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Buttonwholing Com Reviews [Nov] – Read Before Order!

Buttonwholing Com Reviews [Nov] – Read Before Order! >> If you are a smart shopper then you must have habit of reading reviews before placing an order. Check this post to have all required information around this ecommerce website.

The internet has changed the way of our shopping. Earlier, it was believed that the high quality of day to day products was not in everyone’s reach. But now the customer can have anything and everything at their doorstep in the United States with just a few clicks. Making big purchases online has become very easy these days, by surfing for your desired product at Buttonwholing com would narrow down your search make you the get product that you want to purchase. 

Let’s understand more in this post under the category of Buttonwholing com reviews.

What is Buttonwholing com?

Buttonwholing is an online web portal where you can buy customized products as per your need. The website sells only top quality household and pet products. The user-friendly interface and vibrant coloured webpage will make you feel confident that you are buying your product from a reliable source. Here, you will get myriad options of products like yoga pilates sticks, stainless steel fruit juicer, drainage soap holder, anti-slip safety rail, foldable pocket phone tripod, matte liquid lipstick. 

When it comes to buying the genuine and 100% authentic product, then buttonholing com is the website that you can always count on them. The company also fulfils all satisfaction criteria, whether it is installation, warranty, delivery, and customer services. The company will never let down your expectations and parcel your ordered product as quickly as possible. The prices of all the products are kept low because of the cut down on the intermediary’s expenses. Also, the company has a large customer base. 

How can you place your order at Buttonwholing com?

With a laptop, PC, or smartphone along with an internet connection, it is effortless to place your order on buttonwholing com. First, you search for the product that you’re looking for and add it to your shopping cart.  Then, if you found the product, you just click on the “add to cart” button near it and check out. After that, you can see a list of everything that you’ve ordered, and the total amount that has to be paid. You can also discard the items from your shopping cart if you don’t desire to purchase them. The company will give you a tracking number once your parcel gets shipped. With the help of it, you can check your order status online and get to know when exactly your parcel will arrive. The online store products are easily accessible. 

What are the benefits of using a buttonwholing com?

Buttonwholing com is known to provide convenience and ease to all its shoppers. The website is a hub of specialized and customized products. You buy the things you need very easy and fast, saving a lot of time and trouble.  Shopping at buttonwholing com is the most practical, economical, and fun method of shopping, which is perfect for everyone.

What are customers Buttonwholing com reviews?

Buttonwholing comreviews play a major role to determine whether the ordered product is going to fit for you or not; the buyer will have no other assurance of the quality and appearance of the product, Sometimes the point of origin of the order is from far away, and it would take weeks or even months before the order gets to the consumer’s doorstep. They do this in a variety of ways, such as overcharging the purchaser’s credit card, posting misleading information, and some don’t send the product at all. Online shoppers of buttonwholing com have to bear high shipping prices, as on other websites, the shipping cost is often included in the cost of the product. 


Always remember to compare the prices, check for discounts, search for the lowest shipping taxes, and make sure that what you’ve found can’t be found cheaper anywhere else. Due to an increase in crime, many people are reluctant and skeptical about giving their details, and therefore many reputed online companies are taking help from such websites who keep their data safe and secure. Therefore, buttonwholing com does not appear to be genuine and authentic to many buyers. Hence we suggest you look for other options and process your order from any other website.

70 thoughts on “Buttonwholing Com Reviews [Nov] – Read Before Order!

  1. I’m disappointed in their customer service. Almost a month ago I ordered corner shelves and still have not received them. And they charged my credit card. Bad business.

    Regards unhappy customer.

    1. What a scam $40 for shelves never received. Why does Instagram allow it! i ordered the corner shelves for bathroom shower…not only did i receive the wrong type , there is no way to hang them (no suction cups attached). I tried to email , received a notice that it could not be sent ( no such site). They also charged my account right away Do not order from this site, it’s a rip off!!!!!!

      1. Thanks to showing your interest here… To know more about item quality then go for a website and read further information about… thank you…

    2. I ordered shelves may 12. Have not received.
      As says they are shipped from United States
      My tracking indicates The tracking indicates they are coming from China. No phone number to call customer service.
      They took they’re payment right away

      1. I too ordered the corner shelves…took forever to get them, from China, and they don’t hold any weight what so ever. Replied to the shipment notification email requesting a refund, they responded asking for photo of “wrong item” I received…which obviously wasn’t my complaint, but when I try to respond back I keep getting “Email full” errors. Go to their website and try the Contact us email…get error back that it doesn’t exist or can’t receive emails.
        You’ve been warned, do NOT buy anything from them!

  2. I have already send you and ordre 200413215723201 . Tel me if hit is completed and when i will received it ?

  3. Have no received my shelves either and get same canned answer every time I email them. This place is a scam. Lesson learned.

    1. I also ordered the corner shelves earlier in April, got a confirmation number but never got a shipping email or anything. They charged me immediately. I will be disputing these charges. It’s a shame places and people are such frauds these days.

      1. I also ordered the corner shelves in April. They just arrived a couple of days ago. They are NOT the shelves they advertised. The ones I got have an adhesive strip that is used to supposedly keep them up, not the tension method advertised. I responded to the order confirmation I received and they just replied saying: “After checking the website that you purchased on, we found that the descriptions are indeed misleading. In this case, we would like to offer a 20% refund of the order, which is 11.21 USD as compensation, and you do not need to return the product. Is it acceptable for you?” Seriously!? I am sent the WRONG product and offer me a 20% refund?? This has got to be a HUGE scam! I’m livid!!

        1. I also ordered the corner shelves, received them, wrong color and they are not the ones advertised. Emailed them 3 times and no answer. email came back as failed. This company is a scam. There is no way to contact them, the email is bogus!! Paid with Pay Pal and will contact them.

          1. I too received the same problem, I got some shelves with adhesive, the ones i was supposed to be getting had some sort of lever to apply suction or tension of some sort where you could move it. I wish i had taken a picture of the ad

  4. I ordered the corner shelves as well and they sent me a tracking number. I have tried the number on a few carriers website and it shows no activity anywhere. I have also emailed they twice and have gotten no response. I even paid an extra $9.99 for faster delivery and still nothing. I finally called my back and I am disputing the charge of $66.06. Please do not shop from this website.

    1. Have not received my corner shelf either.
      What a pity they can get away with it. Why does facebook acknowledge this company? Lesson learned😣

  5. I have also placed an order for the corner shelves over 3 weeks ago and was charged immediately. I have yet to receive my shelves. I have emailed several times with no response back. There is no phone number either. Never again!!!

  6. Same for me as the other 4 responses. I too ordered shelves on April 13th and not received the product, the tracking# provided is for fed ex and it never updates, l emailed buttonwholing and get an auto response with same canned answer and still no product. Very disappointed.

    1. I also ordered early April and no tracking number. Lesson learned I don’t think we will see these shelves. It’s a scam.

    2. We also ordered the corner shelves over 3 weeks ago. The acknowledged my order and charged my account. Still no shelves

  7. I also ordered the corner shelves and received a tracking number. No activity. For 2 weeks it’s been sitting at “shipment information sent to FedEx”. I’ve sent multiple emails to which I get an automated response telling me to be patient and then a response from an “intelligent assistant” saying that they can’t update the shipping website during the ‘hot’ season….. I ordered nearly a month ago, my card had been charged and no product received. No helpful customer service responses. This place is a total scam! I will be disputing the charge with my bank!

  8. DO NOT order from them!! I ordered 2 corner shelves over a month ago and was told be be more patient!! I even paid $9.99 to have faster shipping!! So ridiculous!! Don’t order from these people

    1. I ordered mine 4/1 and still have not received them. They don’t tell you that they are shipping from China.

  9. I am having same problem. I placed an order on 4/27/20 have not received anything. The tracking information does not appear to be going anywhere. If I had known this was coming from China would not have bothered with the order. I am going to dispute the charge. I sent an email and received a response about they wanted me to take a picture of item etc.
    1. Clear pictures of all the items received.
    2. A clear picture with the tracking number to confirm if this is the parcel we sent.
    3. A clear picture with the SKU number shown under the bar code on the package.

    I responded I want to know what happened to my package.

  10. The lack of communication/customer service is what bugs me. I have the same story, ordered shelves on 4/20/2020 and my credit card was charged immediately. I never received an order notification. Fortunately, I took a screen shot of my order number. When I check the status of my order on the buttonwholing website, there’s no status. I left a 1 star review on their website and it disappeared immediately. I get that shipping and logistics is being affected by COVID-19, just wish they would communicate with their customers.

  11. Purchased your corner shower shelves on may 19, 2020 have not receved as of yet. Thinking of canceling . Will call the athony general if I don’t hear soon!

  12. I ordered corner shelves a while ago can you tell me where they are if not sending I want my money back

    1. Nancy: I received the order. It is not what you think. Parts are missing and when I tried to get the return address they send back a company form letter addressing the situation as if I never received the order. I complained to Facebook because they are allowing this company to scam. No reply from them. I also will be contacting my attorney general.

      1. Sorry for your inconvenience and we are happy to help you.. kindly leave your complaint on mail id.. the team will resolve your problem very soon… thank you…

  13. I ordered these Corner shelves on 4/27/2020 and it June and I have not heard a thing about my order not even a confirmation number but you took my money out of the bank on 27 April

    1. I ordered these Corner shelves on 4/27/2020 and it June and I have not heard a thing about my order not even a confirmation number but you took my money out of the bank on 27 April

  14. Took over a month to get the items (from China)..but….the items sent were not the shelves advertised/ordered. It was the cheap version of the shelves. Not the one with the pressure handle at the bottom. They were basically shelves with double-sided adhesives. This is the last time I will buy based on a Facebook ad.

  15. They hid it well that they are in China. It’s been 6 weeks and I still haven’t received my order. Never again.

  16. I order from buttonwholing the corner shelves and it took over 4 months for the shelves to arrive and they were both broken. I tried to ask for my money back and was NEVER even acknowledged.. do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY anything from these people! This was the worst online shopping experience I have ever had!! Horrible so called customer service and there started emailing me with other customers.. that showed their email addresses.. absolutely the worst online shopping experience ever!!

  17. I order from buttonwholing the corner shelves and it took over 4 months for the shelves to arrive and they were both broken. I tried to ask for my money back and was NEVER even acknowledged.. do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY anything from these people! This was the worst online shopping experience I have ever had!! Horrible so called customer service and there started emailing me with other customers.. that showed their email addresses.. absolutely the worst online shopping experience ever!!

  18. I ordered 3 months ago and have not received anything, it said united states company but it is coming from China. I think it’s a scam. I emailed them, so I’ll see what happens.

  19. Ordered 2 shelves on 4/29/20, they charged my credit card immediately. Tracking information makes no sense, indicated my order had been shipped by air, ship, then air again and was only in S. Korea after 3 weeks, now only shows in transit
    This is really stupid, have sent 4 emails , my computer shows they have never been opened
    No doubt this is a scam, have contacted my banks fraud department.
    Some federal agency should be able to stop this outfit…

  20. Ordered corner shelves on 4/20/20 and as of 6/24/20 they have not been delivered. I contacted the company several times and received a “be patient email”. On 6/22/20 I sent an email requesting a refund, and immediately received an email stating that my order tracking was assigned to a support staff member to determine where my package is located. I know where it is located; Scam Land!

  21. I also ordered the corner shelves and took two months to receive the cheap knock offs they are sending everyone. I also contacted them with the same response and sent the info the intelligent assistant requested. Of course after this there was no more communication from them. I paid through PayPal so I’m hoping to still be able to get my money back. They had a different email address for the seller who is listed by PayPal as:

    Seller info

    No phone number but hope this info may help some of you out.

  22. Do NOT purchase anything from them. Their products are straight from China with the worst quality you could ever imagine. Do not trust the advertisement they put on Facebook, Youtube, or whatever website. The return process is a complete mess. They will require all of the ridiculous information such as “A clear picture with the tracking number to confirm if this is the parcel we sent.” The tracking number is on the label of the package. In order to open the package, you have to tear the box down and by chance, you will tear the label with the tracking number down, and because now you don’t have the tracking number, they do not f***king accept your return. Who the h*** operate like this in 2020? Buttonwholing is a complete SCAM. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

  23. Do NOT buy from Buttonwholing! It is a complete scam. I bought the corner shelves and could tell immediately the pressure applied wouldn’t be enough to stay up. I was right. It repeatedly fell with nothing on it. They say you can return for a refund but it’s a lie. They asked for a million photos to prove you bought and received it, which I did immediately. A week later they offer a 30 % discount. 30 % discount for garbage!!?? Are you kidding?! I said I still wanted to return it. Then they offered a 50 % discount and told me if I returned it, it would be months before I saw a refund and shipping would cost $20. They absolutely refuse to give you the return address. It is such a scam! Tell everyone not to buy from there. I know I never will again.

  24. Hey There, I received two Corner Storage Holder Shelves and one of them is defective. And it is not getting installed properly it falls off to the floor even when I don’t keep anything on it. I am very disappointed. I had been waiting for this product since so long. So please replace or refund me the amount ASAP.

    Order no: 200420002506564

  25. I will never buy from them again. It took over 2 months for my product to get to me and then they sent the wrong product. Instead of sending me the correct product and making it right, they asked for tons of ridiculous information, only offered a partial refund instead of a full refund and then demanded that I send the product back to CHINA if I want a full refund. From what I can tell of the wrong product they did send me, it was cheap crap and not even close to worth the purchase price.

  26. Ok along with everyone else here i got taken for a ride. Same story as mine; bought these shelves in April and the tracking number worked however without results. I will dispute the charges and if you’re just reading all these reviews DO NOT BUY SHIT FROM BUTTONWHOLING! They should change their name to Cornwholing because that’s what they’re doing to people. Also, thanks to Zuckerberg for allowing this kind of crap on FB.

    1. We are happy to serve you, but we are sorry if you have suffered adverse reactions with your order. After that we will suggest you go for customer care number to resolve your problem….thank you…

  27. Same story here. After 2 months, I was sent corner shelves with adhesive strips to attach to the wall instead of the suction mechanism advertised. Went thru the painful emails of having to wait to send back the product sending pictures and being offered 30 % then a final offer of 40% off. If I wanted a full refund I would have to pay $20 shipping. No one should have to pay shipping for product that was not what they ordered. Then I put a review on their website with these details and they eliminated it. They are the worst of the worst. I wish we could get them banned from the world. I have to compartmentalize my emotions or I might just spontaneously combust.

    1. Sorry to say that we are not owner of this company,, thus you should go for official site for quick resolution… thank you…

    1. Thanks to share your experience here..if you are not satisfied then go for genuine webpage… thank you…

  28. i ordered the corner shelves for bathroom shower…not only did i receive the wrong type , there is no way to hang them (no suction cups attached).
    I tried to email , received a notice that it could not be sent ( no such site). They also charged my account right away Do not order from this site, it’s
    a rip off!!!!!!

  29. i order shower corner shelves advertise on facebook in april 2020. This is july 3rd and i have not recieved it as yet. They are scam. I have called my bank for dispute.

    1. Visit the site and dial the customer care number which is mention on official website and know the placed order shipping date…. Thanks for being in touch…

  30. They sent me a completely different product then I ordered after a month and a half waiting for the item to arrive. Then when I tried to initate a return using there 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked that is advertised on the site. I had to justify why I was returning the Item and send pictures, they then only offered 20% back after admitting the item was not the same and there site was very misleading, (code for completely different and scam) and I could keep the product. When I told them that I wanted the refund and did not want to keep the product at any price, they told me shipping was my cost and would cost over half the price of the product for there mistake. When I tried to respond to the email, they had deleted the email account I was corresponding with.
    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE, IT IS NOT BASED OUT OF THE U.S., The items all seem to be coming from china and are complete knock offs that do not even resemble the advertised product in function or design.

    1. Had exactly the same experience with this company. It is a scam. Beware…do not order from them.

    2. We have advice for you… go for the official webpage to know about your placed order … thank you…

  31. YES …THIS COMPANY IS AN SCAM!!!! I just reading all these comments and I’m one more person that got these corner shelves and is a piece of Shit!!!
    The customer service sucks and the return policy also!!

  32. I don’t know where to begin? But I will say that BUTTONWHOLING is a scam! They have 2 other websites that they use to run their scam as well. And also, paypal will protect them instead of protecting you the seller! I have showed paypal proof and yet they still are refusing giving me back my money! Bunch of freaking thieves! By the way, I saw them through an ad on FB. I reported them to the FBI and E- Commerce! They also go by studyes-well and karrie.shop! Buyer beware of these scammers! And yes now their email doesn’t even work!


  34. Do not ever place an order with this company. It looks that this company is a scam. I ordered 3 bathroom corners shelves on April 4, 2020, and I received them on July 3, 2020, and it was not what I ordered. I’ve been sending emails to the email address they included in the order and as of today, I have not received any response. I will submit a dispute to the charge so the credit card could open an investigation with the paperwork and information that I have. Every time I placed an order I copy and paste the item that I am ordering and the items received are nothing to what I ordered. They think that because they are in China they do not need to follow USA laws, and they are very wrong. I am not paying to return these items, if they want their items back they have to send me a prepaid label so I can return them. They sent the incorrect merchandise and I am not paying for their mistakes.

  35. I ordered this product on April 13 and finally received two shelves on July 17. After 3 months’ time, I opened the beat-up boxes to find that the product was NOT the one I had ordered–the product that was advertised on FB and the one that’s still currently advertised on the Buttonholing store site. The construction was different, as it did not include the mechanism on the bottom or the suction strip strips on the sides to secure to the shower walls; they had adhesive strips instead. The hooks were also different and they didn’t even fit in the slots.

    I emailed the vendor that same day, requesting a full refund, and I attached photos of both the top and bottom of the shelves, but the email was kicked back because the vendor’s in-box had reached quota. I then filed a complaint via PayPal, saying that the item was “not as described.” The vendor and I went back and forth three times. They said they’d give me a 20% refund but only after I returned the product to CHINA at my expense (at least $25 shipping). Each time I refused their offer, they’d bump up the refund amount 10%. I told them, “NO MORE,” and then I escalated the complaint to PayPal. They came back to me saying I’d get a full refund only after I shipped the products back–in their original packaging–at my expense. This is the same BS the vendor told me at the start. PayPal did NOTHING to advocate on my behalf. So I took my case to Discover, the credit card linked to PayPal. 

    I sent Discover all the correspondence with the vendor, the photos of the shelves shown on the website AND the ones I actually received, plus the order confirmation email I got when I placed the order–the one that said “30-day satisfaction guarantee with money back. If you’re not satisfied with your products, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.” Nowhere was it mentioned that I’d (1) have to get authorization first in order to (2) ship them back to CHINA at my expense, and then (3) wait for them to determine if the products were good enough to get the full refund. Classic bait-and-switch advertising tactic! I just filed the Charge Dispute two days ago, so I’m waiting for the resolution, but I’m confident Discover will find me in the right. (They fought for me when a hacker got into my Amazon account in March, too! Discover is awesome and they have U.S.-based customer service!!)

    Buttonwholing CLEARLY scams people by taking their money, sending them different products (some people don’t even get anything), and then they make it extremely difficult for people to get their money back. They play this game, going back and forth with partial refund amounts, hoping people will get tired and fed up so they stop trying, and then the company gets to keep their money. Now multiply this by thousands of people, if not HUNDREDS of thousands! At this point, it’s not even about the money–this is WRONG!! This is not a reputable company and I refuse to be yet another victim. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BUTTONWHOLING!! I also recommend being very cautious when purchasing from any FB ad. Always try to go to the company’s website directly, and ALWAYS research both the company AND the products before buying.

  36. I also ordered shelves from buttonwholing and they sent ones that are completely different from that in the description. I emailed and the customer service inbox is full (ceiliJe48795@gmail.com), and therefore my complaint could not be recieved. Anyone know how we report this? Better business bureau???

    1. I had the same issue and I faxed a dispute letter to my credit card company, including photos of the items ordered and photos of the items received, and I got a full refund in the amount of $61.06. Deal directly with your credit card company and do it quickly because some credit card companies allow cardholders to submit claims of purchase for the last three months. You can read in here my comment submitted today.

  37. Buttonwholing ripped me off. The product they advertise is not what they send. What they send looks like a cheap toy knock off as someone else stated. Theres no email to contact and spite your order. They are not a good company and i would not recommend purchasing anything from the company.

  38. I ordered 5 shower shelves on 4/27/2020 and have not received them yet. I was charged $81.56 out of my checking account.
    Please help m3 to find out where my order is.

    Thank you

    Catharine Figueroa

  39. Where is the post I wrote days ago, Alex?? I have a right to share with people my experience, too. Are you censoring the reviews? Please explain.

  40. I order the shelves 3 weeks ago received them an they were not what I had ordered they were so cheap can not contact them I called you bank an they said it was a shame I did get my money back from the bank but I am going to call the attorney general an also the better business an put in a complaint

  41. On July 8, 2020, I reported that I received the incorrect shelves. Due that the company did not return my requests and emails and I had sufficient information as well as copies of the emails sent, I submitted a dispute to my credit card. The first time the credit card answered that the company delivered the items so there was nothing they could do. I sent a fax for the second time, stating that the even though the items were in fact delivered, the items delivered were the wrong ones; I then faxed photos of the items ordered, that were taken directly from the website of this company, and photos of the items received which were completely different from what I had ordered. By the way, they deleted from their website the corner shelves with the underneath hook, and they left the ones that they mailed to me. This time they gave me a complete credit refund. I paid for shelves that had a pressure clip underneath for the shelves to be able to be hooked to a corner, and they mailed me the regular shelves which did not cost the money I paid. In fact, I sent the credit card company a picture from Walmart who is selling the same shelves received for $9.99. So it took a while but I got my money back. It is worthless to keep dealing with this company, the best result is to deal directly with the credit card company used to purchase the items from them. As soon as the claims submitted start hurting their pocket, they either stop stealing customer’s money or they will shut down this business, which is a total scam.

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