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Business Name Generators: It has been reported that there are over 2.5 billion blog posts published each year globally. To break this down even further, the numbers indicate that there are 6,912,000 blog posts published per day– a resounding 4,800 blog posts per minute. It is evident that more and more people are taking to the internet to create platforms to share their thoughts and views on the world today.

If you consider yourself a “foodie” and have a passion for writing and sharing your experiences, then a food blog might be a great hobby– that could even turn into a lucrative business. However, before you can begin getting your culinary thoughts onto the internet, you will have to decide on a name for your blog. In this article, we will examine the top 10 business name generator tools that you can use to help get your blog started. 

Top Ten Business Name Generators

Free Business Name Generators by The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC)

The TRUiC Business Name Generators is a free digital business tool that incorporates creative and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology that assists entrepreneurs and content creators in custom-creating the perfect foodie name to attract attention to your blog. This online tool serves a dual purpose for bloggers since it also acts as a regulator of domain name– streamlining the startup process. Getting your blog up and running becomes easier since potential name ideas get vetted to make sure that the .COM site domain is accessible for your blog to go live. Privacy concerns are addressed since any name searches are kept private from the public. Any domain searches that are conducted go through a private database of domains– these get updated on a daily basis.

Shopify Business Name Generator

With the Shopify Business Name Generator, there is no fee to use the tool; however, operators are necessary to be Shopify proprietors if they desire to exploration for domain name availability. The user interface is relatively easy to navigate through and proves to be user-friendly for beginners. The tool will generate names that are varied to provide a range of unique results. While the tool is generally a pleasure to use, it is worth noting that the business type categories do not provide many variations when conducting a search– unless the actual keywords that are provided change. 


The names that are generated via the GoDaddy tool are more focused on domain availability – this is most likely due to the company being one of the Domain industry leaders. This does make it easier for you to purchase your domain directly from them. The GoDaddy company name generator is supported by a great deal of data that the company has easy access to.


The Wix Business Name Generator is both straightforward and simple to use. All names are generated at zero cost. Users will need to input specific information such as relevant keywords, the type of business or industry, and brand style. Domain name searches however can only be conducted if users have a compensated finest account with WIX – users can also have the domain registered with the platform as well. 


Immediately it should be mentioned that this tool is better at logo generation than creating a business name. The naming options that this tool will output can miss the mark at times; however, the majority of suggestions could suffice for real-world use. The tool is worth mentioning because it allows users to choose the “style” of the name that they are searching for– giving the options of a corporate name or informal options. has a helpful business tool to help entrepreneurs create a brandable business name. The online platform is fairly easy to use — users will have to type in keywords, and the generator will provide over 1,000 business names instantly. Once users have settled on a business name, the site will route to a domain name purchasing option– this is done via


Oberlo’s business name generator creates a rather impressive range of viable business names. Users will have to supply a few keywords that relate to their business or industry– the tool’s algorithms then will work with the keywords to produce related naming options. The online business tool is fast, at zero cost to users, and straightforward to use. Results do seem to lack creativity and are more structured and formulaic– which may not be the ideal option for a creative or quirky platform. The tool also lacks any systems that specifically account for business location or the specific industry.

WordPress Business Name Generator

The WordPress Business Name Generator will randomly create potential business names– these are produced based on keywords that users provide. The online naming tool generates dozens of names, and users will be able to purchase a matching domain name. If you are looking for a straightforward tool and do not mind that domain names are priced at the higher end, then this is a great alternative.


Users will be able to find brandable business names and logos for their businesses. While this tool is easy to use and does provide a wide range of options– some names do get recycled. Even though the naming tool is free, users will have to pay for the logo design that they wish to use. It is also challenging to find the domain name purchase option on the site.

Domain Wheel Company Name Generator

Domain Wheel provides catchy names in an instant. The tool is, however, more inclined to be used as a domain name search tool. Users will be able to quickly search if the domain is obtainable– prior to making a business name selection.

Final Thoughts

While all tools on this list are great for finding a name for your food blog– The TRUiC Business Name Generator has come out as the clear winner. This tool will help users register a business, ensure that the .COM domain name is available and does not have any hidden costs.

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