Can Gardeners Work During Lockdown (Aug) Let’s Know Here

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Can Gardeners Work During Lockdown (Aug) Let’s Know Here >> The article talks about lockdown restrictions and elaborates on the norms.

The Covid 19 pandemic has grappled the whole world in its clutches bringing many services to a standstill. With raging cases, many governments across the globe are announcing restrictions and lockdown.

Besides, with the lockdown, many services get affected, bringing a change in the usual workings. The recent country to announce lockdown is in Australia by the Victorian Government from 05 August.

With this, people are wanting to know about many services and Can Gardeners Work during Lockdown. Thus, in this article, we cover the restrictions and who all can work during the lockdown.

About the Lockdown

Recently the Victorian Government announced a state-wide lockdown spanning seven days from 05 August 2021, Thursday 8.00 pm onwards. However, few restrictions are levied on the movement of people and must follow the instructions as laid by the authorities.

In the below sections, we have enlisted detailed information about the norms, which are as follows. Besides, continue to read the below sections, which detail Can Gardeners Work during Lockdown.

When Can You Leave Home during a Pandemic?

Citizens can leave their homes during a pandemic for five reasons that are as listed below:

  • For getting food and supplies
  • Individuals will be allowed to exercise for a maximum of two hours
  • For caregiving
  • You can go out for education or any authorized work that cannot be carried out at home.
  • To get vaccinated in a nearby location.

Apart from the above-listed reasons, citizens will be restricted from leaving their houses during the lockdown period.

Can Gardeners Work during Lockdown?

The authority has released complete detail about different sectors and the norms they have to follow. We also found information about garden maintenance and landscaping work on conducting in-depth research and reading about the restrictions. 

As per sources, the landscaping and gardening work can continue if they are happening:

  • As new building construction
  • Or as a standalone, separate project
  • Or on an already existing property that has no people living there.

However, landscaping and gardening work are strictly prohibited at properties that are occupied. Thus, answering the question about Can Gardeners Work during Lockdown? Yes, they can work but only in places as mentioned above.

Besides, the gardeners and workers need to follow strict protocols, wear masks and avoid contact with any residents for safety measures.

Final Conclusion

Considering the raging cases of the Coronavirus pandemic, many countries across the globe are bringing on lockdown. The recent lockdown announced by the Victorian Government of Australia is levied for seven days, wherein citizens are expected to follow the norms and maintain social distance to fight the pandemic. Get more information about the lockdown and rules here. We hope this article clears your doubt about Can Gardeners Work during Lockdown.

What are your views about the recent lockdown norms? We do like to hear your views. So do share your views in the comments box below. Also, we have extracted this information and details from the sources and the internet, and we are not the authority of the subject. Therefore, it is suggested to research also for all the lockdown rules and regulations. 

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