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Bstkole Com Reviews (April) Legit Or Fake | Know Here!

Bstkole Com Reviews 2021

Bstkole Com Reviews (April) Legit Or Fake | Know Here! >> Please click the link and read the review of the shopping website along with advantages, negatives and customer feedback to make a right choice.

Are you looking for Bstkole com Reviews? Please do not go beyond this post, because the article will open everything relevant for buyers to place an online buying order. Here you’re going to read about the website, company, dealers, specifications, advantages, negative points, and few top reviews from the United States.

The world is competitive, so there are millions of online shopping websites. It is vital to protect ourselves from internet scams. That’s the big reason we constantly update our readers from time to time about new or some old e-portal; how they deal with the customers. Before knowing-Is Bstkole com Legit? Please read a little about the website first.

What’s Bstkole com?

Bstkole is an e-commerce company that deals in home décor products, toys, gifts, and other accessories. 

Currently, the store is selling their attractive pieces on sale. You can order many cute toys, elegant necklaces, or others such as double-layer rings, painting tools, non-slip gripper spiks, masks, and rotating watches at a low price.  

What are the Specifications of the Bstkole store?

  • Domain age of the store: 09-12-2020 (75 days old)
  • Contact
  • Shipping time: 2 to 4 weeks.
  • $5 postage charges on the purchase under $40.
  • Considering the Bstkole com Reviews, get fast shipping within 1 to 3 weeks by paying $12 postage.
  • International shipping time is 1 to 2 week (postage charges $15)
  • Return method: Contact Company by mail within 45 days after getting the order.
  • Bstkole site is HTTPS and SSL encrypted.
  • Return process time is 14 working days after Company received the defective item.
  • Refund method: credit to your original payment mode within 14 days after proper verification. 
  • Exchange policy: Available on the unused items.
  • Order cancelation policy: Available. 
  • Payment method: VISA, PAYPAL, and popular online payment modes.

Please stay on the post of Bstkole com Reviews to know attractive customer benefits, limitations, and customer opinions.

What are the advantages of Bstkole?

  • It provides worldwide delivery. 
  • Get free delivery on orders over 39.99 dollars.
  • Avail order within one to three weeks after paying extra postage fare.
  • The United States orders will ship through E-packets.

What are the disadvantages of Bstkole?

  • Buyers can’t put a cancelation request only once the order is packed or shipped. 
  • Shipping costs will not be considered under the refund policy.
  • No returns and exchanges available on used items.
  • The trust index of the website is only 1%.

Is Bstkole com Legit?

  • Less than six months old: Bstkole e-store registered on 09-12-2020. It is usually a negative sign from a trust point of view.
  • Missing company address: The store address and contact number is not given in the contact section or anywhere on the site. 
  • No company story or owner details: Missing the company’s background history and information about its founder is one factor under the judgment process. 
  • Unrealistic discount offer on sale: The store offers 25 to 30 percent rebates on costly items such as a clock and others. Therefore, it is not at all digestible.  
  • No social media accounts: Today’s 99.99 percent of internet stores are selling their products online. But, Bstkole is not active on social media. 

Bstkole com seems a little suspicious, if we evaluate all the above points. But, as we know, it is only 75 days old, so we should give some time to Bstkole to grow in the market.

What about Bstkole com Reviews from buyers?

Bstkole not famous in the internet research. We found only one customer review on the popular video site, and that’s too is negative. The buyer put their complaint regarding a defective item, and no company response after sending several money-back requests.


We want to guide you to wrap up most of the latest online trading sites claims to send beautiful products at a low cost. But, in reality, they are fake. Thus, it is good always to stay away from such kinds of new shopping stores until they are well-developed in the retail internet market.

To summarize Bstkole com Reviews, please do an investigation from your end if you are still interested in Bstkole’s products. But our research indicates that it is a highly suspicious website.

Do you want to share your views about the Bstkole store? Please feel free to leave your comments in the below box.


  1. I saw the advertisement for the dogs on Facebook. I got on your website and orderer 3 puppies and 1 cat. Very dissatisfied with the items I was given.
    1) I got 2 of the same dog & 1 that looks like something I didn’t order.
    2) the cat pictured on your website is beige & brown. I got a gray & white cat. (Or something that you want me to think is a cat)
    I don’t want these, take them back & I want a refund.
    How can you send a product to a consumer that looks nothing like what is demonstrated on Facebook?

  2. My cousin bought the husky puppy that they show in their video ads. She bought it for my granddaughter. I told her it was a scam but she bought it anyways and even paid $12 for express shipping. Express shipping hah! It took over a month to get it. When it finally came I couldn’t help but laugh. Because the great interactive puppy was nothing more than a very cheaply made stuffed animal. One you could win out of a $0.25 claw machine. After the great discount and shipping she paid $46 for a stuffed toy that at the very most would cost $5 at a novelty shop but more likely you could get it at a dollar store. Unbelievable! They should not be allowed to do this. There are a lot of hard working honest people out there, like my cousin, that still don’t understand the dishonesty of others. My mother-in-law once told me, “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see,” and I didn’t fully understand that until the internet age. Anyways, she could never get a response from them.

  3. Utter disgrace to send out such an item. They should watch their own advertisement and compare it to the crap they send out. It is a con, not her like what one was led to believe

  4. I have ordered a dog that I seen on Facebook and I have not received it yet and it’s going on 2 weeks now also when I order it I didn’t get any kind of confirmation of my order ! I have also tried to contact the company and feel I’m getting the run around!

  5. I have had several problems with these Chinese Companies. I ordered a remote airplane and was sent a Styrofoam plane that had to be put together and was packaged from a company in NY. Took a month to get it and I’m glad that I used PayPal because they refunded my 35 bucks. These companies should be shut down, but we don’t have the regulations to do so. DONT BUY A DAMN THING FROM THESE COMPANIES ADVERTISING ON GOOGLE AND AOL.

  6. I say the advertisment about the husky dog. So i ordered on. I recieved a pink poodle that runs on batteries and does nothing but bark. I could of bought one like that for $10 at walmart. What a fin scam. $39. For a pink barking poodle.i hope karma grabs them by the nts and burns them bad. Not a happy customer at all. My GrandDaughter was so disappointed.

  7. I also bought the white interactive dog for my mother who is very sick and this would have her made her very happy to have something to keep her company without taking care of it. Well it too four months to arrive wrapped in a plastic bag no protection a cheap stuffed dog I could have paid 1.99 for!!! Very disappointed!!!!! Gave the dog to my cat to bat around since I couldn’t use it for what it was intended for!! Your company should be very ashamed of yourself!!! Taking advantage of people like this, it’s disgusting!!!!!!!

    Cindy Forester

  8. To whom it may concern
    My name Ronald Lee Housman
    I purchased your toy husky
    On march 3 , 2021
    My order # 17764GZ108 Base
    I used my visa debit card ending in 8325
    Just wanted to know when will recieve my husky ?

  9. My name is Ron Housman
    I purchased your toy husky on march 3 , 2021, I used my Visa debit card
    Ending in 8325
    Just wanted to know when will recieve that item ?
    1 321 427 1676

  10. This site does not actually send you the product that they pictured. They claim they are hand made and realistic but I can find more realistic looking pups at the dollar store. Not worth the money spent. I just replied to their customer service to try and start the return process. It is a rip off.

  11. I was scam too. I order a husky and other dog . got two pink dog for 3 years old kid . and no batteries. I want my money back not happen .

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