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The guide shares details about the fake post claiming Captain Tom Scam and other crucial aspects.

The astonishing fundraising achievement of Capt Sir Tom Moore in 2021 was well documented. He walked 100 laps on his garden before his 100th Birthday to become the defining figure of the United Kingdom first national lockdown.  

From the fundraising event, the war veteran managed to raise over 32 million pounds, given to frontline NHS staff. But, false posts are circulating on social media, claiming that Capt Tom Moore and his family will get a cut of the funds. 

People are spreading fake posts to make Captain Tom Scam. But, it is false. 

What is the Fundraising Event All About?

An extraordinary fundraising event was organized last year in 2021, where Captain Sir Tom Moore was documented when he completed 100 laps around his garden before his 100th birthday. From the fundraising event, the war veteran managed to raise over 32 million pounds which will be given out to the charities helping front-line workers of NHS. 

The funds were raised via the fundraising platform, Just Giving. The funds will go directly to NHS Charities Together, representing over 100 member charities that support the front-line workers and their work in health services. 

But some posts are circulating that make the event seem scam.

What is the Captain Tom Scam All About?

After evaluating, we found that Captain Tom Moore is a British World War veteran from the United Kingdom who was made honorary colonel on his 100th birthday. He organized a fundraising event and raised over 32 million pounds for the charities that help front-line workers. He completed 100 laps of his garden using a walking frame and raised funds. 

But, some scammers are posting fake messages on social media, making the event seem scam. There are posts with screenshots, and these posts claim Captain Tom Scam.

The first screenshot shows a Google Search result where Moore’s daughter, Hannah, is displayed as a director of a company called Maytrix Group. The second screenshot shows a Whatsapp Message claiming that Maytrix Group is the charity organizer and the company made six million pounds from the fundraising event.   

Are Captain Tom and the Fundraising a Scam?

After evaluating, we found that Captain Tom organized the fundraising event, and it was not a scam. He was a war veteran who died of COVID-19 last year in 2021 after the event. But, some scammers are claiming Captain Tom Scam

However, sources claim that the money raised from the fundraising event was transferred to NHS without any cut-off. According to Reuters Fact Check, 97% of the funds will go to NHS Charities Together, and the remaining 2% will be paid for the payment processing fee, and the Just Giving platform will keep 1% for the services. 

Besides, the Just Giving platform also confirmed that there is no association between Just Giving and Maytrix. So, there is no question of taking a cut of the funds by Maytrix.        


Hopefully, it is clear that the post claiming Captain Tom Scam is bogus, and the claims are false.

Neither Captain Moore nor Maytrix will get a cut from the NHS fundraising money. So, avoid considering the Social Media Posts claiming Capt Tom Fundraising is a scam.  

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