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Buddha Power Store Scam {July} Clear With Reviews!

Buddha Power Store Scam 2020

Buddha Power Store Scam {July} Clear With Reviews! >>  You want more positive energies; read this review to find out the best jewellery for you.

Have you been feeling a lot of negativity around you, and want to invest in chakra necklaces? Then you must check out the Shri Yantra Orgonite chakra necklaces on the Buddha Power Store

Stones like the Orgonite possess the same energies as that of chi, prana, or the Universal Energies. There is a quartz crystal present in the Orgonite stone, and together they ensure that a balance of energies is returned to the wearer. 

Numerous websites offer such stones, but do they work? Such information is what makes us question Is Buddha Power Store Scam? The website has gained both positive and negative reviews in the United States

To understand whether this website is a scam, you must read the Buddha Power Store Review until the very end. 

What is Buddha Power Store?

 The Buddha Power Store is an online store that offers products perfect for aligning the customer’s energies. These are perfect for ensuring the environment is favorable to increase wealth and ensure protection. To aid you with these, you can purchase necklaces, bangles, rings, and bracelets.  

The website sells all the jewelry at budget-friendly prices but does not compromise on its quality. There is no product categorization on the website, and all the products are all on the same page, i.e., their shop page.

All in all, the layout is simple and not crowded, which will make it easy for customers to give all the products a quick look. There are also numerous customer reviews provided by the website that give images of the purchaser wearing/holding them. Customer reviews are an advantage as they provide clarity to the new purchasers!

Specifications of Buddha Power Store

  • Products- chakra healing and aligning persons or home energies 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (833) 928-3342
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 5-15 days for the United States and 10-20 days for international 
  • Shipping fee-$4.99 for united states, $9.99 for overseas 
  • Return- within 30 business days 
  • Exchange- within 30 business days
  • Refunds- processed within 1-2 days if applicable 
  • Online Payment- can be made using PayPal 

Pros of the Buddha Power Store

  • The website provides free worldwide delivery above $60 
  • Customer can make exchanges on the website within 30 days 
  • The site provides full refund it is applicable 
  • The website shows multiple customer reviews 
  • There is a valid SSL certificate on the website 
  • All the contact information is provided 

Cons of the Buddha Power Store

  • The customer will have to pay for return/exchange shipping charges 
  • The website provides no precise categorization 
  • The layout of the website may be confusing to use 
  • All the products are placed on the Shop page 
  • They do not provide free delivery below $60 
  • The website earlier sold t-shirts 

Is Buddha Power Store Scam?

The Buddha Power Store has a creation date that dates back to 2015, which tells you it has been selling products for some time. The website also has a valid SSL certificate, which is usually required to ensure the customer’s information. 

Their contact information is available with a company email id and a customer care phone number. They also have provided an address that tells you that manufacture their products in the United States. 

So, Is Buddha Power Store Scam? No, because the website creators have neatly presented every information. The website also shows the presence of an HTTPS connection.  

What are the customer’s views of the Buddha Power Store?

There is Buddha Power Store Review on the website, and they are just of July 2020. One customer commented about her aura enhancing after wearing the gold bracelet, further mentioning that it looked classy and perfectly matched all her outfits. 

However, reviewers on the trust pilot comment about paying $65 and not getting the purchase at all. There are comments about customers being able to find similar products on other online stores at more affordable prices. 

They also mention the website shipping its products from china! The customer care department of the United States site seems to be unresponsive most negative reviews claim. 

Final Verdict- 

The review will have told you that the website has been functioning since 2015 but changed to selling online jewelry. There is complete information provided on the website that ensures transparency to its customers. 

The reviews makes us feel that this website could be misleading at times and people are frustrated when didn’t receive the products, so readers please make a wise research while purchasing.

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  1. After continued emails back and forward I received in the mail my bracelets I ordered. I was sure this was a scam and to be truly still am in a way. The bracelets are not the quality that was stated in the ad. Am embarrassed to give as the gift it was order for. Oh well lesson learned go to local store no buying online from companies that are not major known companies

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