Website Reviews Scam ? [June 2020] Think Before Buying!

is Website Scam Scam ? [June 2020] Think Before Buying! -> In this article, we learn about the app with cash rewards.

Ever thought of earning easy money and gift cards by taking surveys online? Let’s check out is Scam or not.

It seems quite simple to earn money or gift cards by taking an online survey or installing a newly made app to increase its download number. But, sometimes easy things come with a significant amount to pay instead. app has been installed by the majority of people from the United Statehence, we have gotten a clearer picture of the authenticity of this application. 

In a modern technology era, the wealth can be classified as online money or real money, and let me tell you people are head over heels toward earning online cash because it’s easy to obtain.

Keeping your cybersecurity in mind, let’s dive into the world of secure online money earning app

What is is an android mobile app used to earn PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and other exciting offers by taking online surveys and installing other apps. 

The app was launched around eight months ago, and according to various reviewing websites, has around 3 million downloads, but there is no supporting proof to claim the numbers.

The app promises you to earn money if you perform specific tasks given to you. You can get the cash gift in your Cashgift wallet or your PayPal account. 

The app is only available for android phones, and you can simply get the app by downloading its APK and installing it. 

Initially, the app asks you to add some cash amount in your Cashgift wallet and then gives you tasks to perform. Once you complete the given tasks by them, some per cent of your wallet will be added additionally, to your actual wallet amount. 

An interesting fact about this app is that the given tasks are simple to perform. And it is easy to add an initial amount in your wallet as well. 

Why is unique?

The unique thing about this app is that it offers you money in an easy few simple steps. 

This app is best for housewives, college students, or anyone who can afford little cash investment and have an android phone. 

The app does not just help you to earn cash it also helps you to get Amazon gift cards and exciting discounts and promo codes on various sites. 

Specification of

  • Product type: Free Cash gifts and Gift Vouchers 
  • Website:
  • Email: Not Mentioned.
  • Address: Not Mentioned. 
  • Contact Number: Not Mentioned. 
  • Download APK on Aptoid.
  • Gift Rewards Type: PayPal Cash, Amazon gift cards, Discount Promo codes, Wallet cash.
  • Refund: Not Clear.
  • Mode of adding money in wallet: Online Payments Only

Pros of installing

  • Exciting cashback, gift vouchers, and PayPal cash
  • Tasks given are simple, secure, and understandable.
  • Easy app download functionality. 
  • Tagged verified on the Aptoid website  
  • Easy to install APK. 

Cons of installing

  • Not available on IOS. 
  • The Website doesn’t have enough information about the app.
  • Third-Party Download is risky. 
  • Not available on Google Playstore. 
  • The app does not have a secure domain.
  • Asks to access your files on your phone.

What are people saying about 

There were various responses to the app on different sites. The majority of people seemed really unhappy with the app. 

Their major fault was how to contact the developers or any other officials related to the app if they occur with any issue. 

Most of the reviews were form unsatisfied customers claiming that they didn’t get their reward money. The major drawback of this app is that you have to invest in this app daily. 

Some of the customers who even received the reward point were saying that there are too many efforts a few bucks, and due to a really confusing website they don’t trust the app anymore. 

Final Verdict:

After reading the entire review section on various websites, we would like to state that due to the lack of evidence to prove their authenticity, the app seems too risky to invest in it. 

The app does not have a safe domain which means there is quite a risk of “Man-In-Middle” cyber fraud while adding money on this app.

Please do not confuse with Cash Gift app as both are very different apps. 

The app is only available only for android users which creates even ore doubts in your mind. The third part APK download might be prone to various viruses and risky too.

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