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Canon Pixma Ts3322 Reviews (Jan 2021) Good to use?

Canon Pixma Ts3322 Reviews (Jan 2021) Good to use? >> Do you want to know all in one printer by Canon? Then, check out the article in detail.  

Canon Pixma ts3322 Reviews: Due to this pandemic, everyone prefers to stay at home to minimize the physical touch. Further, governments put down lockdown and order to do work from home in the United States. Work from home needs special equipment like a Printer to print the hard copies of files. Also, it reduces the work stress of workers and saves your precious time in this pandemic.

Further, the home printer is a basic need in this pandemic, but to buy it from physical stores is not a good option yet. So, go for online shopping. There are several leading E-commerce websites and selling Canon Pixma ts3322 Ink.

Besides it, before purchasing any product online, we recommend checking the reviews of a particular product by exploring. Let us help you in short by exploring.

What is Canon Pixma ts3322?

It is wireless printer series by Canon. Currently, in Pixma Series, Canon has ten models, and Canon Pixma ts3322 is a basic model. Further, this printer by Canon is the well-advanced printer. It has wireless connectivity with any device like Windows, Android, Tablets, and many other supportable devices. However, compared to its features, the printer’s price is quite reasonable and not put so many Burdens on your pocket in the people across the United States.

Further, for office work at home, it is the best option. Let get its necessary information by getting into Canon Pixma ts3322 Reviews.

Necessary information of Canon Pixma ts3322 printer

  • Wireless connectivity:  It is a wireless printer, and you can contact any WIFI enabled Device with it to give printing command.
  • Supported system: It can support Windows, Mac OS, Android, Fire OS, Laptop, Desktop, and Tablets. You can give the command from these supporting systems.
  • WIFI enabled: it has WIFI enabled so that you can give print from any room in your house
  • Printing Speed: For black ink printing, it has a speed upto 7.7 pages per minute, and for color printing, it prints four pages per minute.  
  • Nozzles: It has 1280 nozzles, of which 960’s are color nozzles and 320 Black ink nozzles.
  • Print Resolution: It prints upto 4800 X 1200 DPI resolution, and Canon Pixma ts3322 Ink Supports PG-245/ PG-243 Pigment Black Ink and CL-246 244 Bye based inks.
  • Supported Paper sizes: it supports 4X6, 5X5 square, 5X7, letter size 8.5 X 11, and Legal paper Size 8.5 X 14. All dimensions in inches.
  •  Further, Paper Storage supports 60 sheets of plain paper, 20 sheets of size 4X6, and ten sheets of 5X7 photo paper size. 
  • Scanner: it has a flatbed scanner type scanner, and it scans upto resolutions 600X1200 dpi. Further, it has autos scan mode.
  • General Dimensions and weight: It has dimension sizes 17.2 inches X 12.5 Inches X 5.8 Inches. It weights upto 8.5 lbs.
  • Cartridge: it has two cartridges for better print quality. 

Let discuss the benefits and cons of having Canon Pixma ts3322 Ink at your home.

Pros of Canon Pixma ts3322 Printer

  • It is a wireless printer and quickly contact with any WIFI enabled system.
  • It is light in weight and size. You can use it anywhere.
  • It supports plain and photography papers and has a rear paper tray to keep documents.
  • It has an LCD screen to adjust settings.
  • It supports various paper sizes and even square photo papers.
  • It has Airprint support, so Apple gadgets also contact with it. 
  • The price of Canon Pixma ts3322 Reviews is reasonable.
  • It has a product warranty of one year by Canon.

Cons of Canon Pixma ts3322 Printer

  • Negative feedback for its quality is found on the internet.

What did people think about it?

 On exploration, we found a lot of feedback on the internet. Some People have a terrible experience with it. They mention that they find it challenging to connect with their command devices. Further, few say it has no option for USB Cord. Also, some say the cartridge of this printer is of low quality. However, the majority of people are satisfied with its quality and services. 

Final verdict

During the expansion of Canon Pixma ts3322 Reviews, we found mixed thoughts of people regarding its quality and services. The majority of users have loved it, but negative comments are also not ignorable. 

After considering the above reviews, we suggest that it depends on the printer’s usability and the purpose of the printer. So, please explore and shop accordingly.For more queries, contact us via the comment section.

One thought on “Canon Pixma Ts3322 Reviews (Jan 2021) Good to use?

  1. Something to consider:
    I just received my Canon Pixma TS 3322 two weeks ago. I have printed less than 30 pages. 1) The print quality is reasonable, even good for an inexpensive printer. 2) I am already out of ink. On the ink display, you can watch it run down significantly with each page printed. I just looked, new ink cartridges will cost twice the price of the printer, about $80 Logically, I should buy another printer for $44, throw out the printer and keep the cartridges. 3) It is the noisiest printer I have ever encountered.

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