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Broclea Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

Broclea Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website? >> The above-written article is regarding an online store showcasing various disinfectants and floor cleaners.

Developing a habit of basic hygiene keeps us and our house clean and protects us from harmful germs. So do you agree with me?

Maintaining a clean, hygienic routine has many benefits. It is also one of the vital needs of all living beings, especially when the world is under threat of a deadly virus. With rapid speed, this lethal virus known as COVID 19 is negatively affecting the whole world. With death rates on its purge, we need to take adequate steps to fight back.

People throughout the world have started following social distancing. With this, we can prevent the communal spread of this virus. Moreover, people in the United States wear masks and regularly sanitize their homes through disinfectants. This way, we can jacket ourselves from this virus and protect our family members. 

The key is to find the right disinfectant with a higher concentration of alcohol in it and can effectively form a shield against this virus. But following the protocols of social distancing, it’s advisable to order disinfectants online rather than going out. 

When it is about online shopping, we need to be sure of the web store’s existence to avoid any bitter or bad experiences. Many web sites showcase such products one such online store is Broclea.com. To ensure the authenticity of the products a-lined on this site, Broclea Reviews have proved of great help. But first, let’s understand as to what Broclea.com is.

What is Broclea.com?

Broclea.com is a web store that offers different sanitizers and disinfectant products belonging to the Lyzol brand. They also have a wide variety of floor mobs that can help keep your house clean and sanitized. As the web site says they also have a range of flash deals offering discounts. Their products are shipped worldwide.  

Broclea.com being an online shop offers the following products-

  • All-purpose cleaners ranging from sprays to floor cleaners
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Clearing wipes
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Laundry sanitizers

These products under a reputed brand as Lysol are attractive and appealing to all but what makes a web store trust worth are its buyer’s reviews and the density of traffic on that particular site. To ensure safe online buying lets understand that whether Broclea.com is legit or spam?

Hence, researching the site and extracting Broclea Reviews we have been able to unfold this sites’ trust so that our readers have a happy shopping experience.

Is Broclea.com legit or a scam?

With a low population amongst the online buyers in the United States and traffic on its site, Broclea.com, existence is questionable. Moreover, many Broclea Reviews reveal that the customers who tried buying products from this site had bad experiences. They even claim the web store to be a scam. Thus we do not advise our readers to visit or buy any products from this site. 

Specifications of Broclea.com:

  • Website genre: E-commerce store for disinfectants and floor cleaners
  • Website address: https://www.broclea.com/ 
  • Shipping – Worldwide Delivery 
  • Refund time: 90 days
  • Address to locate: 2180 Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236
  • Customer support Email: office@lysolservicebest.com
  • Contact No. : +1 (330) 650-3333
  • Mode of Payment- PayPal 

Pros of Broclea.com

  • The web site has a verity of room and floor cleaners
  • The products fall under a reputed brand
  • A variety of disinfectants 
  • The layout is clear 
  • The users can easily navigate through pages

Cons of Broclea.com

  • Low traffic 
  • Negative reviews
  • The existence of the web site is very new
  • Lack of popularity
  • Social handler of Broclea.com like Facebook is not available and others have inadequate information or postings
  • Only PayPal is the payment mode available on this web store

Customer’s views about Broclea.com  

There are very few and unpleasant Broclea Reviews. People on the internet say that the web store had cheated them through their payment mode and don’t want to visit it back. With trust being questioned, the buyers regard Broclea.com as spam advising others not to visit or buy products from this site.

Final Verdict:

With an unpleasant background and questionable existence of the web site, the readers of this article are advised not to visit this site. The buyers have the power to make a choice, so choose wisely and avoid this online store.

Your comments help us improve, so please share your valuable feedback in the comments below. 

5 thoughts on “Broclea Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

  1. Unfortunately, I made a purchase through this site.. I immediately felt I had made a huge mistake… I contacted PayPal but they were vert limited in their response and assistance in this situation. I received an email with shipping details so I clicked on the tracking number. It seems my order had been delivered an entire week before I placed my order!! Don’t buy from this site.. instead look on your front porch, your items are already there according to the seller.

  2. Unfortunately I bought from this to..the next day I went to the website to see if my tracking # or any info as to where my order was but only found the website is gone ..so my advice is don’t go there if it pops up again. They took me for $52.00 that I’ll probably never see again. Called PayPal but no decision has been made and I probably lost my money.

  3. •• WARNING SCAMMERS •• Broclea.com & Christopher M Beck are 100% scammers. They take more money then previously quoted & provide PayPal incorrect tracking numbers which they somehow obtained from shipments you received from other vendors from pre-existing orders. Packages never come and no response.

  4. Yes…I was also scammed by this website….and PayPal wasn’t much help in trying to stop the transaction so I went to my credit card company and disputed the charge. I was charged a different dollar amount than the price of the order…was given a tracking number for delivery which said it was delivered before I even placed the order…sent seller a message only to receive an error message that it was an unknown domain. I am furious that these people prayed upon our trust that we were dealing with a legit company while trying to purchase items to combat this virus, just as mad at myself for falling victim..

  5. I went on this website thinking I was gonna get a good deal only to find out two of my packages were sent too different address this is a scam .These people are scam artist they take your hard earned money for a product they you desperately need during the COVID-19 I hope someone finds out who these people are and put them behind bars

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