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Cash App Text Scam $750 [August 2020] Useful Information

Cash App Text Scam $750 [August 2020] Useful Information >> Want to find out more about the scam texts by Cash App then read reviews here.

Scams have seen steady growth, and the pandemic has brought on an unimaginable increase. A scammer through a text can convince you to open a website that gains access to all your personal information. 

These scams have been commonly associated with a lot of cash transfer and payment apps. Taking advantage of an app, there started the Cash App Text Scam $750

Many users of the app complained of getting texts that stated ‘$750 cash app transfer is pending your confirmation.’ The text, along with this, provides a website link.

The text, in short, claimed that you have a pending transfer in your cash app account! As per the posts on Reddit, this scam was conducted with users of the app in the United States

What is the Cash App Text Scam $750?

People took various sites to inquire if others had received a pending transfer in your Cash app account text. The text had a link mentioned with it. 

According to many online reviews and news clippings, the app regularly falls in trouble with accusations such as the Cash App Text Scam $750

If you open the link, it’s possible the scammer access your financial, credentials, and even personal information if you open this link.

What is the Cash App? 

The cash app helps its user in sharing, saving, sending, and even investing your money. The company boasts of being completely safe and protecting user information with passcodes. 

Many of its users in the United States are unsatisfied with its services because it regularly initiates cash giveaways. These generous cash giveaways have given rise to the increase in scams. 


  • It is a platform that allows sharing, saving, sending, and even investing in money. 
  • It is easy to use and has gained loyal users ever since it came out in 2018
  • The app has been the topic of discussion because of accusations such as Cash App Text Scam $750 being made about it.
  • You may have received a message stated ‘$750 cash app transfer is pending your confirmation’ along with a website link which could be a scam 

What are people’s thoughts about the Cash App Text Scam $750?

A lot of people took to social media sites and discussion sites like reddit or the apple Community to talk about the Cash App Text Scam $750

They all comment about receiving the same text. Some users complain about receiving the text when they don’t have the app installed or being its users.

Its became so common that people resorted to making a meme about it. The people seem to be baffled by the text as, on most occasions, most didn’t have any pending transactions on the Cash App. 

They all mention that the internet is currently filled with scams and wisely chose not to open the link. 


If you have received a similar text, then we kindly request you to not click on the link provided. The website is a scam and not safe to use and called as Cash App Text Scam $750

The scammers could gain access to any of your financial or personal information without your knowledge! 

Therefore, you must be wise and report these text messages to the phone company or the app creators. Also, share information in the comments below to help warn other readers! 

3 thoughts on “Cash App Text Scam $750 [August 2020] Useful Information

  1. I keep receiving these freaking $750 cash app winnings on my phone. I just found out they are a scam. Are there any real cash app “winnings” of $750 or mor or less? I also have some doubts as to the validity of the $1,000 Amazon or Walmart gift cards. Please answer me back as to the validity or not of these offers as I get a lot of them in my email and phone.

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