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Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Reviews {Nov} Is Good?

Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Reviews {Nov} Is Good? >> Love salon-like hair blowouts? Then read this review.

Have you always been a sucker for the salon-like blowout? But your regular blow dryer can’t give you the results you want? So, you must try the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush.

A salon blowout gives your hair the serene, manageable look that each of us can never achieve at home. There are numerous products available that promise the salon-like tamed hairstyle. 

The Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Reviews will shed some light on an airless heating brush. It has gained quite the notoriety amongst the women of the United States. But does this QVC product worth your money? 

Is Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Legit? To find that out, you must continue reading this review of the product as it provides the specifications and the Pros of using it! 

What is the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush?

The Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush is a hassle-free round brush that provides airless heating to give perfect waves, curls, volume, and even shine. The round brush has a heated ceramic barrel that will smoothen out your hair while also drying them

This barrel will emit infrared heat instead of heated air to style your hair. It will also reduce the static usually generated when drying and styling hair. If you are worried about the device ruining your precious hair, don’t be because all its bristles are heat resistant. 

Along with this, the brush also has two rows of teeth that are softly tipped. There are three different round brush sizes, so you can choose one that works best for you. 

Wondering if the Is Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Legit? Then keep reading this review till the very end. 

Specifications of the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush:

  • Measurements of the brush- 1.77” FAUXblo 11” L x 1-3/4” W, 1.5” FAUXblo 11” L x 1-1/2” W, 1.25” FAUXblo 11” L x 1-1/4” W 
  • The cord is 6 inches in length. 
  • Can heat up to 365-degree F 
  • Thermal glove provided
  • The brush barrel is a heated ceramic that evenly distributes the heat. 
  • This brush produces negative ions to reduce static and frizz. 
  • The tips of the brush are cool to touch even when the brush is heated.  
  • The handle of the brush is heat resistant and tangle-free 
  • The teeth are soft-tipped and present in 2 rows. 

Pros of the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush:

  • The brush is made of the ceramic body 
  • Its bristles are heat resistant 
  • The brush releases negative ions to reduce frizz in hair 
  • It can help quickly smoothen out the hair 
  • The round brush gives a salon-like blowout 

Cons of the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush:

  • There are similar blowout combs available 
  • The price of the round brush is not affordable 
  • It works only on dry hair
  • A lot of effort will be required to get perfect blowout using it 
  • The thermal glove must be worn while using the device 

Is Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Legit?

he Is Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush is a famous QVC device with a 4-star rating. There are videos available that tell you in detail how to use it and its full effect. 

Talking of its official website, we must tell you that the site was created over 12 years ago, and a lot of its reviews date back to March of 2019. These are good signs that will tell you that the product has been sold in the hair styler’s market for some time now. 

So, the product, along with its website are entirely legitimate. 

What are the customer’s saying about the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush?

A large number of Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Reviewsare available, ranging from good to bad, a mixed batch.   

The customers of the United States who have rated it five stars mention that the hair styler was very easy to use and fixed the frizz within minutes. One specifies that she has handled multiple devices, and none managed to give her the curls she wanted except the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush.

Some complain of not being impressed by it and getting very hot and the teeth on the device are primarily plastic. In the comment, this user further mentions that the round brush came broken. 

Final Verdict- 

To conclude, the Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush is entirely legitimate. However, it may not be easy to understand how the device fully works. Keeping that aside we give this hair styling tool a thumbs up, and you must purchase it if you want the perfect home blowout in a jiffy. 

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