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Car Dealerships LTD Reviews [August 2020] Visit carsdealershipltd com

Car Dealerships LTD Reviews 2020

Car Dealerships LTD Reviews [August 2020] Visit carsdealershipltd com >> Buying a car now is easy as one such company does repo car auctions at low prices.

Are you stressed about getting a car from a car dealership? Don’t worry; we present a go-to shop to purchase a vehicle of your choice online. 

The one such company in the United Kingdom does repo car auctions. To save the cost of maintenance and to store them is long gone, and now the government or the financial institutions want to sell the vehicles as quickly as possible as it will only incur a cost. 

Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews will help you in getting the best sellers. Most people spent the entire day with the car dealers to test the pros and cons of the vehicle, and it usually invests a lot of time.

So we are here to tell you Is Car Dealerships Ltd Legit before making a big purchase and support you to have the best car buying experience. Here, we have mentioned pretty much all the valuable information that you should consider about this website. 

What is Car Dealerships Ltd?

Car Dealerships Ltd is an online car auction shop to buy a repossessed car that has been taken over by the United Kingdom institutions, government, banks, and other car dealers. 

The website has a diversity of car models and listed them in multiple colors and features. The company sells cars that are second hand but in good condition and will help you get the specific model you are looking for. The cars sold on this site are affordable, and under the budget of many people, as this car dealership takes cars in large lots, and for this reason, the buying price per unit is low.

Specifications of Car Dealerships Ltd:

  • Website type: Car dealership company for auctioned car models
  • Website link:
  • Shipping: Shipping: Free shipping within the UK
  • Shipping Time: 2 business days
  • Returns: 3 Days Return Policy 
  • Cancellation and Refunds: Not mentioned  
  • Customer support:
  • company email: 
  • Mode of payment: Major credit cards and PayPal  

Positives of Car Dealerships Ltd:

  • The website listed the customer service email address and offered live chat. 

  • The shop listed different models of cars at a low cost. 
  • The company offers a six month or 10,000 miles warranty free of charge. It can be extended from the manufacturer.
  • Free shipping is offered within the UK.
  • The website uses an HTTPS, secure connection.

  • Negatives of Car Dealerships Ltd:

  • The domain was registered only 20 days ago. 
  • The company has no owner information.
  • The social media accounts are all missing.
  • This site is not much popular online based on Alexa rank. 
  • There will be the involvement of the third party.

Is Car Dealerships Ltd Legit or scam?

There are plenty of car dealerships scam that is trying to scam you. The best precaution is to arm yourself with information before making a purchase and investing in such a significant investment in your life.  Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews followed some checkpoints to examine the site for you. The domain is too new and only made 20 days ago. Even though the company mentioned most of the customer queries in the FAQ section. The major specifications are missing. 

The site has no social presence, and no other customer-reviewed models are sold by this company. The car claims to sell auctioned vehicles in the right conditions, but the customer has no physical evidence for buying. The company didn’t list any cancellation and refund policies on their site. To answer the question “Is Car Dealerships Ltd Legit” is no the website that can be trusted to make a big investment without seeing a car even if its second hand. 

Customer’s views about Car Dealerships Ltd: 

The Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews team delves deeper into the site to know the technicalities and other related features to find its credibility. The website has no social media presence and has no popularity to make it legit. The site is ambiguous in visitors’ minds as main information such as company information and owner details are not disclosed. The customer reviews on the site look bots and are very limited. 

Final Verdict:

To buy a car, it best to compare model specs, discounts, finance terms, and looking at resale value for that car buying process. But this site is an unethical auto dealer that is trying to put one over on you. The company is missing import policies and contact information to make it legit. Most company like these has domain very new and scam the people’s money. 

While researching, we could not get any Car Dealerships Ltd Reviews for any car models by the existing customers on an online forum or social handles. Therefore the site is a scam and failed to pass against the verification checkpoints.

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