13 Things To Include In Brochure Templates For After-Sales

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Brochure Templates: Just after you have sold your product, the customer will need to know about the possible services provided by you. You can provide them with brochure templates that are specifically made for this purpose. Do you have an idea on how to make a brochure? It is a good idea to include these points in the template:

Add The Lifetime Warranty To Your Templates For Brochure

This is the number one service that you provide to your customer. They can go back to you any time if they face any difficulty in using the product. If possible, you should have a repair center at their doorstep so that the products do not have to be shipped from a long distance. You can also offer lifetime technical support for a nominal fee.

Service Center Locator

The customer will need to know all the service centers where they can get their product repaired. This is very essential especially if there is a warranty on the product or if it requires immediate repairs. You should also include the time and cost of travel to reach these service centers as well as any additional fees required to be paid. You may also include a process flow diagram for your customer’s reference in case they would need to bring in their purchase for repair.

Product Improvement Program

If your product deal with electronics, then it is very likely that there will be some improvements in the future. It might happen any time and the customer needs to know this beforehand. This way they would not feel cheated if the changes are against their interests also you can sweeten them with a discount for the upgrade.

Additional Benefits

Many people go for a product not because it has any additional benefits but because of its price and warranty period. However, you can offer them some additional benefits by presenting this to them in a brochure template. Some examples could be free delivery at their doorstep or installation services for the products etcetera.

Safe Purchase Guarantee

You can use the brochure templates to provide a safe purchase guarantee. In this warranty, you can provide them with complete protection for their product against any unforeseen circumstances. They should be able to get a replacement if there is some problem in the future or they should not have to bear any additional cost during the reparation of the product.

Obtain Suggestions from Your Customers

You can use a feedback form in your brochure to obtain suggestions from the customers about the other services that you provide. This way you will be able to offer them better services and make their experience with your company more memorable.

Quality Assurance Certificate

This is very important if your product deals with electronics. You should include all the necessary certificates and testimonials that prove the quality of your services and products. This will give them a sense of confidence and they would be ready to avail your service in the future also.

Company Profile

You can include many things in this section such as information about your company itself, the number of years that you have been in business, the number of customers that you have served, your branches and contact details etcetera. You can also include a short mission statement for your company as well as some history about it.

Privacy Policy

As a customer, you might be worried about the privacy of your personal information and hence you might want to know about the privacy policy. If you provide any kind of financial services for them, then they will be interested in knowing about the payment modes that you accept which should also be included in this section. You can also mention here if there are any additional fees applied on the payments etcetera.

Add An Attractive Photo To Your Brochure Design

A picture is worth a thousand words so this section will have pictures of your products being used by the customer. This will help him understand the product better and he can relate to it quickly. You should also include some sample images here so that he would know how they look like in real life.

Add Testimonials To Your Brochure Examples

This is a very good strategy to prove your credibility and trustworthiness in front of the customers. You can put some quotes and testimonials from your previous clients here and it will make them feel that they are already safe with you. This will also help convince them about buying your product or availing of your services.

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Downloadable Resources

If all the things mentioned here are not sufficient then you can also include some downloadable resources in your brochure. This way they will be able to read the whole thing again even after purchasing it. They can access these files either online or offline as per their requirements.


Free brochure templates will give you a head start to alleviate the stress of designing a brochure from scratch. A professionally designed template is more likely to grab the attention of potential customers than an amateurish-looking brochure. Templates do not cost much; however, it is worthwhile to invest in them. They will help you save time and enhance the quality of your brochures as well as make your job easier.

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