Bux vs plus500 (Dec 2020) What To Go For?

Bux vs plus500 2020

Bux vs plus500 (Dec 2020) What To Go For? -> Are you interested in investing and trading and are in search of the better app for it? Then read the article; it may be helpful to you.

Investing and trading has become the need of an hour. People always look for apps where they invest their saved money to gain profits. Worldwide there are the number of apps and sites available but choosing the trusted one is our responsibility. Bux and Plus500 are both favorite apps for investing and trading. 

In today’s article, we are going to make a comparison of Bux vs plus500. So, let’s check out and see the details of the two.

What are Bux and Plus500?

Bux is a free app for trading and investing your money. Bux has become the famous app on the play store with five stars and 1.9K+ reviews. There is no doubt in saying that this is a dedicated app. Recently Bux has even made changes in its app by adding a feature that mimics the Bux Zero story on social media. This is done to encourage more people to invest via Bux.

Plus500 is a well established financial firm by the British. The main objective of it is Trade with Trust. This app is authorized by Cyprus Securities and is secured by SSL. This app allows you to do trading on shares, cryptocurrencies as well as on forex. It is the highest-rated app on Google play store as well as on Apple’s app store. Because of its advanced features and comfortable usage, people love to do trading on this app. 

So, by getting aware of both these trading app, it is justifiable that both these apps are trustworthy and is popular on Google play store. Still, we might get confused after reading their details so let’s compare Bux vs plus500 based on some specific information.

Some Specific Details – Check Out

Details Bux Plus500
CEO Nick Bortot David Zruia
Founded 1991 2008
Type Public Large – cap
Minimum investment € 10 $100
Indices CETOP20 BUMIX S&P500

Advantages of Disadvantages of Bux and Plus500

Bux maintains the protection against negative balance. This app is considered to be an award-winning app as it provides users with educational resources. But the app does not offer more options for funding to an individual. It has not even shared any new tools for trading.

The Plus500 is a good platform for doing trading for beginners. It also has only a few tools that can be used for research. But Plus500 is always available for their customers. 

Conclusion: Bux vs plus500

Though both trading apps are famous for investing and trading and offers some disadvantages too but out of the two, I would suggest you go for Plus500 as it is easy to use tool for trading and if an individual face any issue they can contact to them quickly whereas Bux do not offers live chats with their customers. 

Moreover, it is the best app for beginners, and it is SSL certified app. It is also the highest-rated app. So Out of Bux vs plus500, I consider Plus500 the better trading app than Bux.

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