Britbonglogpost.con (July) Mysterious Website Appears!

Britbonglogpost.con Online Website Reviews

Britbonglogpost.con (July) Mysterious Website Appears! >> The article talks about a website that appeared for some time and then disappeared, and an error pops up now.

As per many users, a particular website called Whackd has seen a rise in the United States. Besides, the website deals with bitcoins whose valuation skyrocketed by over 733%, which later reached a sweeping value of $0.07 per unit.

Furthermore, a website called Britbonglogpost.con which even has actual searchability with, popped on the internet. The website thereof alluded to McAfee’s alleged contingency plan theory that also included a countdown timer.

Herein, we detail the website and check other parameters to prove whether it is legit. Scroll down below to know more.

What is

A certain website called the britbonglogpost appeared four days ago. The website offered users a sneak peek about the whacked token. (Note: The website also has searchability with Britbonglogpost.con) However, users soon started to allege it with McAfee’s contingency plan.

The speculations sparked after watching the countdown timer on the website. But what is this whacked token, and what can we know about the contingency plan. For that, stay tuned and read the below paragraphs to learn more.

What is the Countdown Timer on the Website?

As per sources, the website is currently not available on the internet. However, some users did manage to archive the page, which is not unable to open. 

Furthermore, as per sources, when the users are trying to open the website (also searchability with Britbonglogpost.con) showcases a server error message.

Besides, the archived page also displays a pop-art of John McAfee along with showcasing a countdown timer.

The Details posted on the Page

Furthermore, the page has a text highlighting the words, “contingency plan activated, spiking the speculation of something big coming up.” The countdown showcases a timeline of 28 days for users to know about the details.

Besides, there is also an address displayed below the timer, which takes users to the Whackd token contract, which McAfee announced on 11 November 2019.

More information about Britbonglogpost.con

We decided to check for other parameters too to know more about the website. These include:

  • Trust score: It has a low trust score of 1%
  • Domain Age: It was created recently on 24 June 2021 and updated on 23 July 2021.

Users’ Reviews

As per users, the website was available for some time and later went down. Furthermore, they have also highlighted the website’s design, which appears legit and hence awaiting it to appear online. Besides, many users wish to know the reason why was registered for a day and then went offline.

Final Conclusion

The website Britbonglogpost.con has created quite a lot of steer and speculation among users in the United States, which appeared to be working for few days and is not offline. 

Thus, it is too early to decide if the website is a scam or legit. We hope this article answers your queries about the website. Also, read more about the users’ reviews here.   

Have you ever used this website? Please share with us your experience in the comments box below.

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