Cannabis Seeds for Sale – What You Should Know to Grow Them Easily

General Information Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Cannabis Seeds Easily: Growing Cannabis plants is really easy, just keep an eye on factors such as soil, light, water, oxygen, and temperature. 

Cannabis, more commonly called marijuana, is a plant that is famous for its psychoactive effects. These effects are produced due to a constituent chemical in these plants called Cannabinoid.  

Two major species of cannabis have been identified. These are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Historically, the main difference between C. Sativa and C. Indica was that the former had been used for fuel and fibre (as it contains more hemp fibres), and the latter was the primary source of Cannabinoids. 

However, later advancements have led to the discovery that almost all species of cannabis can be used to produce fibre or cannabinoids synonymously. 

Breakthroughs in the field of botany and considerable efforts in breeding and selection have led to the creation of autoflower seeds. They contain a high amount of cannabinoids and are very easy to grow. 

Exploring the Morphology of Cannabis Plant

Cannabis or Marijuana plants are rapid growers. They can grow up to a height of 20 meters or 6 feet. The plant is dioecious meaning that male and female reproductive organs are present in separate plants.

The wind is the main reason for the dispersion of pollen. If you’re careful enough, in providing suitable conditions for your marijuana plant to grow in you can expect an almost equal amount of male and female plants, this will lead to effective pollination. 

The weed seeds grow very fast during the first week. You can judge the growth of your marijuana plants by carefully evaluating their height. If favourable conditions are met, it can grow up to 3 inches per day.

Factors Affecting Seed Growth

Growing weed is fairly easy. You should eradicate any fears or doubts that you have about growing marijuana. The plant strain is fairly resistant to severe changes in temperature and can grow well in a variety of environments. 

A little knowledge about cultivation is needed to effectively grow your marijuana seeds. To get a good result, and a good yield, we need to consider some crucial requirements that might affect the young growing plant. 

Keep in mind that an optimal concentration or amount of these factors is going to ensure that your weed seeds have a suitable environment for easy growth. Some important factors to look after are:

  1. Soil/Nutrients 
  2. Air/Oxygen 
  3. Water
  4. Temperature 
  5. Light 


Marijuana plants, when grown in the wild, don’t grow very tall. The plants that do grow usually have more fibre content in them. For smoking purposes, this makes them less suitable to use. 

This low quality of weed is credited to deficiencies in nutrients. Weed is known to absorb a lot of nutrients from the soil. Therefore, we must provide the plant with soil high in nutrient content. 

For any plant, Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) are absolutely needed to facilitate growth, prevent roots and leaves from decaying, and produce cannabinoid content. 

Another mineral that is essential for the easy grow of the plant is Potassium (K). Potassium is needed for the photosynthesis process and without it, the plant can’t carry out its essential biochemical processes. This means it will wither and die soon. 

Apart from these minerals, Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) are needed in trace amounts. 

A good quality fertilizer will have all of these essential nutrients. A general rule of thumb is the NPK ratio. It states that 10% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus, and 10% Potassium are good for the growth of the weed seeds. 


Plants utilize oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. They use it to produce energy to carry out the essential process that they need to sustain life. 

Be sure to have an aerated environment for your cannabis plants. This will make sure that they don’t go prone to pests, rot, and mildew. 

You can ensure this by placing fans around your plants and securing a good exhaust system. Just make sure that air keeps circulating in your environment. 


Cannabis plants are known to be water thirsty. This means that they take up a lot of water. However, overwatering is likely to ruin your marijuana crop. 

For optimal growth, you need to keep the amount of water supply in balance. Your plants will indicate when you need to water them – they can be droopy or yellowish. 

Another easy way to determine how much water your plant needs, stick your finger into the soil and check whether the soil is moist or not. If it isn’t, your plants probably need water. 


If you’ve noticed the trend, cannabis plants need balance. This is true for temperature too. The optimal temperature for marijuana is 60-80 Fahrenheit. However, you should refer to your seed pack. High-quality seeds may have varying temperatures. 


Marijuana plants need a lot of light to grow. You can use grow lights to control how much light your plants are exposed to if you’re opting for an indoor setup. 


Weed is fairly easy to grow, however, when growing it commercially, we need to keep an eye out for a couple of factors that might affect its growth and yield. These factors are soil (nutrients), air (oxygen), water, temperature, and light. 

Keep in mind that a balance of these factors is needed. An optimal condition will ensure that your plants grow best.

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