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Bunny Mate Bra Review [April 2021] Is This a Legit Website?

Bunny Mate Bra Review [April 2021] Is This a Legit Website? -> The portal is a place for bras mainly curated to support and uplift the breasts made up from medical grade silicone.

Are you on the hunt for the best-supporting bras for yourself? Are you confused about what to look for and how to pick one among so many options? Want to know more about Bunny Mate Bra Review! Stick with us, and we will reveal all things about the portal.

This portal is created for selling stick-on bras that allow comfort and support.

The website is new and does not have much traffic from countries like the United States etc.

What is a Bunny Mate Bra all about? 

The website is mainly crafted to sell pastie bras, which let the experience of braless feel to all the women

The portal claims that its bras are perfect for all ladies who want to experience bra free or braless, breastfeeding, etc. It also states that its products are best from the small, medium, or even large-chested women and full support.

Like the United States, many people from all over the world might appear to be interred in investing such bras. 

But this portal lacks clarity in many aspects for now, and even there are no real Bunny Mate Bra Review to bring some light on its delivery and quality of the products. 

A more in-depth insight into its features is required, and it appears best to wait until some more reviews appear before investing in it.

Specifications about Bunny Mate Bra in detail:

  • Website type: It is a portal for all women looking for bras with experience of braless with just super cup support in the form of push up pasties.
  • URL: https://thebunnymate.com/
  • Address and Phone: Not provided
  • Email ID: support@goworldblue.com
  • Shipping cost: Nothing is mentioned about it.
  • Payment: It accepts online payment only via Paypal.
  • Refund and return: Nothing is specified about it.

Pros of shopping at Bunny Mate Bra online: 

  • The website reveals real information about itself on its home page.
  • The portal has a very good pastie bra, which gives good support with a feel of being braless.
  • The portal also offers an immediate 50% discount on its products during checkout.

Cons of shopping at Bunny Mate Bra online:

  • The portal lacks in different sections and a completely sectioned display of the products.
  • Its email also does not match with its domain name.
  • The outlet only accepts Paypal as its payment method.
  • Nothing is specified about shipping or returns.
  • The portal appears to be very newly created with no customer reviews available hence lacks in reliability.

Is Bunny Mate Bra a legit Web place or a scam? 

Nowadays, many websites have emerged as a simple e-commerce portal selling different things and scamming people. 

Nothing clearly can be said about this portal because there are no real consumer Bunny Mate Bra Review to justify its reality.

However, many things indicate some negative points, let it be a limited payment option, no shipping charge details or ownership, etc. All such things are hazy and raise doubts about the portal’s existence.

What does the customer think and say about Bunny Mate Bra? 

Wee, there are no Bunny Mate Bra Review available online from any direct consumers. Maybe because this portal is created in Sep2020, it is too early that everyone might be aware of any such portal. 

But with the lack of real contact details or ownership, trying this website even might appear risky to shoppers.

Final verdict

Among many portals being created as e-commerce platforms for selling different things on a single platform. This one appears slightly different and is dedicated to sticking on or pastie bras, which even lacks any back and provides a free or braless feeling.

Such bras are very much in demand, but those bras even require good quality and durability.

As of now, the portal made an effort to share everything about its portal. Also, most of the information looks real and not copied.

But talking about the quality compared to its price or the shipping part, nothing can be clarified because there are no real reeves from the consumers.

So investing in such newly created portals with less than one month of age appears too risky. So we do not suggest our readers invest via shopping from any such portals until more things get clear. Please feel free to share your views in the comment section below that you.

4 thoughts on “Bunny Mate Bra Review [April 2021] Is This a Legit Website?

  1. The product does not deliver what the website or ads say. It’s a sorry excuse for a nipple coverage product. Distorts the shape of your breast. I really wish I had not wasted my money on it. I even sent the company and email and have received no response.

  2. I think it’s a con or has gone out of business I ordered something that never arrived….. And guess what? There’s absolutely no one to get hold of to try and sort it. Completely avoid!!!

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