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Buxrb.com (Feb 2021) Is It Safe?

Buxrb.com (Feb 2021) Is It Safe?>> A recently developed online platform exhibit itself as a Roblox cash-generating site. Is it legit?  Do you guys know about Buxrb.com? What is the relation between this site and Roblox?

Roblox is one of the most streaming gaming platforms, according to recent data. It is mostly streamed by kids and teenagers, ages around 16 years in the United States. Moreover, not in America, it is one of the most using online gaming sites across the world.

Kids, teenagers, even young adults, everyone remains active on it for several hours, making it the topmost platform. You may wonder why we are discussing it! Well, today, we are going to explore another Robux generating online platform.


Starting with Roblox overview for our audience who are not familiar with Roblox- it is a game streaming online site where users can access thousands of games of different genres. Apart from browsing game, the player has the authority to create new games and share with others.

This site can be a player’s good passive earning platform, as the game, which gets more liked by other gamers, or if the game becomes an excellent engaging platform among the players- then the creator will be paid cash as a reward.

Buxrb website offers players free Robux without doing any online task. Let’s review more about it-

More about Buxrb.com:

Several websites are available claiming themselves as a Robux generating site; in simple words- Roblox gamers in the United States can earn Robux without investing money or participating in tough contests; they just need to finish all the assigned online tasks.

Buxrb platform also introduced itself as a Roblox currency generating site; however, it is quite different from other sites. It does not offer players direct tasks for getting gaming currency.

The landing page has a small window headed with ‘ROBLOX,’ and they have mentioned that people could earn up to 10000 Roblox cash. Following Buxrb.com, they asked users to put their valid Roblox username to grab Robux free.

Is the site legit?

As we reviewed the site minutely, we noticed it is recently made, just two days ago. The site has several hidden things, for example- the privacy policy and site’s terms and conditions are not available.

Another suspicious thing is that we could not find its link with Roblox since we cannot conclude it is officially Roblox affiliated site or not. 

We failed to observe a single remark as it had been developed on 20th January 2021. Interestingly, there is no hint about Buxrb.com’s link with Twitter or Facebook. People need to check this kind of site twice, thrice before giving the details.


Buxrb platform had been developed for providing free robux among the Roblox fans. Though they are not asking people to do online tasks- we have observed several suspicious things. There is no clue whether it has an official affiliation from the original Roblox site.

Due to its recent development and lacking information, we could not judge it properly. However, we suggest, our Roblox enthusiasts that do not rely on this site and try to obtain Robux in a legit way.

Please mentioned if this article helps you understand Buxrb.com or not.

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