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Cathego Reviews {April} – Be Smart Shopper, Read Now!

Cathego Reviews {March} – Be Smart Shopper, Read Now!

Cathego Reviews {April} – Be Smart Shopper, Read Now! >> Are you thinking of order from this website? Be smart and read first about it more.

Several websites are scamming people in a new way they will take your order and send you unfit or that type of product that you will want to get rid of, and if you claim a refund, then they will refund half of the price you paid or won’t pick your call. This type of pattern is very similar in most of the scam sites. In this way, they show that the website works. But what if they also succeed in scamming more than 1000 people like you? So it is time to be more informative. We want to introduce to you where you can find thousands of wide varieties of footwear for women.

There are several articles available over the internet about Cathego Reviewsand all are confusing and not focusing on the facts. In this article, we will cover the points and give you the proper idea of its legitimacy. Nowadays, it is effortless to make a fraud website; these people resemble all the images and products of the actual site and will present to you as an official site. 

It is essential that you should avoid such kind of websites which do not have any social media presence if you have then checked their customer reviews, ratings, likes, and dislike. It will help you to get an idea about the website.

What is Cathego com?

This one is the United States-based online e-commerce website for women. It sells fancy and designer footwear like leather boots, high ankle boots, winter boots, sandals, flip flops, and many more items related to women footwears. They have wide varieties of products with different sizes, patterns, designs, and colours. They also sell full sleeves shirts in casuals and formals.

They are offering massive discounts on all products; you can get up to 80% discounts on all products. A confirm discount of 30% is applicable in all products. Currently, the company is running a clearance sale where you can get all the designers and fashionable products at a cheap rate.

The price of the products on the website is low as compared with the market price or any other websites. They have a social media account on Facebook where they are having more than 5000 likes, and more than 5000 peoples are following their page. But as we know, you can purchase those likes and followers by paying some amount to the social media in which you have created the page.

Although it is a good sign that they have one social media account but the Cathego Reviews on the comment section of their page is all negative. People received their products, but all are having issues like size, colour, and products. The website is having external links but not enough to be score perfect. 

Features and benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • They have wide ranges of products in women footwear and designer shoes.
  • You can get up to 80% of discounts on all products; you can get a minimum of 30% fixed discount on any product.
  • The company is running an affiliated program i.e., share and earn, where you have to share the link of the websites to obtain offers from the company.
  • They have more than 5000 followers on Facebook accounts with more than 5000 likes
  • The company is now running a clearance sale in which you get many offers like buy one get one free.

Cons of

  • Cathego Reviews and comments on several Facebook pages are negative; customers have given their negative responses.
  • Customers have received faulty products
  • There is no response from customer care representatives
  • They charge for shipping even when the fault is from the company side.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • The company will not accept the product if it is damaged or hampered
  • You can return the product within 30 days from the date of purchasing, but the product should be in its original condition.
  • The cancellation is accepted only if the product you received is damaged, hampered, or if you received the wrong product.
  • All the product will be sent to you by the standard delivery system
  • The company takes orders from outside the country, but the import tax is to be pay by the customer only.
  • The cancellation of the product can be made before the shipment of the product.

Final Verdict

The information provided in this article is based on the customer’s reviews and feedback. We in no mean endorsing this website or defaming the site; the site is having the trust issues. It is up to your choice of how you take.


  1. Have you received any recent reviews? I cannot even pull up the website. I was one of those who ordered without reading any reviews. I was charged, but now cannot even find their website.

    1. i placed my order April 7 2020 and still have not gotten them , I emailed them and someone did get back with me assuring me that i would receive them I told them o would purse further action and call lawyers if i did not receive them so im still here waiting i did tell them if i did not receive my shoes by may 1st I’m filing a suite!

    2. I ordered from them on March 21st. Received my shoes yesterday (5 weeks).
      Super comfy! They are really light also. Seem to be made well. I ordered 2 pair because they were cheap, and I’m pleasantly surprised with both! I usually wear 9.5 but ordered up a half size. Fit great!

  2. Contact your credit card company and cancel the charge. I had this happen with another site. I was charged, then waited and waited. Finally, I called my CC company and they credited my account and put a note on file that flagged others as they ordered from that site. Good luck!

  3. They wont cancel my order..Asked to cancel it same day made it..Keep begging me to keep it even after I said no cancel..Back and forth with emails..Steer clear..

    1. Tell them your lawyer will be in contact if not cancelled now. I had to do this with a different company that was not responding. They responded right away.

  4. Ordered 2 pair. The tracking number never worked for any carrier. The order would pull up fine on the website. Now the order number doesn’t exist as of 4 days ago. I’ve never received the shoes, and the tracking number still doesn’t exist on any mail carriers. Do not order from cathego

    1. Hello-How long ago did you order the shoes? I had an issue with some cute socks I ordered at Christmas from a FB ad. It took 2 months to receive the socks. They came from China. I just wonder if it will be the same with these shoes. I was never able to get a reply from the sock company-I emailed 3-4 times. But 2 months later, my socks showed up. I ordered shoes from Cathego and am thinking they will arrive in June.

  5. Jamie I am having the same issue. Could have ordered right on Amazon with free shipping. I will never buy something from a website again without checking Amazon first. They took the money right away though but never sent the product.

  6. I have ordered a pair of shoes back on March 15 and still have not got them, and the site wont let me track them??? Any suggestions..??

  7. I ordered March 27,2020. Still haven’t received the shoes. Email was auto reply saying they are deeply sorry since there are so many customers consulted recently they won’t be able to respond to my email.

    On the bottom it says feel free to contact if any further questions. How? This was automated response. card was charged – am not a happy customer by no means

  8. I ordered from them. It took about 5 weeks or so. The shoes are super cute, great prices, light weight and very comfy. I used PayPal. Had no issues. I would order again.

  9. Just got my roofer that I waited 2 months for. So disappointed. They are so cheaply made and some kind of knock off brand of what I ordered.

  10. I ordered 2 months ago
    No shoes
    Emailed and emailed!!
    No tracking ..
    Do you think I will ever get these shoes ?
    Should I just cancel the charge on my credit card ??
    Frustrated and sad .. will not order again , learned my lesson

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