are astonished over the departed improvements as the last epic was so fascinating, and spoilers trembled the lovers for the next one. 

In chapter 65, devotees were clasping their whiffs, and Boruto Manga 66 Chapter spoilers are like a cherry on the cake. 

As Borushiki strived to murder Naruto, Kawaki unexpectedly jumped in to safeguard his dear. But the spoilers from the successive division take the fiction on a remarkable path. 

First, it indicated the demise of a crucial personality Boruto who abruptly departed in this battle. 

Why is this Trending? 

Boruto Chapter 66 had an absurd quantity of advertisement to dwell up to, and enthusiasts had stayed anxiously for spoilers. 

Finally, on Monday, spoilers were documented and broadcast on different platforms, and the Boruto buffs have gone dumbstruck in the prior hours.

Enthusiasts forfeit their senses on Twitter after Boruto Manga 66 Chapter spoilers caption one of the main character’s demise. 

A primary casualty is indicated in the spoilers, and despite the demise not substantiated, devotees have been sent to Twitter to convey their surprise. 

Soon after the spoilers appeared, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, the whole crew of Boruto began trending on Twitter and everywhere. 

However, enthusiasts seem to have taken this chance as a possibility to develop as many memes as feasible. 

Let’s check what will happen in the next chapter and what happened in the list below. 

All About Boruto Manga 66 Chapter

In the previous chapter of Boruto, Borushiki and Kawaki toll each other, with Borushiki blasting a completely charged gun towards Naruto. 

Kawaki hops in the way of the assault to defend Naruto, but he thoroughly consumes its energy which surprises everyone. 

The next chapter will exhibit how much consequence Naruto had on Kawaki and render him prosperous as a Hokage. The modern family looks favorable. 

We will eventually see what Amado had scheduled to do with Kawaki.

Boruto’s new epic is scheduled to broadcast worldwide on January 20th or January 21st, relying on the global setting. 


As a final verdict, we can say that in Boruto Manga 66 Chapter, we will see who is going to kill or who is going to be killed. 

It will be a proper roller coaster of suspense and a next-level thriller. This news is already trending on social media, and spoilers have leaked about the death of a major character. 

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